How to Intelligent DevOps driven by the Google Cloud Platform: CDWT Scales Your Cloud Solutions

Many teams who are 'doing DevOps' no longer refer to it as such; it's just how they operate.

Multiple obstacles between development and operations have been eliminated by the DevOps methodology. CDWT’s DevOps as a Service approach capitalises on this concept and allows enterprises to reinvent their application development and delivery processes by using their preferred cloud ecosystems and native tools and services. Customized DevOps may be simply integrated into your software release process in order to enhance the product’s quality and provide more opportunity for creativity.

Get professional solutions from our GCP specialists to empower your DevOps ecosystem with compliant, secure, and cost-effective tools, platforms, and services. Modernize the complete development environment on the cloud and bolster SDLC procedures using Google Cloud automation technologies. Prepare for lightning-fast delivery and increased market entry timescales.

Enable the creative agile style with DevOps on Google Cloud.


embracing DevOps, 83% of engineers report that they can deliver code more rapidly.


integration and continuous delivery are included in 38% of DevOps installations, since it has been shown to cut the time required for developing and delivering applications.

Continuous deployment

enabled 60% deploy many times every day, once per day, or once per few days (increased from 45% the previous year).


of Enterprises had at least one security issue in their Kubernetes deployments within the last year.

Why should you use CDWT's GCP DevOps Consulting Services?

Collaboration and communication are key to the DevOps ethos. At CDWT, we provide the proper direction for adopting this mindset and transforming it into an industry-wide culture. CDWT has hands-on expertise in constructing and implementing artefact registry and CI/CD pipelines for developing and deploying apps on GCP Stackdriver, serverless applications, and containerized applications. Utilize additional technologies for continuous auto testing, code security, automated deployment to live environments, re-designs of microservice-based architecture, and application modernisation. This is simply a representation of what is possible. Additionally, you may collaborate with CDWT’s Center of Excellence to explore multi-pipeline workflows and pipelines deployed across different environments.

As an end-to-end supplier of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Managed services, CDWT’s comprehensive suite of DevOps services can assist businesses in selecting the appropriate approach, tools, and skills depending on their specific needs.

As the premier application-focused cloud MSP in the world, CDWT can assist you with automating the creation, testing, and deployment of your applications at every step of your apps' lifecycle, accompanied by superior performance and health monitoring. With the GCP ecosystem, DevOps can be executed rapidly, securely, and meticulously with a low-risk migration route from current infrastructure. Our DevOps migration specialists will concentrate on safeguarding business cloud-based application processes and environments.

Using the Google Cloud ecosystem, migrate, modernise, and manage all development workloads throughout the whole Software Development Lifecycle. Enhance the experience with CDWT's unique partner solutions and take advantage of maximum agility and scalability at little cost. CDWT automates DevOps operations through quicker and enhanced iterations to increase development and production environment efficiencies. Our specialists are well-trained to manage risks, innovate, and initiate a cultural revolution in the business using DevOps.

Reasons to Our Comprehensive Capabilities: End-to-end CDWT DevOps on Google Cloud Platform

We assume the role of your DevOps experts and lead you through the evaluation and auditing processes. First, we give businesses with a discovery workshop of GCP DevOps processes, IT infrastructure, and application lifecycle that identifies performance optimization improvement opportunities. In addition to architectural advice, GCP DevOps coaching, and enablement, as part of the consulting services, a comprehensive roadmap for retooling strategy is provided after the audit and maturity evaluation.

Infrastructure management and configuration management form the basis of CDWT's comprehensive GCP DevOps solution. IaC allows DevOps developers to deliver apps and deploy environments quickly, reliably, and at scale.

We help you create your delivery pipeline, link DevOps tools, manage the continuous integration and deployment processes across numerous environments, orchestrate and automate your CI-CD pipelines. Moreover, by deploying monitoring solutions, you may process and display the acquired data in order to generate business effect.

Microservices facilitate the modularization of monolithic infrastructures for optimal deployment and rapid operation. Consequently, microservices offer a quicker response to client needs by guaranteeing speedier deployment capabilities. Microservices architects from CDWT will evaluate your application architectures and decide whether to re-design its segments in order to convert the application codebases into a microservices framework. In addition, we will offer the essential automation for a successful microservice deployment and develop the optimal Application Architecture Strategy, operating the microservice modules in the cloud using serverless compute and containers. The combination of the top DevOps tools and support on Google Cloud would facilitate the simplicity and effectiveness of microservices administration.

Automate your software development lifecycle to accelerate its pace. Our team will configure Google Cloud-powered CI/CD pipeline tools for code builds, repository storage, testing, and final live environment deployment. You will also get a scalable and cost-effective infrastructure. Microservices architectures created for serverless ecosystems should be packaged into specialised containers for deployment across diverse client-side platforms and landscapes. We reduce the danger and ambiguity involved with Microservices administration.

