The intelligent source driving data-driven enterprise strategies is cloud databases.

Globally, organisations are expanding their data footprints. Long have they dealt with the management and movement of siloed, dispersed, and sophisticated data. For increased company performance, the necessity for smooth data separation and analysis necessitated the knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). At least fifty percent of firms are ensnared in the cost-and-time paradox, having spent substantial sums on protracted data management initiatives. These issues can only be overcome by transitioning from outdated systems to current cloud-based environments.


migration inefficiencies cost the typical organisation 14% more than anticipated in cloud migration expenses.

By 2024

business cloud spending will account for 80% of overall IT-hosting expenditures.

Oracle with CDWT: A Powerful Data Pair

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has brought in new business paradigms. Oracle Cloud, a pioneer in the Infra-as-a-Service market, has evolved into a transformational offering with two distinctive selling points. First, the cloud is designed to meet the rapidly expanding diverse migration requirements (hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities). On the other side, businesses may combine Oracle's market-leading business applications and third-party solutions with equal simplicity. Such a commitment necessitates a robust database orchestration, integration, and administration solution on the backend, which the company has accomplished.

As the top automation-driven, application-focused managed cloud service provider in the world, CDWT simplifies database migrations to the cloud with unrivalled efficiency and rich results. As a reputable Oracle Cloud partner, CDWT facilitates the orchestration and unification of business databases across ecosystems for their safe migration to the OCI. The latter ensures best-in-class performance, scalability, and security by providing visibility and administration of multi-platform databases from a single source of truth. With databases on the Oracle Cloud, businesses can accomplish data-driven goals with failsafe compliance, governance, and insight.

CDWT Acquires Expertise in Oracle Cloud Sales and Cloud Services

In 2021, organisations will increasingly use Oracle Cloud as a result of its strong competitive advantage and superior user experience. Oracle honours partners that exhibit the specialised skills necessary for success in order to guarantee organisations a smooth transition via the appropriate relationship.

With its full stack Oracle transformation suite and demonstrated delivery quality, CDWT has gained the renowned Cloud Sell and Cloud Service Expertise and has been acknowledged by Oracle as a trusted worldwide Oracle Cloud Transformation Partner.

Learn how CDWT acquired its Oracle Cloud Sell and Cloud Service Expertise in the next section.

Data to Oracle Cloud: Key Discussion Topics

Reduce operating expenses by up to 90%

Intelligent protection against data risks using innovative discovery, analysis, and preventive technologies

Eliminate data complexity by implementing a single autonomous database for all data kinds.

3x quicker performance for every application and on any platform

The cloud database may be deployed and used anywhere and at any time, including remote offices, other ecosystems, private datacenters, hybrid landscapes, edge settings, etc.

Challenges versus Benefits: From Zero Loss Cloud Migration to Enterprise Transformation with Data

