Delivering Innovative Solutions to Today’s Revenue Cycle Problems

Hospitals and healthcare organisations have to adapt to ever-changing laws, the transition to value-based payments, and consolidations and mergers, each of which has its own set of obstacles.

In such circumstances, hospitals prioritise maintaining profitability above patient care. At CDWT, we understand that a hospital’s primary objective is to offer exceptional treatment, which is why our revenue cycle expert seeks to assist your organization’s operational and financial components.

Smart Revenue Cycle Solutions

We are aware that not all hospitals and health systems are identical, so why settle for a generic RCM solution? CDWT is an all-inclusive RCM service that provides a solution tailored to the specific requirements of your health system. Our 24/7 Medical Income Cycle Management professionals enable rapid collections, timely reimbursements, discover all revenue possibilities and handle refused claims.

These practises use the CDWT platform to perform optimum care activities, enhance healthcare outcomes, decrease operational expenses, and enhance the patient experience.

What We Can Provide

CDWT has worked with hospitals and healthcare systems for decades. Our staff is comprised of experts who are familiar with the difficulties hospitals and healthcare workers confront. Whether your business is shifting to value-based payments or you need help integrating a newly acquired doctors group into your organization’s system, CDWT is ready to give comprehensive, individualised solutions.

CDWT is a respected brand in the healthcare industry, having assisted hospitals and healthcare systems in managing:

Enrollment Verification

Revenue Cycle Management

A/R Follow-Up

Analytics & Reporting

Patient Statements


Patient Support

Enhance Revenues by up to 15 to 20%

Our all-inclusive approach to revenue cycle management delivers a streamlined payment cycle to enhance your profit margin.

Up to a 30% reduction in Accounts Receivable is possible.

We routinely monitor all claims to assure prompt refunds, and our devoted staff specializes in A/R Recovery.

98% Rate of Clean Claims

Expert claim scrubbing team provides clean, error-free claims for speedier payment and a significant decrease in denials and rejections.

Insights & Reporting

Our data-driven reports provide comprehensive healthcare analytics so that you may acquire a deeper understanding of your hospital's operations.