Here are Our Services:

With years of expertise, the CDWT team has assisted practises throughout the United States in increasing their income and achieving their objectives. Our Practice Management Services will handle a variety of time-consuming duties, resulting in a notable increase in productivity. Here are a few advantages of CDWT’s one-of-a-kind Practice Management Software:

Credentialing & Enrollment

We provide initial and continuing Provider Credentialing, as our devoted staff can enrol providers for CAQH, collect the appropriate background and demographic information, and monitor re-credentialing and revalidation dates. Our specialists are conversant with all government and commercial payer certification requirements.

Intelligent Billing Solutions

With our medical billing services, you'll stay ahead of the competition. From recording charges through clean claim checks, electronic claim submission, electronic payment posting, Accounts Receivable, and financial reporting, our specialized team is geared to increase operational efficiency and maximize financial performance for hospitals and healthcare professionals.

Patient Engagement Services

From appointment booking to secure post-visit communication, lab report access, and streamlined patient payments, our Patient Engagement solutions provide a seamless experience to eliminate no-shows and increase patient satisfaction.

Denials and Appeals Administration

No need to worry about delayed claims appeals, as our solution attempts to increase your organization's percentage of clean claims and provides prompt Denial Management. Our staff finds and monitors rejections in order to not only address them in a timely manner, but also to identify flaws in order to decrease future denials.

Secure Document Management

Implements technological and administrative security mechanisms to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your patients' papers using our cloud-based document management solution, DocuHub, which fully adheres to HIPAA regulations.

Appointment Planning

With consistent patient follow-ups, you can eliminate no-shows and overworked employees. The online appointment scheduling tool offered around-the-clock by CDWT delivers a number of text or email reminders to patients and allows them to specify when they will be sent. In addition to handling rescheduling and cancellations, our staff maintains your calendar.


Utilize Our State-of-the-Art Practice Management Services to Maximize Your Cash Flow

CDWT understands the significance of the revenue cycle and assisting healthcare professionals in achieving sustainable financial success. Our Practice Management services assure prompt reimbursement, enhance invoicing, coding, and A/R efficiency in order to assist your company in achieving its financial stability and profitability objectives.

Transform the Revenue Cycle of Your Healthcare Organization

The requirement to provide excellent treatment while coping with delayed payments and an inefficient revenue cycle may place a substantial amount of strain on a practice. Therefore, let our team of seasoned specialists improve not just billing, coding, and accounts receivable, but also the efficiency of your whole revenue cycle.

Compatible with Every Specialty

Our all-inclusive Practice Management Service is adaptable to the demands of many specialties, including dentistry, cardiology, laboratory billing, inpatient-outpatient, and more. Here is a list of all the specialisations for which we provide our services:

Business Intelligence

Improve operational efficiency and financial bottom line with precise reports, graphs, and charts to track your practice's revenue streams, operating expenditures, billing and reimbursement cycles, accounts receivable, and more.

Medical Coding

Minimize rejections and maximize cash flow with our HIPAA-compliant medical coding services. The Medical Coding Team at CDWT is well-versed in CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS, and NCCI revisions and assigns the most correct codes for services rendered.


Our cloud-based management services adhere to HIPAA guidelines and regulations in order to fulfil regulatory requirements. We provide secure services to safeguard patient data and medical billing information from data breaches.