Implementation of failsafe online and offline Cloud Data Storage solutions (Oracle Autonomous Database, Exadata Cloud Services) based on a completely automated Cloud Well-Architected Framework.
Data migration services from on-premises corporate systems, such as Oracle and SAP ERP, and on-premises databases, such as Redis, MongoDB, and MySQL, to the cloud. Achieve frictionless migration across private, public, multi-cloud, and any other ecosystem.
High-velocity dataflow across distinct, different adopted IT platforms and systems to provide total operational agility.
Superior industry availability, near-zero downtimes, and almost no outages or delays.
Effortlessly migrate data to the cloud and manage corporate dataflow across diverse activities, including insights and administrative actions, using a single pane of glass.
Gain comprehensive data management synchrony across all IT assets by migrating all applications, systems, platforms, architectures, and databases to the cloud under a unified framework.
Advanced backup software provide continuous backups, including data mirroring and replication, according to predefined schedules and regulations.
Monitoring of online-offline and cloud migration operations using an in-house multi-cloud management platform, specific automation solutions, and data specialists.
Detailed study of the existing data security rules and standards, as well as the administration and maintenance of audit records.
Military-grade data security with appropriate backups, rigorous testing, continuous monitoring, sophisticated role-based access control, and AI-ML verifications.
Coordinate with cloud platforms to address any underlying data management platform issues, upgrades, and repairs.
Dedicated Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning on the Cloud with rigorous RTO/RPO - DRaaS. Contractually required Catastrophe Recovery exercises to maintain company continuity in the case of a disaster.
Extended team of data scientists, engineers, developers, maintenance specialists, and security engineers working on data transfer and administrative functions.
Comprehensive discovery workshops to evaluate data landscapes, create migration blueprints, plan for error-free implementations, and provide end-to-end support.
Adherence to local-national-international compliance standards (IRAP, Bank Negara, NESA, Dubai ISR, Central Bank of Oman, SAMA, FINMA, UAE Compliances, RBI, MAS, OJK, GDPR, CSA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GXP, FedRamp, MeitY) and Worldwide standards consisting of dedicated certifications for ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 20000, ISO 22301,
Dedicated in-country hosting in high availability zones to ensure compliance with data residency regulations and maximise performance.
Proactive examination of tickets and implementation of service enhancement strategies
Initiation of trouble tickets for recurring problems in order to address their primary causes. Comprehensive 24/7/365 support
Utilize patented automation tools to effortlessly extract, rearrange, analyse, reload, and manage data across all environments, systems, and applications through a single interface.
Utilize cloud-native Big Data, analytical, and AI solutions, such as Data lakes and Data Marts, for data preparation, data visualisation, and data-driven business decisions.

CDWT Migration Assessment Workshop: Oracle Cloud migration with efficiency and security. Establish the Basis for Maximized Data Returns

Modern IT ecosystems are incomprehensibly more complicated than they were a few years ago. Numerous IT landscapes, ecosystems, and third-party applications are powered by complex, asynchronous databases. Therefore, a simple lift and shift migration would constitute a catastrophic failure.

CDWT believes that a comprehensive examination of the organization’s present environment (systems, platforms, assets, applications, workloads, dataflows, etc.) yields the highest migration results. Following this, a migration plan is developed that assures zero data loss, no service interruptions, and cost-effective hyperperformance. This establishes the basis for an innovative data modernisation approach.

Monitor available configuration data and databases for preparation for migration. For a thorough and strategic strategy, previous and present problems and failures are considered.
Create powerful reports by analysing configurations, transactional patterns, operational status, peak and batch processing, and operations processes.
Utilizing Oracle Statspack/Automatic Workload Repository, collect data performance for reliable reporting (AWR).
Analyze the data and evaluate the produced reports in order to develop a well-structured data transfer strategy.

Strategy for OCI Database Migration: Compatibility and Recommendations

Data Migration Method

  • Oracle Export and Import
  • Utilities
  • Oracle Data Pump
  • Oracle RMAN/Data guard
  • Oracle Golden Gate

Database Size

  • Up to 10 GB
  • -
  • Up to 5 TB
  • Any Size
  • Any Size

Works For

  • OCI
  • -
  • OCI
  • OCI
  • OCI

Recommended For

  • Small to medium size
  • Databases with a large number of objects
  • The preferred method for any database of size 10 GC – 5TB
  • Databases over 5 TB
  • Minimal-downtime migration

Oracle Cloud Database Migration: Quick Delivery Map

Offline Migrations

RMAN backup/logical export is performed according on client need. The backup will then be restored in an environment located off-site.

Online Migrations

A strong DR is constructed in a particular area. Before transitioning services to OCI, live data is transferred and a database cutover is scheduled.

Homogenous Migrations

Using RMAN/export options, a migration to a homogenous environment has been performed.

Heterogeneous Migrations

Multiple deployment methods, including SQL developer - CSV and Golden Gate

Massive and Complicated Migrations

Prior to the transfer, estimates and deliverables must be outlined. As required, a suite of Oracle technologies will be implemented.

Supported Migration Scenarios by CDWT

Solutions Catered to
Oracle Database on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database service
Oracle Database on-premises to database on any Public cloud platform
Any Open source database on-premises to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database service
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database service for any Public cloud database platform
On-cloud database on any Public cloud platform to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database
Oracle as-is: Oracle to Oracle VM on OCI. Source and target on the same version.
Oracle upgrade: Oracle to Oracle VM on OCI. Target version to be upgraded.

