SAP MANAGED SERVICES by CDWT your sap landscape is in safe hands with us

Obtain Stability, Reliability, and Adaptability by using our SAP Managed Services that are powered by Automation.

Your mission-critical applications must operate continuously without interruption. SAP environments must be continuously monitored and enhanced in order for SAP applications to operate without interruption, satisfy business requirements, and be future-proof. Managing a SAP landscape may be difficult, time-consuming, and needs SAP expertise. An SAP Managed Services Provider may assist streamline your business operations, lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and liberate your teams from maintaining your SAP environment, allowing you to concentrate on your business objectives.

CDWT is one of the world’s biggest and most reputable SAP partners and the leading supplier of Automation-driven managed services in high-growth markets. Our specialised team of qualified and trained specialists has extensive experience managing SAP settings in a variety of sectors. We offer a foolproof method for managing mission-critical business applications by combining our infrastructure and application management knowledge.

Benefits of SAP Managed Services

Regionally-Specific Support Services Available Around-the-Clock

Reduced TCO and Maintenance Cost

High Availability and Guaranteed Availability

Scalability based on business requirements

Audits of Application and Database Security

Continuous Operations with No Disruptions

Administration & surveillance by Expert SAP personnel

Enhanced security with Security Services Available 24/7

Offerings of CDWT SAP Managed Services

At CDWT, we provide dependable SAP managed services that guarantee high availability and disaster recovery capabilities, therefore guaranteeing that your SAP activities function uninterruptedly. Whether it’s infrastructure administration, Migration & Provisioning help, Cost optimization, Monitoring & Management, Reporting & Control, we provide customised services, delivery & operating models to assist you. Our devoted team(s) take care of your whole infrastructure and offer 24x7x365 SAP application management support.

Infrastructure, Migration, and Provisioning Management

As a SAP Managed Services Provider, we manage On-premise / Cloud infrastructure administration, datacenter management, and Cloud migrations. We manage and migrate SAP workloads to all of the main cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and GCP, using the most effective tools and procedures in the market. We provide Environment discovery, cloud readiness evaluations, Proofs of Concept, frictionless onboardings, and migrations.

SAP New Implementation & Maintenance

We aid in the identification of new prospects to fulfil evolving company requirements. In addition to assisting in the creation of roadmaps for new deployments, our certified professionals also assist in determining how to expand SAP in other business activities. As part of SAP Managed Services, we deploy and maintain both current and new capabilities/features.

Observation and Auditing

To guarantee high availability, we offer operational assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and proactively detect and resolve problems. We conduct routine application and database audits to guarantee that there are no security flaws or compliance violations. Our automatic and proactive monitoring ensures the proper operation of your systems.

Management and Quality (Upgrades, Health checks)

As a SAP Managed Services Provider, we assume complete responsibility for Database management, SAP installations, upgrades, and enhancements. In addition, we run automatic Health checks/SAP Quality checks and manage incident and change management systems to ensure everything is functioning as intended.

Security and Governance for SAP

Assessments of Vulnerabilities, Security Strategies, and Data Protection are the pillars of our SAP security services. Our strong governance approach enables role-based access management, and our Security Operation Center (SOC) is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure better SAP application security. We maintain real-time alert and event dashboards. We adhere to regional and industry-specific vertical compliance requirements (GDPR, IRAP, NESA, SAMA, etc.), hence ensuring increased SAP security.

Disaster Recovery and Business continuity

We offer automatic Backup and Disaster recovery services as part of our SAP Managed Services (DRaaS). We provide minimal downtime and continuous functioning of your company at all times. In the case of outages, SAP applications, SAP HANA, Sybase ASE, MAX DB, etc. are automatically started.


We apply predictive analysis for capacity planning, etc., based on AIOps-based reporting. In addition, we provide live dashboards, monthly reports, quality reports, and so on.

Some of Our Achievements


CDWT assists a Telecom Giant in reducing expenses and adopting a Digital, Data-Driven World with SAP HANA on a SAP-certified network cloud.

Oil & Gas

CDWT hosts and maintains mission-critical SAP workloads on Azure for a large Middle Eastern oil and gas corporation.

Medical Retail

Leading Healthcare Retail Chain Achieves SAP Cloud Advantage Nationwide with CDWT.

CDWT Profound Knowledge of SAP Managed Services


Highly skilled and qualified SAP teams with a track record of success in SAP deployments, upgrades, maintenance, and support.

Value for Money

Cost-effective and scalable options, such as pay-as-you-go models, provide you the freedom to grow according to the demands of your organisation.


One of the oldest and biggest SAP partners globally, handling enormous HANA workloads. 180+ Large Enterprise Clients and 50+ S/HANA Implementations

Centers of Excellence (CoEs) & Migration Factories

25 Centers of Excellence for Application Lifecycle Management across all cloud platforms (AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, IBM, Alibaba) and Intelligent Migration

Optimum Delivery

Business models (Onsite – Nearshore – Offshore) that are precisely linked with the needs of the client.

Consistent and Agile Delivery via Automation

Implementing SAP solutions using time-tested processes and automating activities across the project lifecycle to maximise performance.

Adaptive Managed Services Assisted by AIOps

Immediate response for detecting threats. Single SLA up to the login layer of an application. Managed services up to the technical layer of SAP Basis.

Certified SAP Excellence Center

Multiple certifications exist for the SAP CoE covering the complete SAP portfolio.

Global Presence

25 countries, 52 sites, accredited and qualified worldwide assets

SAP Certified Provider

SAP Managed Services
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