The Need for Cloud Governance: Business-Alignment and Industry-Standardized Evaluation

A solid governance structure is the key to achieving failsafe cloud results and high ROI with cloud IT solutions. With organisations looking to migrate to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, CDWT’s sophisticated cloud governance techniques, such as the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), offer simplified enterprise high performance results with minimal data loss and continuous operation. OCI governance assessment and implementation plans enable exceptional scalability, always-on availability, and strict compliance with international standards and local-national legislation when coupled with the appropriate policies and cost optimization models.
Maximize returns on the Oracle Cloud while minimising errors.

By 2024

cloud expenditure will account for 80% of the overall IT-hosting expense.


of cloud-based businesses see Governance and compliance concerns as their top difficulty.

Leverage the Power Duo of Oracle and CDWT to Transform Your Cloud Journeys

Oracle Cloud, as an industry pioneer in Infra-as-a-Service, has consistently established rigorous industry standards. Their Infrastructure has evolved into a revolutionary solution fueled by two distinctive concepts. It is intended to meet the hybrid and multi-cloud migration requirements. Additionally, enterprises may integrate Oracle's industry-leading business applications and third-party solutions into their infrastructure. Nonetheless, as businesses progressively adopt a hybrid and multi-cloud architecture, the demand for effective monitoring, auditing, security management, and compliance evaluation is growing.

CDWT has expedited OCI cloud migration, modernization, and management trips to the cloud with unmatched efficacy and fruitful results. These accomplishments have established us as one of the world's premier automation-driven, application-focused managed cloud service providers. As a dependable Oracle Cloud partner, CDWT simplifies the management of corporate assets, platforms, infrastructure, apps, and databases on the Oracle Cloud by combining cloud-native technologies, unique solutions, industry frameworks, and seasoned support. Adopt in-depth cloud evaluations and audits to reduce the likelihood of failures and compliance gaps. Using an end-to-end management source, keep your OCI landscape up-to-date with the latest IT trends, regulatory demands, and international standards.

With CDWT transferring your assets to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, your workloads, data, and apps will be governed without fail. Ensure high-quality performance with little costs and no disruptions to business as normal.

We are proud of our dedication to achieving excellence, efficiency, and innovation in the cloud: CDWT Acquires Expertise in Oracle Cloud Sales and Cloud Services

Oracle acknowledges partners that exhibit the requisite competence for success. CDWT has acquired the coveted Cloud Sell and Cloud Service Expertise certification due to their full-stack Oracle transformation package and demonstrated delivery quality. It is now an Oracle Cloud Transformation Global Partner.

Why Choose Specialized Oracle Governance Strategies: The Principal Advantages

All contemporary IT workloads, apps, and databases must adhere to industry- and region-specific compliance requirements. It is crucial to verify that everything corresponds to these criteria if you are contemplating cloud migration for your firm. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) assures that its infrastructure hosts adhere to certain compliance standards. Oracle governance evaluation maps the customer’s network, systems, and applications on OCI, assuring scalability, high performance, and resilience.

The CDWT OCI Governance Framework guarantees:
Warnings for procedures that violate set policies
Superior protection with specific access control
Optimised expenses and procedures
During migration, well-designed procedures for monitoring cloud performance progress

Streamline Your Architecture According to OCI Best Practices

Principal Oracle Cloud Governance Principles

Performance Optimization

Adjustments and optimizations are made to prevent allocating resources unnecessarily and save extra costs, based on an analysis.


Protection bolstered by services such as Cloud Guard and Security Zones

Cost Control

Utilize Oracle tag budgeting, cost analysis, and consolidated billing systems to save expenditures.


Oracle Cloud capabilities satisfy the stringent compliance requirements of international and regional governing bodies.

The OCI best practises framework is designed around four business objectives to guarantee peak experiences for organisations from all industry verticals, regardless of ecosystem size or complexity. Strict adherence to and oversight of the following criteria enable enterprises to eliminate the flaws of the deployed OCI environment, therefore saving time, money, and resources.

Security and

  • User authentication
  • Resource isolation and access control
  • Compute Security
  • Database Security
  • Data protection
  • Network Security

Reliability and

  • Fault-tolerant network architecture
  • Service limits and quotas
  • Data backup
  • Scaling

Performance and Cost Optimization

  • Compute Sizing
  • Storage strategy
  • Network monitoring and tuning
  • Cost tracking and management


  • Deployment strategy
  • Workload monitoring
  • OS management
  • Support

Cloud-native Oracle Governance Tools and Services for Effective Implementations

Budget Controls

  • Compartments
  • Budgets and Quotas
  • Unified Billing

Performance Efficiency

  • Cloud Advisor
  • Operations Insights

Risk Management

  • Security Zones
  • Cloud Guard
  • Oracle Vaults
  • Web Application Firewall

Why You Should Plan Your OCI Trip with CDWT: Impact of Automation, Innovation, and Modernization with Fault-Proof Governance and a High ROI

CDWT's Oracle Governance Framework is intended to facilitate organisations' transitions to Oracle Cloud while maintaining compliance with vital compliance requirements. This framework provides valuable solutions for OCI workloads. Oracle's sophisticated technology and tools are linked with the team's subject experience to expedite corporate processes, enhance decision-making, and accelerate digital transformation.

With a presence in 26 countries, 4000 customers, qualified and trained SMEs, and ten or more certifications that demonstrate our worldwide standards, we deliver a single SLA at the Application Login layer and full ownership with managed services. Our cloud skills cover more than 12 years, with over 2,000 cloud professionals and demonstrated knowledge in transferring over 40,000 instances and 8,000 databases, among other things. Discuss with us your Governance Assessment Framework redefinition.

Why You Should Have Faith in CDWT: The Difference

Trusted Oracle MSP, Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure Expert in EMEA, APAC, and the Americas

4000+ transformation stories across 26 nations

World’s only firm with 10 Azure Advanced Specializations

2000+ cloud experts and 1100+ certified in public cloud platforms

Oracle Certified Resources

25 Centers of Excellence including Oracle Cloud Services

AIOps-based managed services covering CloudOps, DevOps, SysOps, and SecOps

High availability 99.95%, increased agility and scalability

Industry / Vertical specific compliances mapping on OCI delivering 100% of compliance control along with SOC services

Oracle Governance – FAQ’s

Assessment of Oracle governance refers to the collection of rules designed to reduce expenses, enhance efficiency, and remove security threats. Governance evaluation assists firms in mitigating the risks associated with cloud migration.

Assessment of Oracle Cloud governance facilitates the alignment of workloads with compliance criteria. Enterprises may map the customer's network, systems, and applications for improved performance and agility using Oracle governance assessment.
Oracle Cloud Governance will aid your company by carrying out the following tasks:

Keep your finances under control

Conform to regulatory specifications

Optimize your cloud's cost/performance

Reducing security threats