Windows workloads should be upgraded and moved to Amazon EC2 instances.

Unprecedented Agility, Scalability, and Security Designed for

Windows has been a crucial factor in delivering the computing revolution to billions of people, both consumers and businesses. However, if an organisation switches from the on-prem version to the cloud, much more may be accomplished. When Windows workloads are migrated and modernised to Amazon EC2 instances, breakthrough agility across various organisational ecosystems is unlocked together with cutting-edge security and compliance. One of the few authorised partners that offers fail-proof integration with current Amazon EC2 instances is a cloud MSP like CDWT. Based on unique demands and analyses, our in-depth topic understanding and a team of trained engineers provide tailored solutions.

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Benefits of Moving Windows to Amazon EC2 : Depth Dive

Choosing Your Own Underlying Platforms

Customers who utilise Amazon EC2 instances have total control over the selection of the operating system, middleware platforms, libraries, etc. Windows servers can be operated at maximum efficiency, thereby enhancing outputs and response times.

Windows Native Ecosystem Dedicated

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, AWS provides environments specifically designed for Windows as part of its EC2 ecosystem. For instance, users can easily transfer their on-premise Windows files to AWS using Amazon FSx for Windows File. AWS also provides every requirement for Windows SQL, particularly for database management.

Accessibility with full control is simple

The availability of total control over virtual servers is a key benefit of moving Windows workloads to Amazon EC2. With unlimited access to internal servers from anywhere at any time, there won't be any doubt about how they would be managed.

Better security and backup

For Windows workloads, Amazon EC2 provides superior, automated backup that virtually eliminates data loss. Depending on the unique data creation needs of a customer, the CDWT team will also develop bespoke backup plans. The data kept on EC2 servers is completely secure and only members with legitimate credentials have access to it.

Zero problems with large files

There would be no issues if the same was done on AWS if a firm produces large files and finds it difficult to handle them on a third-party platform. Higher bandwidth provided by EC2 ensures that the storage infrastructure can manage massive file requests without pausing crucial operations.

Issues With Simplified Licensing

AWS handles all Windows licencing issues to provide best-in-class service. Additionally, a clause for "Bring Your Own License" ensures added dependability.

Looking to Migrate Your Workload to Amazon AWS EC2? Here’s How CDWT Can Assist

Consultation and Schematic Design

Participate in discovery workshops and get an in-depth current state analysis and fail-safe transition plan to begin the Windows to AWS migration.

Services for migration and modernization

Effortlessly migrate and modernise Windows workloads on AWS EC2 instances. Create unique cloud environments on AWS to meet business requirements.

Application Resizing and Application Automation

Optimize Windows workloads to eliminate redundancy. Automate essential management operations to improve efficiency and productivity.

Data Integrity and Database Management

Ideal enterprise processes use Office 365 and Microsoft Platforms. Integrate all frontend dataflows and databases to provide a seamless, loss-free transfer of Windows workloads to AWS EC2.

Auto Scaling and Performance Optimization

Always ensure hyperperformance and nimbleness. Windows workloads automatically scale to smoothly and cost-effectively handle times of heavy and low traffic. Optimize performance for optimal return on investment

Management of Data Security and Workload

Integrate powerful cloud-native security solutions with Windows workloads that have been transferred. Enhance cybersecurity with unique Cloud-only MDR, SIEM-SOAR, and threat intelligence

Disaster Recovery Management

Integrate automated backup and recovery solutions with AWS-powered DR architecture. Ensure the continuous operation of Windows workloads.

Governance, Control, and Compliance

Compliance management is essential for cloud migration and modernization of IT ecosystems. Ensure total Windows workload compliance and control on AWS.

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CDWT is a leading supplier of application-centric cloud managed services and an authorised AWS partner with worldwide project delivery. Long-term market presence in different areas and varied industry verticals has given us the opportunity to acquire skill and knowledge. As a recognised managed AWS specialist, we guarantee AWS conversions for heterogeneous, complex IT infrastructures that promise zero data loss, industry-leading availability, and hyper scalability.

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