Inquiry Management System

Inquiry management system is an automated software that works on your front line so that every new inquiry is handled with the care it deserves. Inquires are logged, tracked, and managed systematically so that sales teams can take action. It also gives management a view of how inquiries are handled so they can better predict sales performance.


Online Inquiry Management System

With the Inquiry Management module, you can now add, manage, and answer to questions. We provide a straightforward and strategic Inquiry management solution for the creation and administration of student inquiries. This module will aid in the completion of all duties associated with the student inquiry procedure for an educational institution.

Why Smart Education Inquiry administration?

Bypass the tedious procedure of maintaining Excel spreadsheets and handwritten records for addressing student questions. With our inquiry management module, administrators are just need to input the information of inquisitive students.

After an inquiry is uploaded to the Inquiry management system, the institute administrator must do regular follow-up with the parents/students to guarantee their satisfaction. However, it is laborious to recall all follow-ups. Allow our system to assist you in remembering to follow up.

Inquiry Management Dashboard

Developing Inquiries

Our inquiry module promotes and improves operational efficacy. Admin may add queries individually or in bulk. Admin may send SMS greetings to students and parents. Inquiries may be organised under several tabs based on their application state.

Inquiries may be Assigned to various faculties at various levels. Admin may also set the form’s content and pricing. When the form is provided to a student, direct payment is collected. When admittance is verified, it may be uploaded straight to the system.

Inquiry Follow-Ups

Mobile Application

The student management section is also accessible through mobile application. Administrators may add, read, and modify inquiries. It is possible to make direct calls from an app without storing the phone number.

Inquiry Management System – FAQ’s

When a new inquiry is initiated, the system provides the option to send a text message to the student or parent. We also provide the opportunity to send SMS to an audience for certain inquiry types. It may be done through the SMS panel.
Once the inquiry has been established, the "Assign" page allows the user to be allocated.
From the settings panel, the administrator may choose the cost of inquiry forms. On the "Payment report" page, it is possible to get the payment report for all sold forms.
Select the desired date range for the data. The "Export" button allows users to export data to an Excel sheet.
Yes. As soon as the administrator accesses the module, the Follow up tab will flash, reminding him of all the follow ups that must be completed today.
The administrator may forward the inquiry to admission. When acceptance is confirmed, we provide the opportunity to enroll the student as a system user.