Hyperscale Clouds, like as GCP, are attracting a great deal of attention from enterprises as they choose the best migration platform. It is not directly tied to the adoption of DevOps, but it nevertheless offers applications with flexibility, toolsets, and scalability.

The step-by-step CDWT Migration Factory methodology aids businesses in upgrading their IT, from evaluation, planning, and resource preparation through infrastructure deployment, security, compliance, and other cloud services. This involves the transfer and administration of DevOps ecosystems across different cloud platforms, as well as any third-party solutions considered necessary. In addition, the strength of Google Cloud solutions and services allows enterprises to adopt a more agile DevOps culture, which expedites the introduction of new products to the market.

We assist our partners in developing strategies, rules, procedures, and technology to protect devops as a whole, hence facilitating productive working circumstances. Our professionals will conduct comprehensive security assessments and provide customised security solutions depending on the sensitivity levels of your organization's assets and the likelihood of potential attacks. We provide automatic security tests and monitoring capabilities to guarantee minimum disturbances to the development process of your DevOps workers. In addition, state-of-the-art Google native security tools for monitoring codes, checking for mistakes and threat gaps, SAST-DAST and VAPT analysis, and more are implemented. Ensure that your code is compatible with the strongest known and undiscovered threats.

We assist our partners in developing strategies, rules, procedures, and technology to protect devops as a whole, hence fostering productive working circumstances. Our professionals will conduct exhaustive security assessments and provide individualised security solutions depending on the sensitivity levels of your organization's assets and the likelihood of potential attacks. We integrate automatic security checks and monitoring capabilities to minimise development workflow interruptions for your DevOps professionals. In addition, state-of-the-art Google native security technologies for monitoring codes, checking for mistakes and threat gaps, SAST-DAST and VAPT analysis, and more are used. Ensure that your code is compatible with the most severe dangers, whether they are known or undiscovered.

Snapshot: CDWT DevOps Practice

Plan, Code and Track

  • CDWT GCP DevOps services aid businesses in comprehending their needs and coding using better technologies. Our team pushes updated code to the version control system in accordance with best practises for continuous integration.

Build and Test

  • Companies may now build constantly from the most up-to-date code contributed to the version control system, while test cases are imported and run by testing tools. As part of continuous testing, the newest releases are tested using automated test engines.


  • Through continuous delivery processes, each change is deployable once tested and confirmed. Continuous Deployment automates the whole process from code commit to production. In addition, the deployment process generates files continually for target environments, which are produced by different virtualization/containerization technologies.


  • By automating infrastructure management, our solutions expedite and safeguard the delivery of software. We will also deploy continuous monitoring with industry-leading technologies and data analytics so that businesses can view occurrences and get real-time notifications.
Automated Operations Facilitating Continuous Improvement
The cloud-based DevOps system employs a sophisticated array of automation technologies to cover all phases of the Software development lifecycle, including build, store, test, deploy, and operate. Enhance processes and reduce mistakes with intelligent CI/CD pipelines, code monitoring, code build helpers, etc. Utilize comprehensive libraries, platforms, and low-code solutions to expedite development. Implement efficient, automated auditing of procedures and codes for continual improvement.
Accelerated Go-to-Market timelines
DevOps speeds application development timescales, which increases customer happiness and market standing. With DevOps powered by Google Cloud, you can avoid falling behind in meeting a large number of requests. In addition, automated testing expedites the market release of goods. The time to market has increased by fifty percent as a result of improved software delivery.
Agile Delivery
CDWT DevOps fosters an atmosphere of constant innovation and learning. You may improve performance, deployment times, and expenditures with this. With the aid of automation, integration, and continuous measurement, we assist you in attaining the required business operations velocity.
Unrivalled Scalability
Manage your DevOps setups on numerous instances. Effortlessly scale up depending on goals. Simplify and change the provisioning, setup, and scalability of cloud-based development environments. With DevOps on Google Cloud, you can build a flexible company from the ground up.
Programmable Infrastructure
Customize your DevOps environment depending on the aims, demands, and operational requirements of your solution. Then, optimise the provisioning of Google cloud resources across processes via modelling and integration. Utilize simple command lines to search for and install GCP tools.
Fully Managed Services
CDWT acknowledges that deploying a cost-effective, high-performance DevOps infrastructure in the cloud might be challenging. Cloud4C's AIOps-enabled end-to-end managed operations aid in the modernization and management of the DevOps environment throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle.
Enhanced Productivity through Collaboration
CDWT's DevOps technique focuses on fostering a collaborative environment in which there is no place for adjustments, revisions, or departmental conflicts. We ensure that code review and collaboration are integral to the development process. It facilitates the sharing of work, modifications, and review feedback between internal and external teams. By establishing an inclusive value stream, we improve collaboration within and beyond IT.
Service Reliability
Delivery on time improves customer happiness. It is essential for generating sales and maintaining a good reputation on the market. Enhanced developer productivity increases operational dependability, a critical aspect for corporate expansion. Using continuous integration and delivery processes, the Cloud4C team would assure functional, secure, and high-quality output.
Enhanced Code Security
Security is an integral aspect of the software development process. The CDWT DevOps approach provides a high degree of security and compliance with industry standards. Utilizing industry-leading tools and technologies, CDWT offers security by employing Continuous Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) scans, SAST-DAST, CI-CD Security, and more. Implement security by design by integrating DevSecOps into the Software Development Lifecycle without fail.
Seamless Compliance and Governance
Automated cloud-native solutions and technologies enable companies to have more control over their development environments, processes, and deliverables via a single pane of glass. Ensure seamless compliance of created solutions with national and international rules and standards. Reduce risk at every point to adopt a simplified operating environment.

