Today represents one of the most challenging periods in recent history. In the last two weeks, most of us have seen unfathomable levels of grief. Nonetheless, we have also seen something as remarkable. We have seen the depths of human kindness. Chairman - Xaver Mart

Rewind 2020

Building on our prior knowledge

Even in a digital environment, we recognise that people are our most significant resource. This perspective has enabled us to develop what we refer to as “Moments of Truth,” recognising that although technology is an enabler, “Moments of Truth” are always human. In a world post-COVID-19, we hope that enterprises and governments alike will remember that it was digital breakthroughs that kept us afloat, and that a continuous commitment to supporting and embracing new technologies will be crucial to human development as we approach the next chapter of our history.

Potential COVID-19 medicinal medication in development.

CDWT and Reagene Biosciences have submitted a patent application for a chemical that may be utilised to create an anti-Covid-19 medication.
Comparing protein amino acid chains, we discovered that COVID-19 has 99 percent of Malarial and HIV peptide chains.

COVID-19 SOS Assistance for TechnologyMighties
Vaccination For Everyone
Easing Financial Burden