How to Implement DevOps Brilliant Features

80% of enterprises will face delay in project delivery due to lack of organizational collaboration and IT maturity.


DevOps ecosystems have been a positive development for an organization’s internal delivery processes. Legacy scenarios have documented numerous instances of poor communication and poor teamwork between a company’s development and operations teams, which have slowed down go-to-market schedules, stunted performances, and produced disappointing results for end users. Operations managers frequently raise vulnerability problems and non-conformances to actual customer use cases after the testing and deployment phases of a programme are over. The delivery teams, on the other hand, are frequently overloaded with a plethora of change requests and feature additions from their operations counterparts.


of DevOps users successfully deploy containers and microservices.


with a strong DevOps culture report 50% fewer failures and 12X faster service restoration.

Following the

implementation of DevOps, 63% of businesses deploy software more frequently and with improved delivery quality.

Reasons to select Azure DevOps services

Flexible vendors. Flexible platforms. Flexibility to Support Languages.

Flexible suppliers. Adaptable platforms Flexibility to Support Languages. The Forrester WaveTM ranked the current offering and strategy of Cloud Build by Microsoft Azure DevOps services as the highest among continuous integration experts and cloud juggernauts.

There is never a downtime while using Azure DevOps services, which have a very fast content delivery network that boosts speed and responsiveness. You won't be slowed down by firmware updates, even if they are occuring.
The expanded capabilities of DevOps and the content delivery network serve as the perfect foundation for increased operating environment viability, speed, stability, and improved communication.

Our outstanding Azure Cloud Services will keep all of your applications up and running while effectively separating good traffic from problematic ones. Thanks to the comprehensive Azure DevOps server, once Azure artefacts is activated, you are ready to design and deploy highly operational Azure Cloud Services.
You can easily manage your software projects with the aid of Azure boards. You have access to a wide range of features, including configurable dashboards, with these Azure boards.

You may rely on the DevOps Azure Pipelines to assist you in creating and automatically testing your code. In essence, you can establish a continuous end-to-end delivery with Azure Pipelines. You can create, evaluate, and implement workflows that are cloud-compatible, platform- and language-compatible.

Utilizing Azure DevOps services allows you to remain competitive no matter where you are. It is designed to function with any platform—Windows, Mac, Linux—as well as any language—Python, Java, and other rivals. Services created to give you the proper tools and framework to ensure that your business is continually moving for all the right reasons may be found in the Azure DevOps services division.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) offers server-free, integrated experience. You are not obligated to offer servers in advance and additionally fund extra capacity. Together with ready-to-use extensions to third-party systems, the ability to simply develop custom-built steps makes transition a smooth experience.
Get inventive. Azure DevOps facilitates the monitoring and enhancement of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) productivity via the development of robust applications. CDWT can assist with your travels.

The State of DevOps report by DORA has won the confidence of IT professionals worldwide due to the constant findings produced from thorough research investigations. Today's developers are more self-assured, focused on addressing critical tasks, and equipped to conduct in-depth security checks in a timely manner.
CDWT considers your best interests. Contact us so we can develop a plan to ensure the security of your company.

Expertly combine the functionality of the SQL server engine with an end-to-end very resourceful platform! You may improve your performance by expanding your knowledge of apps you are already acquainted with, while reaping their advantages without difficulty.

The market's continuous evolution necessitates that enterprises be adaptable, with short response times, increased quality, and reasonable costs. CDWT provides comprehensive DevOps services intended to enable organisations to deploy apps at breakneck speed with better scalability and availability.
Learn how prominent financial services platforms in Asia demonstrate their cost-effective operational efficiency by optimising their infrastructure and making better use of their resources.

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Azure DEVOPS Services

DevOps Services Meet Agile Organizations

DevOps is a method for empowering and aligning people with technology via the use of technologies that allow unified application delivery and enhanced business agility for enterprises.

By instituting the DevOps culture, businesses have built strong collaborative relationships between software development and infrastructure operations. Every member of a team contributes equally to the completion of a project from inception to completion. The product's quality may then be vastly improved as a result of quicker feedback and responsiveness.
Implement the DevOps culture to simplify your IT utilising the finest practises, techniques, and automation technologies in the industry to propel your productivity.
A successful deployment requires organisational dedication, sophisticated automation tools, and the appropriate infrastructure. The sheer size, complexity of operational models, and geographical breadth of an organisation might make it difficult to adopt the DevOps agenda enterprise-wide. Not any longer. With end-to-end DevOps implementation, you now have access to seamless application delivery, beginning with strategy and roadmap workshops, maturity assessments, and approved reference architecture.
Agile development coupled with effective use of DevOps technologies has unquestionably accelerated the time to market for software and apps. By replacing human activities with automation, firms have been able to react more quickly, reduce obstacles, and keep up with a business environment that is always evolving.
Utilize deployment tools, templates, and accelerators to accelerate time to market and increase quality. Employ third-party automation servers to provide seamless delivery.

