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Make a confident shift to Digital Manufacturing

In an increasingly competitive global climate, firms that foresee exponential development are embracing digital evolution via the use of new innovative technology. This is accomplished using SAP ERP for manufacturing. The supply of data optimising coordination, resource planning, and production execution encompasses all parts of the manufacturing cycle, from production order through order fulfilment and beyond. Digitalization of manufacturing processes is the future of productivity, with SAP manufacturing software and Industrial Internet of Things enhancing industrial efficiency, agility, and reducing costs (IIoT).

CDWT with SAP Production Suite can help you address expanding market demands with creative and adaptable manufacturing processes. Our team of specialists will assist in the development of quicker responses, cutting-edge technology, and procedures integrating all production tasks, from PPC (Production, Planning, and Control) to MRP (Material Requirements Planning) and logistics. As part of SAP Production, we will verify papers in line with regulatory standards, which will aid in getting insight into manufacturing processes.

As part of SAP Manufacturing, we want to increase customer satisfaction by mass-producing intelligent, customized goods with low unit costs. This caters to new opportunities created by modern technologies such as 3D printing technology and M2M connectivity. Whatever the needs, from fundamental SAP MES features for regulating work-in-progress (WIP) operations effectively to sophisticated automation, analytics, artificial intelligence, and decision making with little human participation, SAP MES can meet them. To address the growing and persistent demand for customized goods, manufacturers require highly adaptable manufacturing methods and reactive MRP (Material Requirements Planning). Using customized manufacturing solutions, CDWT is able to improve product growth and accelerate market transformation at a reduced cost.

Developing and increasing production, planning, and management while integrating your supply chain will enable you to respond instantly to fluctuations in demand. Adopting a strategy that integrates people, data, processes, and systems, such as computer-aided design solutions that reduce waste, helps reduce manufacturing cycle times. CDWT enables the success of manufacturing processes with continuous PLM from research and development through after-sales service. Using SAP PLM, we assist shorten time-to-market while assuring engineering effectiveness and efficiency.

To be a market leader, ongoing product innovation is required. Using real sensor data from machines, businesses in discrete manufacturing are able to precisely estimate and give clients with proposals for the next level. You may speed the development of new business models based on utilization, allowing you to offer your clients additional services with added value. Using SAP Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things technologies, the CDWT team will make all of this a reality (IIoT).

To fulfil the ever evolving and expanding needs of consumers, businesses will need to adapt and evolve their operational models. The cornerstone for calculated and planned production P&P (Production and Planning) and after-sales service results is superior visibility into all manufacturing activities. By leveraging on sensor data and industrializing actual reviews and data analytics, it is possible to develop new service-dependent business models. AI and automation may augment effective performance skills such as predictive maintenance and precise production, for example.

Excellence Center for SAP Manufacturing Solutions at CDWT

CDWT provides a comprehensive array of services ranging from the migration to the implementation of SAP Manufacturing solutions. Working with CDWT ensures a dependable partnership that will assist you in automating your production processes and integrating them with your current systems and operational procedures. This significant change will have a significant effect on your company.

Utilize our expertise and experience with SAP for breakthrough production innovations. With our SAP Production Solutions, we can assist you with every aspect of automated manufacturing. Our team of specialists can assist you in any market and aid you in establishing correct solutions, identifying market practises, implementing the most effective ones, and configuring new business models that enable you to use the Internet of things.

Through the deployment and integration of various SAP products, CDWT offers a variety of SAP Manufacturing Suite solutions to fulfil all production needs, hence facilitating a seamless transition.

Our team of devoted business consultants guarantees that our industrial customers get the expected business outcomes from their technology investments and digital transformation efforts. With SAP Production solutions, we alter your manufacturing processes by conducting an investigation to optimize processes, reorganizing design services, adhering to industry norms and benchmarks, and using industry best practices. Consequently, we give a strategic direction for building the most effective procurement procedures, assisting with organizational change management, training, and proof of concept.

CDWT can assist you with the implementation of a comprehensive suite of SAP Manufacturing solutions (Outbound Logistics solutions, Connected Car solutions, Field Service Management solutions, Smart factories, Continuous Compliance, etc.) covering functional, technical, and ERP integration projects; including all major ERPs, such as SAP, utilizing SAP Business Suite Add-On and SAP PI Adapter. The worldwide delivery team at CDWT can assist with nation deployments and rollouts, instance consolidations, and integration with products like Salesforce, Taxware, Maximo, Adobe/EchoSign, DocuSign, and SAP Fieldglass®.

Through ongoing modernization, you may experience the exceptional potential of SAP Manufacturing solutions. CDWT will integrate SAP Manufacturing solutions as a series of smaller, iterative initiatives that yield outputs and benefits over the course of the specified stages. Continuous modernization will aid in delivering speed, scalability, and compliance to maximize SAP investments.

We may provide need-based assistance or end-to-end specialized support for the whole SAP ecosystem, including non-SAP workloads, depending on the customer's scenario. Our SAP Application Management Services vary from basic application assistance to a comprehensive managed solution. Regardless of the kind of help you want in your business, we provide you the freedom to choose the optimal support model. The following are the many forms of assistance we provide: CDWT is a certified SAP AMS Partner, allowed to offer specified SAP application support procedures backed by a specialised SAP Centre of Excellence comprised of various types of technical and industry specialists.

Why the CDWT?

Complete Solutions for Core Modernization

SAP and Industry Knowledge

As a recognized and certified SAP partner, CDWT's SAP consultants and industry specialists have been assisting organizations with strategy, migration to SAP S/4HANA, and the management of challenging workloads.

Customers' counsellor of choice

Our initiatives are delivered on schedule and in accordance with the original road plan, hence enhancing client satisfaction. Our customers rank us highly in terms of overall satisfaction, thought leadership, testing techniques, agile/DevOps skills, functional skills, and innovation.

A factory-based strategy

SAP-qualified and proven best-in-class procedures (24x7 ITSM), tools, accelerators, and frameworks integrated into the system.

System for Ticketing Based on SLA

Using our own systems, we successfully manage all project factors. Numerous day-to-day tasks are automated, allowing us to eliminate human mistakes and meet SLAs.


SAP's worldwide partner is CDWT. Our strategic collaborations and dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoE) linked with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), among other important partners, enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions for upgrading your core applications.

Full Management Services

We provide a completely managed solution from the infrastructure layer to the application layer, inclusive of end-user support, training, and business process improvement, allowing you to concentrate only on your core business.

Industry acceptance

Globally recognized leader in the migration and management of complicated SAP workloads, according to the foremost worldwide analysts.

Cost Optimized

As we have automated the majority of our internal operations, we are able to pass on significant cost savings to you.

Experience The Impact Of SAP On Business Transformation