End-to-End Data Migration Services from CDWT on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

As the leading end-to-end application-focused cloud managed services provider in the world, CDWT is in a position of trust to offer sophisticated, fail-safe data transfer, administration, and transformation services. With its industry-leading cloud migration factory methodology, data from diverse IT environments, including heterogeneous systems and complex landscapes, is retrieved, assembled, reformatted, and transferred to a cloud storage destination of your choosing. The complete move is carried out using cutting-edge automated techniques and is supervised by recognised professionals in cloud data migration services.

Complex, heterogeneous, multi-cloud landscapes? We've got everything covered On-premises databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, and PostgreSQL should be migrated to the Oracle Cloud. Modern migration automation solutions facilitate the migration of backend databases, open-source or commercial databases, database engine servers, relational databases, data queries of mission-critical software, data migration servers, platforms, application and other cloud databases, and virtual machines.

Utilize CDWT's three-pronged migration strategy to assure data integrity and unified data management in all disparate settings after transfer. In addition to the standard transfers, reformats, conversions, and profiles, acquire additional services such as data restructuring, database management application creation, reformation of data assets, and informative text scripts. Integrate cloud-native technologies such as Data lakes, Data Marts, etc. for streamlined information visualisation and data preparation. Modernize data and revolutionise operations with powerful Business Intelligence and managed data analytics.

Create a detailed plan for data migration services from on-premises facilities, private architectures, corporate systems, and architectures to public or private cloud platforms. Leverage CDWT's Cloud Architecture Framework or Migration Factory approach for faster, error-free cloud migration of all databases, including database engines and servers (SQL Server databases, SQL OpenSource Databases, SQL Commercial Databases, and Cloud Databases), relational databases, and third-party data assets. Choose your preferred migration target location and enjoy seamless transitions for extremely big and complicated data transfers. CDWT provides a tailored data transfer and management experience.

Administer databases that are highly available and backed up. Provide thorough, sophisticated database tuning, database health checks, disaster recovery maintenance, and monitoring. Adopt AI and ML-driven proactive monitoring and prevention of threats. Utilize cloud-native analytic, automation, and AI solutions in order to get cutting-edge business insights. Gain industry-leading performance in terms of data workload availability, agility, and performance with rapid dataflow across all organisational factions. Data should be preserved, protected, and transformed. Effortlessly achieve zero-loss Oracle Cloud data transfer and administration.

Transfer with ease all on-premises databases, datacenter assets, IT backend data, edge device data, enterprise system and application data (ERP, CMS, CRM) to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The solution is compatible with SQL databases, relational databases, other public cloud or isolated cloud databases, MongoDB and commercial databases, among others. Create a customised storage solution on the Azure cloud and enable smooth administration and hyper-data performance with cloud-native intelligent tools. Preserve the integrity of data and get universal data management skills across all processes with a single pane of glass. Integrate cutting-edge business intelligence solutions to transform into a data intelligent organisation.

Automate the extraction, cleaning, profiling, verification, testing, and migration of mission-critical software and application data on global public cloud platforms or your preferred private cloud destination. This comprises on-premise, edge, datacenter, backend infrastructure, operational management, and third-party platforms, among others. Using a simplified blueprinting and execution technique for data migration, resolve data formatting and data integration difficulties across numerous isolated, complicated, and heterogeneous infrastructures.

Transfer websites, online apps, and other digital assets hosted with third-party providers such as Bluehost, GoDaddy, Hostgator, Wix, and WordPress to a simplified cloud storage platform. Gain continuous scalability, hyper-agile performance, and simple management of assets. Utilize sophisticated online traffic, conversion, and user flow data to make crucial business choices.

Migrate to the Oracle cloud all mission-critical on-premises corporate software systems, including ERP, Oracle ERP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Peoplesoft, Oracle Hyperion, SAP HANA, Salesforce CRMs, WordPress CMS, and HRMs. With cloud-based databases of these apps that are generically classified, optimised for ultra-high speed, and equipped with powerful analytical insights, informed judgments may be made. Distribute with ease the processes and dataflows of these mission-critical systems across all organisational levels. Expect zero downtime, zero delays, and zero operational hiccups, which will result in increased output.