The provision of DevOps as a Service: In the Cloud, Automation

CDWT simplifies the process of transitioning to hybrid or full cloud environments. Our teams will integrate innovative cloud-native tools and solutions that handle, automate, and manage each part of the software/code lifecycle, including Build, Store, Test, Deploy, and Run.
Integrating your software development and operations lifecycles on the Google cloud for comprehensive modernization is much simpler: Infra-as-code, containerization, automated testing, CI-CD Pipelines, and more. Prepare for unparalleled agility, scalability, and the most effective recipe for accelerating product launch schedules.

The DevOps Process

Every member of a DevOps team is goal-oriented and accountable for the projects they work on. By embracing DevOps, businesses allow a fundamental degree of collaboration between software development and infrastructure operations teams. DevOps teams may enhance product quality in less time if they get quicker and more constructive feedback. Streamline your IT using automation technologies and industry best practises for a smooth workflow inside the DevOps culture.

Best DevOps Practices

DevOps might be difficult due to issues such as sophisticated operational models and the geographical expanse of a company. The fact that development and operations teams use distinct toolkits further complicates matters. Identifying and reconciling these differences, together with organisational buy-in, sophisticated automation technologies, and the appropriate cloud infrastructure, facilitates a more seamless transition. Implement end-to-end DevOps beginning with strategy and roadmap workshops, maturity assessments, and approved reference designs to ensure smooth application delivery.

The DevOps Technology

Implementing GCP DevOps technologies with agile development has enabled businesses to react more quickly and minimise process bottlenecks via the automation of manual activities. The automation of manual operations has enabled businesses to react more quickly, reduce process bottlenecks, and keep up with the ever-changing corporate environment. Utilizing deployment tools, templates, and accelerators allows for a quicker time to market with enhanced quality. Configure third-party automation servers to provide continuous integration and delivery.

Recognizing Engagement Models: DevOps on Google Cloud

CDWT provides adaptable engagement models depending on your needs to simplify your GCP DevOps journey:
A platform- and tool-agnostic solution with services accessible on many platforms (Dedicated, GCP, Azure, AWS, etc.) using a broad set of DevOps platforms and tools. This is great for firms who need to automate their infrastructure and build CI/CD procedures.

CDWT consults with you and makes any required environment adjustments. Expert assistance, infrastructure automation, and CI/CD configuration management are a few notable developments. This strategy is excellent for businesses who aim to undertake infrastructure automation and CI/CD projects but do not desire to invest in the necessary internal knowledge.

Designed for effectiveness and efficiency: DevOps on GCP Implementation Strategy of CDWT

Phase 01

  • Implement demand management and financial management strategies.
  • Communicate the business benefits of DevOps.

Phase 02

  • Plan for capacity, availability, and data security.
  • Define a DevOps organisational structure.
  • Create OLAs and SLAs.

Phase 03

  • Instruct and integrate DevOps teams.
  • Utilize agile methodologies.
  • Utilize the needed DevOps tools.
  • Define the procedures for modification, release, and testing.

Phase 04

  • Implement procedures for incident, issue, knowledge, and event management.
  • Establish a perpetual improvement model.

CDWT DevOps Toolkit Expertise

CDWT is one of the most prominent DevOps service providers and an AWS Consulting Partner. Utilizing the greatest DevOps technologies, CDWT has aided tens of thousands of enterprises across the world in their cloud transition journey. Whether it is a greenfield Cloud/Multi-cloud environment with Continuous Integration and Delivery procedures or the introduction of automation into an existing environment, CDWT’s certified cloud specialists and DevOps technologies will assist you in enhancing your cloud-based modernised DevOps capabilities.