DevOps Implementation Methodology (CDWT)

We provide comprehensive DevOps services. It is in our nature to launch a collaborative strategy to aggressively solve organisational difficulties. Continuous Planning, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery ensure that our customers have complete access and achieve success.

The 04 Phases You Cannot Avoid

Phase 01

  • Implement financial and demand management
  • Communicate the business benefits of DevOps.

Phase 02

  • Plan for capacity, availability, and data security.
  • Define a DevOps organisational structure.
  • Create OLAs and SLAs.

Phase 03

  • Develop and integrate DevOps.
  • Utilize agile methodologies.
  • Utilize the needed DevOps tools.
  • Change, release, and testing are defined.

Phase 04

  • Implement incident, issue, knowledge, and event management
  • Establish a perpetual improvement model.

Snapshot: CDWT DevOps Practice

Plan, Code & Track

Build and Test



CDWT's DevOps services aid businesses by analysing their needs and generating code utilising cutting-edge technology. Our team pushes updated code to the version control system in accordance with best practises for Continuous Integration.

Companies may now build constantly from the most up-to-date code contributed to the version control system, while test cases are imported and run by testing tools. Using automated test engines, the most recent builds are tested as part of continuous testing.

Through continuous delivery processes, each change is deployable once tested and confirmed. Continuous Deployment automates the whole process from code commit to production. The deployment procedure continually generates files for target environments, which are generated by a range of virtualization and containerization technologies.

By automating infrastructure management, our solutions expedite and safeguard the delivery of software. We conduct continuous monitoring utilising industry-leading monitoring technologies and data analytics that enable businesses to see events and get real-time notifications.

Business Outcomes

Speed & Operational Efficiency

Cloud-native Dockers and Containers may facilitate the deployment and delivery of a DevOps environment. As a consequence, firms will release their goods more often and serve their customers more effectively, as opposed to settling for a periodic production release cycle. With a quicker turnaround on your end, you may anticipate greater product consistency and lower vendor risk exposure. Thanks to the exceptional speed of DevOps, you get superior operational efficiency as a bonus.

State of the Art Security

Introducing security early in the application lifecycle guarantees that security is included into every aspect of application and system development. You can satisfy the demands of your company by increasing availability, decreasing the likelihood of data breaches, and assuring the development and delivery of robust technology. Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) scans are conducted by CDWT using industry-leading tools, such as Burp and Qualys, to implement optimal security and to conduct Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) scans.

Heightened Efficiency

DevOps is the key to significantly increasing the efficiency of product releases. In an entirely virtual world, it is difficult to accomplish this without jeopardising the business's meaningful customer engagements. Our industry-leading DevOps knowledge collection is geared at improved product uptake and operation. Our automation, integration, and continual measurement may assist you in achieving the pace required by your company processes.

Faster Go-to Market

DevOps is the key to significantly increasing the efficiency of product releases. In an entirely virtual world, it is difficult to accomplish this without jeopardising the business's meaningful customer engagements. Our industry-leading DevOps knowledge collection is geared at improved product uptake and operation. Our automation, integration, and continual measurement may assist you in achieving the pace required by your company processes.

Bette Collaboration

We adhere to industry standards to integrate open source, internal source, and DevOps in order to enhance cooperation and productivity. We guarantee that cooperation and evaluation are integral components of the development process. Thus, internal and external work squads may exchange work, debate modifications, and examine comments on a unified platform. By building an all-inclusive value stream, we enhance collaboration inside and outside IT.

3-Phase Detection Approach

The feedback mechanism essential for rapid mistake discovery and resolution is aided by automation testing. Our enhanced visibility and openness amongst teams enable us to discover any abnormalities utilising a three-phase approach: forecast difficulties from the outset, suppress alarms that do not need action, and troubleshoot according to severity. We provide improved algorithms for early identification and action rectification.

What Sets CDWT Apart as a Leading Azure DevOps Service Provider?

Increased Scalability + Independence by Containerization
  • Our Azure DevOps methods are focused on removing the risks and ambiguity associated with microservices management.
  • Strategy Definition for Microservices
  • Services of Container Orchestration Management
  • Scalable, cost-optimized Infrastructure
  • Agnostic Setup
Reduce Time to Market
  • Our Azure DevOps team will assist you in increasing the success rate of the build, test, and deploy mantra by using efficient processes.
  • DevSecOps-enabled CI-CD pipeline automation
  • Automation of Infrastructure with Zero Touch
  • Automated Configuration of Software
  • encompassing observability
  • Bots Designed to Accelerate at Various Pipeline Stages
Secure & Cost Optimized CloudOps
  • Our Azure DevOps team assists you in harnessing the full potential of the cloud with a security-first approach and at a reasonable price.
  • Security-Centered
  • Automated Infra Construction for Cost Reduction
  • Automated Builds and Deployment Architecture
  • Instrumentation to Facilitate Observability
Highest Uptime
  • Utilize the power of automation to maintain a greater uptime for growth and operations, and to assure client dependability.
  • Reduce Engineer Attrition
  • Effective Administration of System Alerts
  • Superior Agility and Speed
Future Ready Azure DevOps
  • Azure DevOps Consulting services at your side, solutions are created to meet escalating security concerns.
  • DevSecOps enabled pipelines
  • Completely Safe Infrastructure
  • Consistent Security Alerts
  • Continuously-Automated Security Monitoring
  • Centralized Log Monitoring
High Reliability & Predictability
  • Enhancing dependability and predictability with a mix of enterprise-grade and CDWT DevOps toolchain, we help you get started.
  • Expertise in handling the whole Azure DevOps lifecycle
  • UAT and Deployment in GLA
  • Assistance up to L4

A DevOps Success Story on Azure

Self-Repairing Operations Environment (SHOP)

The mean time to fix is so antiquated. Introduce Predictive and "Preventive healing"

CDWTSHOP is a low-code platform designed to combine the many platforms necessary to provide enterprise-level managed services. Through this platform, we provide end-to-end managed services with comprehensive visibility from order input to end-customer reporting; everything is integrated and controlled through this platform.
The project was executed utilising Agile methodology and a DevOps CI/CD pipeline with full Jira/Confluence integration. This platform was quickly put into production due to the combination of rapid software development and automated testing.

Github for DevOps on Azure

GitHub has been the developer’s platform of choice for code development, testing, pipelines and progress management, and code repository ideas for a very long time. It goes without saying that the platform has been at the centre of DevOps changes in tens of thousands of businesses worldwide, particularly those who cannot afford costly corporate editions. As a result, when Microsoft acquired GitHub in 2018, the potential of such a very intriguing combination became the subject of much discussion.

The actual situation is brighter than anticipated. Azure DevOps has enabled GitHub’s seamless integration into its overall Cloud DevOps or DevOps-as-a-Service visions. GitHub continues to be one of the most innovative code build and management platforms, and Azure DevOps has enabled its seamless integration into its overall Cloud DevOps or DevOps-as-a-Service Through the Azure DevOps interface, businesses can now connect to GitHub and use its Build, packaging, release management, testing, code storage management, and automated development capabilities. Businesses have been rewarded with an enhanced DevOps platform that supports the complete development lifecycle, including Code Build, continuous testing and updates, Code Security management, Version and Updated releases, automated development practises for accelerated time-to-market, and Code runs in production.

The following are the key features of GitHub’s integration with Azure DevOps Platform:

GitHub is seamlessly integrated into Azure Boards (part of Azure DevOps) with easier login and authorisation management.
Integration of diverse entities and Git repositories, such as Commits, Pull Requests, and Issues, is simplified.
Integrate with Visual Studio to navigate, use, and administer popular GitHub and Azure DevOps technologies.
Develop CI/CD pipelines to upgrade development capabilities on GitHub and Azure DevOps platforms.
Access GitHub code repositories smoothly using Azure Pipelines. Azure Repos, Git Repositories, GitHub Enterprise, Atlassian BitBucket, and SVN are among the sources.
Implement Agile Development techniques to simplify code creation and management across several teams and expedite time-to-market
Using cutting-edge SAST-DAST tools, implement real-time code security management across all DevOps phases.

CDWT DevOps Toolkit Expertise

CDWT is one of the most prominent DevOps service providers and an AWS Consulting Partner. Utilizing the greatest DevOps technologies, CDWT has aided tens of thousands of enterprises across the world in their cloud transition journey. Whether it is a greenfield Cloud/Multi-cloud environment with Continuous Integration and Delivery procedures or the introduction of automation into an existing environment, CDWT’s certified cloud specialists and DevOps technologies will assist you in enhancing your cloud-based modernised DevOps capabilities.

Software Development


Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery


Log Management


Load Testing

Build Systems


FAQs – Azure DevOps

DevOps was designed to improve cooperation and communication between traditionally separated Software Development and Operation teams inside enterprises.

It is a methodology for developing and managing software that encourages collaboration, focuses on delivering important business value, and deploys software more often in increments, resulting in the development of dependable solutions.
Cloud provides seamless capabilities to deploy develop, test, and operate environments more rapidly, on-demand, and with scalability and adaptability.

Cloud computing enables developers to have more control over their own components' source code, resulting in shorter wait times.

This application-specific design facilitates the acquisition of additional components.

By using cloud services to automate the process of constructing, managing, and providing code, service professionals are able to accelerate the development process, remove the possibility of human mistake, and achieve repeatability.
DevOps aims to increase agility, adaptability, and quality, whereas AIOps automates the journey from development to production. AIOps refers to the method in which AI is used to manage data and information in IT systems.

It forecasts the consequences of deployment on production and reacts automatically to adjustments depending on the performance of the production environment.