Cloud-enable the databases and data pipelines of all your fundamental platforms, such as backend architectures, protocols, libraries, database management systems, microservices, and Kubernetes containers, among others. This covers conventional on-premises apps, corporate systems (ERP, CRM, CMS, HRM, and more), third-party platforms, edge environments, and other software/platforms distributed across several clouds. Re-architect, rebuild, or replace platform data management architectures and applications in order to optimise cloud platform utilisation and achieve unmatched workload agility, scalability, and continuous continuity.

Migration, virtualization, and transformation of data centre assets, such as databases, management applications, and servers, continues to be one of the fundamental motivations for cloud adoption. CDWT can modernise your key IT/data centre assets in the cloud. We will design your Datacenter Exit (DC Exit) plan and migrate all mission-critical workloads, apps, databases, and current platforms with unparalleled agility to a hyper-performance, always-available, scalable cloud architecture. Administer updated data storage, data flow, processes, and corporate activities with no interruptions and continuous business continuity.

The repercussions of non-compliant data assets and workflow activities might be severe. Obtain a worldwide compliant database management solution with CDWT's application managed services, which includes strict adherence to local-national-global requirements such as PCI-DSS, NESA, SAMA, GDPR, FedRamp, MSA, IRAP, GxP, CSA, OJK, MEITI, and RBI. The worldwide standards include ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, SOC1, and SOC2 certifications. Easily comply with data residency and local requirements with secure in-country hosting. Compliance difficulties should never again impede the functionality of your applications or the advancement of your firm.

Streamlined, integrated Disaster Recovery tools and solutions that assist organisations in achieving near-zero operational outages and data losses. Advanced automated backup, recovery, and disaster management systems with high RPO/RTO criteria for your applications and associated assets. Build your bespoke DR plan in the cloud with DRaaS, adopt customised solutions for corporate operations, simplify the protection of data storage platforms, and choose periodic DR drills for maximum effect. Utilize geo-native hosting for optimal effectiveness.

Transfer your data to the cloud to revolutionise your business operations. Cloud-based data preparation and visualisation services, such as Data lakes, Data warehouses, and data marts. Obtain crucial data about asset performance, customer impact, business functionality, and more. Oracle cloud-native business intelligence tools should be integrated. Utilize analytical dashboards that are simple and interactive for real-time monitoring and a single source of truth. Scale up your operations by preserving, integrating, and modernising data in the cloud.

Migrate and manage business data across all environments with little human involvement and end-to-end automation. Leverage advanced proprietary AI, Big Data, Analytics, RPA, and automation technologies and solutions to update data processes, workflows, and adopt intelligent, data-driven decision-making skills. Choose from hundreds of innovative cloud-native tools and business apps across Azure, AWS, GCP, Oracle, and IBM Cloud to simplify data management, workflows, compliance, and governance. Streamline manual redundancies and automate repeated procedures to enhance the return on investment for corporate applications.

CDWT Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Migration Procedure and Methodology

CDWT provides a well-designed method for moving databases to OCI that has increased scalability, expanded flexibility, and strict compliance with data regulatory regulations. We provide a comprehensive array of solutions to facilitate migration in a variety of situations and at various sizes. Our proficiency in moving and administering complicated databases to Oracle has enabled us to fulfil the promised services. The team of specialists have extensive subject experience to assist clients in maximising even the most complicated database migrations.

Source System Planning
Source System Discovery
Source System Assessment
OCI Network Planning
OCI Capacity Planning
Deploy Mobility Service Agent
Replicate the Workload
Test Failover
Decomission Source Environment

Options for OCI Data Migration Connectivity


  • Secure link between the current network and virtual cloud network (VCN) over a private physical network as opposed to the internet.


  • Multiple IPSec tunnels provide a secure link between a dynamic routing gateway (DRG) and customer-premises equipment (CPE). One of the components of site-to-site VPN between a VCN and on-premises network is the IPSec connection.

