Artificial Intelligence -led Testing

Enterprises may face a number of obstacles when utilising AI for app quality testing, including identifying the exact use cases, a lack of understanding of what really needs to be done, verifying the app’s behaviour based on the inputted data, and testing apps for functionality, performance, scalability, and security, among others. CDWT’s extensive experience with AI, ML, and analytics enables businesses to enhance their automation frameworks and QA procedures. CDWT offers AI/ML-driven testing and performance engineering services for your QA framework via BlueSwan™, its next-generation intellectual property.

Defects Analytics
Utilization of AI-based Sentiment Analysis: BlueSwan CDWT Enterprise Sentiment Analyzer (CESA) – AI-tool to find, categorise, and distribute the overall sentiment of a conversation (Positive, Negative, Neutral) for better decision making
Real-time Dashboard and Predictive Analytics Powered by AI:BlueSwan Verita™ – Analytics-driven workload modelling for defect prediction, code coverage, response time, & scalability prediction
Performance Engineering approach
ML-based analytics driven Performance Predictions: Workload modeling & response times
Regression Optimization
Automated compilation of dependent test cases and scripts depending on changes: CDWT Impact Analyzer-solution for test suite impact analysis during Change Requests, Patches, & upgrades
Automated testing case/script prioritisation based on machine learning
Smart Automation
Detection of changes in the object attributes across all scripts with each new release.
Self-healing of test scripts in response to application modifications

CDWT's Intelligent Test Case Management Methodology

In this age of daily deployments and DevOps transformation, businesses must automate test requirement traceability and versioning in order to speed the QA cycle, decrease test administration overheads, and offer improved quality control.

CDWT’s Intelligent Test Case Management Methodology gives guaranteed advantages of:

Faster deployments

Matured governance over test data and test suite

Enhanced traceability by integrating backward and forward

Holistic strategy with early feedback and unsupervised implementation.

One integrated platform

CDWT AI & ML Center of Excellence

Access CDWT’s AI & ML CoE that includes: