Accelerate Your Success Using FusionEDI

Precision, automation, and integration. Utilize an improved medical billing clearinghouse that gets the job done efficiently. Recent regulatory developments make it difficult to navigate the healthcare revenue cycle. Understanding what healthcare providers must adhere to might be expensive. FusionEDI is the finest and most cheap medical billing clearinghouse software on the market, and is guaranteed to help you save time and get paid more quickly!

Unclog Claims Bottlenecks Easily!

Utilizing automation and integration, FusionEDI transforms a tediously lengthy claims process into a quick and effective automated one.

Quick integration to expedite the submission of claims and payment.
Save time by automating the posting of insurance payments and receiving electronic remittance advice (ERA) reports.
Receive precise receipts for every electronic financial transfer and immediately post insurance payments or reconcile accounts.
Real-time verification of insurance eligibility eliminates uncollectible income from patients with invalid or inadequate insurance coverage.

Solutions for HIPAA-Compliant Clearinghouses that Are Integrated

By integrating all electronic claims and remittance procedures with our medical billing software, FusionEDI delivers considerable ease. You may submit electronic claims to multiple insurers, obtain electronic remittance advice (ERA) reports, and check insurance eligibility in a secure way that complies with the HIPAA's stringent criteria and rules.

How Does FusionEDI Work?

In a matter of seconds, when you submit charges, claims are quickly reviewed for error-free correctness. You may submit claims promptly to our networks of carriers.

You may also monitor all of your claims with our integrated claim submission reports, which provide a clear picture of what has transpired with your claims.

Key Features

Electronic Claims

Submit insurance claims online and get payment more quickly. FusionEDI enables the submission of electronic claims to multiple payers and insurance providers, as well as the receipt of complete and fast processing information and claim status updates.

Claims Cleaning

FusionEDI sanitizes medical claims to guarantee that data input is accurate and error-free for correctly processed claims. We provide a comprehensive error-checking mechanism to assure first-time claim submission to payers and save your staff's effort.

Claims Analytics

FusionEDI provides multiple-level reporting as your claims move through the submission and adjudication process, in addition to reviewing all of your claims and returning internal validation reports to identify claims with missing or incorrect information, such as missing patient information or incorrect policy numbers.

Resolve Claims Denials/Rejections

Managing denials and rejections has never been simple, but with the FusionEDI claim follow up module, you can monitor and pursue claims before they go through the gaps and are never paid.

File and Claim Status Reports Sent

Receive comprehensive and thorough information about the progress of your claims. FusionEDI ensures to keep you up-to-date with all the claims processing details, providing a bird’s eye view.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

Electronic remittance advice or ERA can save you time and expedite your payment by posting insurance payments immediately. You may acquire ERA reports, receive a comprehensive receipt for an electronic funds transfer (EFT), and reconcile balances using ERA reports.

Secondary Claims Administration

FusionEDI enables you to transmit main and secondary electronic claims in the industry-standard format straight to payers and commercial insurance providers for customers with numerous insurance policies.

User-Friendly Interface

FusionEDI is the industry leader in medical claims processing. Our clearinghouse software is developed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals, according to the highest customer service standards and HIPPA regulations.

Patient Declaration Services

Forget about paper statements and delays; our automated Patient Statement services will make life easier for your personnel. The state-of-the-art system of FusionEDI generates itemised electronic invoices that include service dates, costs, transaction descriptions, and the patient's demographic information.

Insurance Eligibility

Increase collections by confirming each patient's eligibility for insurance and reduce uncollectible income from patients with invalid or inadequate insurance coverage. Verify the patient's insurance coverage before to making an appointment and obtain a real-time answer with comprehensive facts about the patient's benefits.

Need Quality Data Delivered Promptly and Without Delays?

Complete Enrollment & Credentialing Services

Need Quality Information Rapidly and Without Delays? We provide initial and continuing Provider Credentialing because our devoted staff can manage the arduous and time-consuming procedure. Our crew has extensive expertise in all areas and is familiar with both government and commercial payer credentialing requirements. Here is our method:

A team of professionals will monitor re-credentialing dates and begin and finish the procedure whenever your practice's re-credentialing is due.
Help your clinic collect the essential demographic and background information.
Enroll providers in CAQH and support them in maintaining their profiles and updating their records.
Ensure completion of all essential documents prior to submission.
Manage all follow-up duties, including payer organisation verification and communication.