CDWT Solution Manager Services may expedite your innovation, manage your applications’ lifespan, and operate your enterprise solutions — all on a single, cost-effective, integrated platform.

With SAP Solution Manager, Streamline And Modernize Your Processes

Utilizing a Powerful Instrument for On-Premise, On-Cloud, and Hybrid Systems

SAP Solution Manager streamlines and modernises business processes, identifies opportunities for improvement, and manages the whole application lifetime. It is thus a formidable instrument for enhancing operational efficiency and decreasing the work necessary to manage centralised SAP and non-SAP systems operating on-premise, hybrid, or in the cloud, all within SAP clients’ current licencing agreements — at no extra cost!

SAP Solution Manager offers the necessary tools, functions, and procedures for capturing requirements, implementing, maintaining, and operating SAP Enterprise Solutions. Using SAP Solution Manager core functional processes such as Application and Business Process Operations, Process & Project Management, Custom Code Management, Change Control, ITSM, Test Suite, Focused Build and Focused Insights, etc., you can construct, manage, and run applications and solutions on a single, unified platform.

CDWT Services for SAP Solution Manager

Aiding SAP Optimization With A Solid Roadmap

CDWT aims to give a clear roadmap and assist you in improving your SAP projects using the functionalities of SAP Solution Manager.

With our established SAP experience and understanding of best practises from more than 180 successful project implementations/deployments, our team of professionals compress, rationalise, and optimise your SAP projects, allowing your businesses to develop and deliver tested solutions with little interruptions.

Offerings of CDWT SAP Managed Services

Evaluation of SAP Solution Manager Roadmap

We perform an initial assessment session, investigate your current IT processes, and suggest functional areas that might be advantageous to your firm. Then, we devise a bespoke strategy for using SAP Solution Manager to simplify and optimise your SAP projects. In addition to the plan, we also give a unique value report that details anticipated benefits, implementation, or upgrading initiatives.

Application Lifecycle Evaluation

Together with your business, we assess the maturity levels of the current Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) processes by analysing your existing IT processes and technologies and conducting interviews with key stakeholders. Then, we determine and prioritise the measures necessary to enhance your ALM procedures. Our report contains all of our findings, suggestions, and first implementation cost estimates.

Support for Application Management

Our team will continue to support SAP Solution Manager even after your Projects Go Live, allowing your teams to concentrate on other projects and activities. We provide different tiers of support and guarantee the high availability of your IT operations. We also provide services for all SAP Solution Manager Modules and Functions, including solution documentation, test management, monitoring, reporting, issue management, etc.

Integration With Other Systems/Tools

On demand, we may also connect current tools or third-party tools/systems, such as incident management systems and process monitoring tools, with SAP Solution Manager. We adhere to set procedures to guarantee that integrations are effective and completed as quickly as feasible.

SAP Solution Manager installation/upgrade

Our technical staff evaluates your system architecture and assists with the installation or upgrade of SAP Solution Manager in your SAP environment. In addition, we do a health check to verify there are no configuration issues in your SAP environment and to detect any issues that may have arisen as a consequence of system modifications. We provide you with a summary of our findings and suggestions, allowing you to improve your Solution Manager maintenance.
Plan to update to the most recent version of Solution Manager 7.2?

Utilize SAP Solution Manager to manage your IT installation projects from Requirements to Deployments and to assure system availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Upgrade

SAP’s most recent update, Solution Manager 7.2, provides a one-stop-shop for the majority of organisations. It offers several new ALM capabilities, features, and substantial enhancements to SAP clients. This version supports SAP S/4 HANA, Agile innovation initiatives, hybrid/cloud solutions, and the SAP HANA database.

Why should you update to Version 7.2 of Solution Manager?

