Access Virtual Test Labs for SmartMeters and Performance Engineering

From early integration to assuring the success of mission-critical operations, the significance of quality and the associated commercial value have made software testing a crucial element of Energy & Utilities (E&U) project delivery. Even throughout the transformation of essential business applications and infrastructure improvements, testing is necessary to guarantee a seamless and error-free transition.

CDWT is familiar with the testing requirements of the E&U environment, which is experiencing a huge shift from traditional systems to improved consumption, manufacturing, and distribution methods. CDWT delivers full test coverage, test acceleration, and tool-agnostic test frameworks to E&U enterprises in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. With capabilities that enhance QA initiatives across change management, compliance programmes, and executive monitoring, our services bolster the global E&U ecosystems with precision and high QA standards to address business concerns across production, transport, distribution, consumption measurement, and billing.

Our cloud-based Performance Engineering Test Lab assists software applications in achieving speed, scalability, and stability. We create near-real test environments and deploy specialised performance engineering teams so that our customers may conduct load and stress testing from many regions, therefore saving them time and money.

Communication Domain Competency Group of CDWT

CDWT’s E&U CoE combines the features of its other CoEs, such as Performance, Security, Automation, ERP, and Mobile CoE, to provide you with a comprehensive QA solution. The E&U CoE of CDWT caters to:

Core Systems: Enterprise Asset Management, GIS, Asset Management, Mobile Workforce Management, Project Management, Forecasting & Dispatch

Meter Reading: AMI, Smart Meters, Outage Management, Demand Side Management, In Home Displays, Meter Data Management System, Energy Management System

Consumer Services: Customer Management, Information Management, Billing and Pricing, Acquisition and Enrollment, Bill Printing and Correspondence, and Complaint Management

ETRM: Front Office, Risk Management, Scheduling & Nominations, Data Feed and Market Integration, Integration and SOA services, Infrastructure Management

Enterprise Solutions: SAP – EAM, Oracle Utilities, PEACE, CRM, IVR, Hyperion
Emerging Trends: Digital Testing, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud/SaaS