Arcadia Elli

Position: Analyst | Solutions Architect | AWS Cloud Engineering


IT expert with six or more years of expertise in AWS Cloud and DevOps practise.
Seeking difficult tasks that would maximise the usage and application of my diverse talents and abilities in order to make a meaningful contribution to any business.
Lambda, AWS Systems Manager, AWS SSM Parameter Store, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Jenkins, GitHub Actions, ECS, EKS, ECS, EKS, ECS, EKS.
Management of Identity and Access: AWS Organization, AWS IAM, Active Directory, AWS Secrets Manager, etc.
AWS Security is comprised of AWS Security Hub, AWS Guard Duty, AWS WAF & Shield, AWS Firewall Manager, AWS Inspector, and AWS Secret Manager.
Network ACLs, Security Groups, VPC Flow Logs, Port Scanning, and Endpoints Comprise Network Security
AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool, AWS Migration HUB, AWS Athena, AWS CloudEndure, AWS Server Migration Service, AWS Migration Evaluator (TSO Logic), Direct Connect, VPN, and AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool.
AWS Code Pipeline, AWS Code Commit, AWS Code Build, AWS Code Deploy, Jenkins, Jira, Confluence; Application Delivery
AWS Config Rules, AWS Organization, AWS Control Tower, AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Well Architected Tool, AWS License Manager. Governance and Compliance.
AWS CloudWatch (Events and Logs), AWS SNS, AWS S3: Monitoring and Event Management
I have substantial expertise managing IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS as a DevOps, Systems, and Cloud Engineer.
As the saying goes, learning is a never-ending process that is vital to human survival. And as an employee, particularly in the IT Industry, learning becomes your driving force for advancement.


Analyst | Solutions Architect | AWS Cloud Engineering
CDWT • Full-time
Dec 2020 – Present
Ontario, Canada Area

– Develop AWS Cloud Formations templates for future automation
– Develop new integration points using AWS Lambda for Amazon Connect
– Develop new integrations between Amazon Connect and other project applications.


AWS DevOps/Cloud Engineer
Signature Payments • Full Time
Sep 2016- Dec 2020 • 4 yrs 4 mos



Texas A & M University
Bachelor’s degree, Computer Software Engineering
Aug 2012 – May 2016
Grade: 3.7


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Automation
  • DevOps