  • SAP suggests upgrading to 7.2
  • Previous versions of Solution Manager are no longer supported by SAP Backbone
  • Profit from SAP’s mainstream maintenance, which is guaranteed until 2027
  • Highly effective monitoring capabilities
  • Enhanced UX — New landscape based on SAP Fiori
  • Includes a monitoring dashboard for metrics
  • Includes a monitoring dashboard for metrics
  • GDPR compliance
  • Focused Construction and Insights are offered.
  • Free access to the most current and relevant ALM tools: Custom code management, improved Process Management, Test Suite, Solution Documentation, etc
  • Freely accessible on SAP HANA — requires no additional licence

How CDWT Can Help

Risk-Free Methodology For Modernizing SAP Solution Manager

CDWT utilises a risk-free methodology to update SAP Solution Manager without interrupting company operations and in accordance with all SAP requirements. As part of our installation and upgrade service, we assist businesses with technical upgrades to Solution Manager 7.2, New Installations, Migration to SAP HANA for Solution Manager, Content Activation, and Service Pack updates.

Assessment Of Current Usage Scenarios

We evaluate the current use scenarios in light of the changes in the new versions and recommend either an update or a fresh installation.

Complete Installation And Post-Upgrade Steps

We create all essential configuration adjustments, commence support conversations and the content activation process (if required), and carry out any post-upgrade tasks associated with your particular applications.

Enhanced Testing

Content Activation and Solution Manager platform testing and dry run.

Technical Verifications, Planning, And Execution

Checking preparedness and ensuring that all requirements for migration are in place, drafting a plan with clear procedures to be followed throughout the upgrade, and performing and supporting the production upgrade operation.

  • Take precautions and prepare for an update
  • Plan/prepare activation of content
  • Actualizing the technological upgrade and post-processing

Why wait?

Upgrade to Solution Manager 7.2 immediately to maximise the SAP Solution Manager

Diverse Strategies for Mapping Your Success Using CDWT

How Solution Manager Services Can Provide Benefits

Assessing your current SAP environment and establishing roadmaps for implementing and exploiting SAP Solution Manager as the "Single Source of Truth" for all SAP deployment initiatives.

Utilizing pre-defined, standardised activities and procedures in SAP Solution Manager to expedite delivery, hence reducing time-to-market.

Reducing the cost and time required for IT administration by integrating procedures, tools, and applications perfectly.

Assist in enhancing SAP system architecture and enhancing work efficiency.

Ensuring company continuity by boosting system performance and decreasing the likelihood of technical problems.

Monitoring IT infrastructure, streamlining communication, and enhancing IT process reporting.

Adhering to test management best practises and contributing to quality assurance procedures.

Managing change control and sustaining quality standards for software.

Utilizing pre-configured SAP-centric solutions to implement customer-specific needs.

Specific Answers For SAP Solution Manager

The SAP Focused solutions for SAP Solution Manager, Focused Build and Focused Insights, are automated, pre-configured, and ready-to-run solutions that are accessible to all SAP Solution Manager users. There are no extra development expenses, integration challenges, or upgrade risks associated with these conventional solutions for individual needs.

SAP Focused Insights

enables the rapid creation and sharing of customised dashboards. It delivers pre-packaged content and Dashboard templates.

SAP Focused Build

consists of preconfigured SAP Solution Manager procedures and services for managing requirements and software development in big agile projects.

SAP Focused Run

Platform Centralized and Scalable for Partners and Service Providers

SAP Focused Run is the answer for organisations that demand sophisticated and high-volume monitoring, alerting, diagnostics, and analytics capabilities. It is an effective option for partners or service providers that want to host all systems/customers on a centralised, scalable, and resilient platform. It is capable of managing big and complex SAP landscapes.

CDWT can assist your business deploy SAP Focused Run.

SAP Focused Run Advantages

Reduced Operational Workload

Reduced effort with customer onboarding resources

Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction

Provides customers with generous usage rights

Operational Cost Savings

Simplified Monitoring Environment

Automation and Additional Monitoring Functions

Script-based automation capabilities and better SAP application monitoring capabilities.

Increased Security

IPSec Tunneling is used to create the network, and only certain ports are enabled.