Competition exists in the realm of Game Testing and Betting Testing.

The increased diversity of games, gaming platforms, and gamers across the globe has made game production a very lucrative and highly competitive industry. Some of the most frequent obstacles encountered by console manufacturers and game developers include:

Methodological Structure For Game Testing
User Testing Based on Roles
Test On Multiple Devices and Operating Systems
Connectivity, Delay and Frame Rate
RAM Usage and Consumption
Graphical User Interface
Event Selection and Odds Calculation
Changes in Probability and the Blocking of Events
Monitoring & Managing Risks
Integrity of Live Betting and Transactions
Transactions in Gambling and Responsible Gaming

In this extremely competitive gaming ecosystem, professional QA game testers and betting testers play a crucial part in the success of gaming businesses. A faultless customer experience is the ultimate requirement for retaining players given the ongoing release of thousands of AI-based smart games across several platforms.

We at CDWT ensure that ISVs and Game Developers achieve this objective successfully.

CDWT's Game Testers aid in gaining a competitive edge

CDWT’s game testers have extensive knowledge of the whole gaming ecosystem, including PC, console, mobile devices, tablets, phablets, and cloud gaming. Our game testers rigorously include industry gaming standards, such as Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW), into our test strategy and procedures while developing extensive testing plans.

CDWT delivers the following advantages as a game testing company:

The Game & Gambling Testing Center of Excellence at CDWT

CDWT offers extensive in-house game and betting testing in secure, dedicated onshore and near-shore facilities, as game dependability is the sole determinant of customer loyalty.

The Game & Betting Testing CoE at CDWT is comprised of a team of game testers who are subject matter experts with experience in different gaming platforms, critical areas for sports betting testing, and game-specific testing. Working with CDWT’s computer games testers grants you access to our Mobile Device Testing lab with 600+ devices, our in-house next generation testing platform BlueSwan, as well as an abundance of open source and third-party game testing tools.

The video game testers at CDWT have extensive experience with the following gaming-specific tests:
Game Play/Functional Testing
In-app purchase Testing
Role-based Testing
Install/Upgrade/Uninstall Testing
User Interface Testing
Usability Testing
Interrupt Testing
Game Center Testing (iOS platform only)
Multiplayer Testing
Globalisation Testing
Social-integration Testing
Performance Testing
Memory Testing
Compatibility Testing
Platform Pre-Certification
Load Testing
Mobile Testing
Multi-Platform Testing
Online and Network Testing

Expertise in Video Game Quality Assurance Testing Tools