Software Development


Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery


Log Management


Load Testing

Build Systems


CDWT Expertise with GCP DevOps Tools

GCP DevOps Tools
What to Expect?
Cloud Develop
Import source code from multiple repositories or cloud storage spaces, conduct a build, and generate artefacts including Docker containers and Java archives.
Cloud Functions
Build serverless backends, execute real-time data processing, and design intelligent applications to provide a smooth application development and deployment.
Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
offers a controlled environment for deploying, maintaining, and scaling containerized applications using Google infrastructure.
Cloud Run
Execute containers invoked by requests or events. It abstracts away infrastructure administration, allowing you to concentrate on application development.
Cloud Calendar
Jobs, such as batch, large data, and cloud infrastructure tasks, may be scheduled. Reduce human labour and intervention by automating everything, including redos in case of failure.
Artifact Registry
A central location for managing container pictures and language packs (such as Maven and npm). It is completely integrated with Google Cloud's tools and runtimes, making it easy to link with your CI/CD tools to create automated pipelines.
Binary Authorization
Deployment-time security control that guarantees that only trustworthy container images are deployed on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or Cloud Run.
A framework for constructing CI/CD systems that is open-source that allows developers to create, test, and deploy across cloud providers and on-premise systems.
Google Cloud Deploy
Deploy in minutes to Google Kubernetes Engine. To simplify DevOps, define pipelines in code and let Google Cloud Deploy manage rollouts.
Operations Suite of Google Cloud
A framework for constructing CI/CD systems that is open-source that allows developers to create, test, and deploy across cloud providers and on-premise systems.

Adopt Security by Design with DevSecOps on Google Cloud Platform from CDWT

Cybersecurity should be one of the top priorities for businesses. Good security tools and methods contribute to the creation of risk-free applications. DevSecOps is essential for delivering the greatest outcomes after the introduction of DevOps, including:

  • Integrating security-first characteristics at each step of development and operations
    Functions based on intelligent threat shields, such as predictive analytics and preventative maintenance, are executed.
  • Providing goods and services with built-in security features for optimal protection

What Sets CDWT Apart as a Leading GCP DevOps Service Provider?

Highest Uptime
  • Utilize the power of automation to maintain a greater uptime for growth and operations, and to assure client dependability.
  • Reduce Engineer Attrition
  • Effective Administration of System Alerts
  • Superior Agility and Speed
Future Ready Azure DevOps
  • Azure DevOps Consulting services at your side, solutions are created to meet escalating security concerns.
  • DevSecOps enabled pipelines
  • Completely Safe Infrastructure
  • Consistent Security Alerts
  • Continuously-Automated Security Monitoring
  • Centralized Log Monitoring
High Reliability & Predictability
  • Enhancing dependability and predictability with a mix of enterprise-grade and CDWT DevOps toolchain, we help you get started.
  • Expertise in handling the whole Azure DevOps lifecycle
  • UAT and Deployment in GLA
  • Assistance up to L4
Increased Scalability + Independence by Containerization
  • Our Azure DevOps methods are focused on removing the risks and ambiguity associated with microservices management.
  • Strategy Definition for Microservices
  • Services of Container Orchestration Management
  • Scalable, cost-optimized Infrastructure
  • Agnostic Setup
Reduce Time to Market
  • Our Azure DevOps team will assist you in increasing the success rate of the build, test, and deploy mantra by using efficient processes.
  • DevSecOps-enabled CI-CD pipeline automation
  • Automation of Infrastructure with Zero Touch
  • Automated Configuration of Software
  • encompassing observability
  • Bots Designed to Accelerate at Various Pipeline Stages
Secure & Cost Optimized CloudOps
  • Our Azure DevOps team assists you in harnessing the full potential of the cloud with a security-first approach and at a reasonable price.
  • Security-Centered
  • Automated Infra Construction for Cost Reduction
  • Automated Builds and Deployment Architecture
  • Instrumentation to Facilitate Observability

FAQs – Google Cloud Platform DevOps

DevOps is a bridge between the development and operations teams. Powered by Google Cloud Platform, DevOps accelerates the software development cycle compared to conventional methods.

Moreover, this method offers IT modernization and automation for infrastructure provisioning, constructing, executing test cases, producing reports with email alerts, etc. DevOps and Google Cloud are excellent beginning places for bringing speed and agility to enterprises.
DevSecOps improves the development and deployment of software in terms of both speed and security. GCP incorporates DevSecOps capabilities and tools to integrate security into DevOps workflows.

This capability enables enterprises to audit existing IT infrastructures, automate the security tools operating in pipelines, and improve communication and cooperation among development, operations, and security teams.