Internet Gateway

  • Provides a connection between VCN and the Internet for network traffic.

Oracle Cloud-native Database Service Solutions

Autonomously Managed Oracle Databases

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Autonomous JSON Database
  • Autonomous Transaction Processing
  • Oracle APEX Application Development

Performance-packed Data computing

  • Autonomous Database
  • Exadata Cloud Service
  • Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Exadata X9M

Data Sovereignty and Ultra-low Latency

  • Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Exadata X9M
  • Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Oracle Database 19c

Application-specific Cloud Databases

  • Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service
  • Oracle Database Standard Edition
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
  • Autonomous JSON Database
  • Oracle Database 19c
  • Autonomous Transaction Processing

MySQL Database Services

  • Oracle MySQL Database service
  • Heatwave

Key value Database Support

  • Oracle NoSQL Database

Why Partner with Us for Your Oracle Cloud Database Migration?

Twelve or more years as one of the most trusted Managed AWS cloud services and Application Modernization providers in APAC, MEA, and the Americas.

As a committed AWS Partner, the world's leading Application-focused, high-end managed services provider with AIOps-driven AWS Managed Operations.

24/7 Support supported by more than 2,000 cloud-certified professionals (including Kubernetes and DevOps specialists) who are proficient with ITIL, ITSM, and CoBIT delivery processes, and 26 Centers of Excellence.

Zero Friction AWS Application Modernization Model with industry-leading Application Migration Factory methodology, 25000+ migrated Apps, and Databases.

4000+ business clients, including 60 of the Fortune 500 and 5 of the top 20 global banks

The successful implementation of Public, Private, Hybrid, Multi, and Community AWS Cloud systems in 26 countries globally.

99.95% application availability, hyper-scalability, industry-leading uptime, and 50,000+ transactions per hour without failure.

Proven knowledge administering over 10,000 SAP instances and over 2,300 TB of HANA Database on AWS Cloud.

Proven knowledge with IBM, Oracle, OpenText, and Infosys, as well as cloud-native enterprise application management, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS transition on AWS Cloud.

Host and deploy apps in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) region of your choosing to ensure high availability and minimal downtime.

Proven knowledge in end-to-end Application Modernization with a focus on development, engineering, maintenance, administration, and security monitoring.

Dedicated DR options on AWS for diverse, complex application environments, including automated recovery-backup, failback-failover techniques.

Expertise in Dedicated Application Managed Security Services on AWS, 40+ Security Controls, and Dedicated SOCs.

CDWT's automation solutions, including Self-healing Operations, Automation Delivery platforms, and RPA solutions, include Self-healing Operations.

Expertise with hundreds of AWS cloud-native apps and technologies, best handled in accordance with customised business processes

Cost-effective Pay-per-use model under single SLA

1 Billion+ Hours of Managed Fail-safe Application Hosting managing 40,000+ VMs

Strict compliance with regulatory and country-specific data residency requirements

Data Migration – FAQ’s

Data Migration is the process of moving data from one place, format, or application to another. Typically, businesses migrate their data when launching a new system or storage location.

The key to data migration is either application migration or legacy system modernization via consolidation. As part of their digital transformation journey, businesses are choosing for data migration to migrate their on-premises infrastructure and applications to the cloud.
Offline Migrations: RMAN backup/logical export is performed based on the customer's specifications. The backup will then be restored in an environment located off-site.

Online Migrations: A resilient DR is constructed in a particular location. Before transitioning services to OCI, live data is transferred and a database cutover is scheduled.

Homogeneous Migrations: A migration employing RMAN/export options to a homogenous environment.

SQL developer – CSV, Golden Gate

Prior to the migration, estimates and deliverables must be defined for complex and large migrations. As required, a suite of Oracle technologies will be implemented.
FastConnect - Secure connection between the current network and virtual cloud network (VCN) over a private physical network as opposed to the internet.

Multiple IPSec tunnels comprise an IPSec VPN connection between a dynamic routing gateway (DRG) and customer-premises equipment (CPE). One of the components of site-to-site VPN between a VCN and on-premises network is the IPSec connection.

Internet gateway - Provides a connection between VCN and the internet for network traffic.