End-to-End Testing for the Communications industry's Operations Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS).

Whether delivering seamless internet connection across numerous digital devices or access to wireless networks, businesses serving the Communications diaspora must expand up to meet their consumers’ ongoing expectations. Continuous software testing, automated scripts, and automated validation of end-to-end business flow are essential to achieving this objective.

CDWT’s domain competence group (DCG) consists of over 100 subject matter experts (SME) with expertise in Open Stack, SDN, NFV, Telecom Protocol Testing, Functional & Non-Functional Testing, Test Automation, and End-to-End Testing for Operations Support System (OSS) & Business Support System (BSS). In addition, the DCG provides access to established testing methodologies, standardised templates, and best practises aligned with telecom laws, as well as a complete collection of Integrated Test Cases for the most widely used COTS applications in the telecom sector.

Services provided by CDWT to the Communications industry

CDWT’s communications-specific Service offerings may be classified into four areas.

Specialized: This area includes Test Management Office, DevOps, Revenue Assurance, Mobility, Bill to Bill, Data Warehouse (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) Testing, User Experience, QA Advisory, and IoT.

Automation: This comprises Front End Applications, Batch & Back End as Usage Processing, Billing, End of Day, End of Cycle, SOAP & REST, and Web/e-Commerce.

Non-Functional: This consists of:

  • Performance Engineering consisting of application level load, integrated end-to-end, stability, client/smart client stability, stress/capacity, volume, and negative testing.
  • Security Testing
  • Production Readiness (includes Performance & Load Testing on Production Hardware, Disaster Recovery for High Availability/Failure, Production Start-up, and Database Backup-/Restore)
  • Post-Production Supervision & Assistance / Special Events

Functional: This includes Assembly/Product Integration, End-to-End User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and Ongoing Support.

Communications Domain Expertise & Benefits


Communications DCG Testers


Reduction in test cycle time (15% cost savings)


Coverage of business requirements




Functional test coverage for Reports, new UI, & Lines testing


Reduction in test suite maintenance cost

Communication Domain Competency Group of CDWT

CDWT’s Communication DCG is comprised of more than 150 SMEs offering the greatest combination of business, functional, and technical testing expertise for Voice, SMS, Data GPRS, and MMS Testing, among others. Our DCG specialists have vast knowledge with:

Commercial instruments like Voice Quality Tester, Wireshark, and Protocols and Systems like SIP, etc.
Testing of Open Stack, SDN, NFV, and Telecom Protocols.
Functional and Non-Functional, Performance, and Security Testing.
Adaptive and regulatory-driven Test Data engineering & management
Independent Testing, Test Center Management, and Testing CoE
QE enablement & DevTestOps tools
End-to-End testing for operations and business support systems that is both commercial and open source (OSS & BSS)

Our DCG offers ready-to-deploy test frameworks as well as access to configurable Test Accelerators that decrease Test Designing & Test Authoring efforts:

Prefabricated Test Case Suite for out-of-the-box performance
Extensive collection of Integrated Test Cases for the key COTS applications used in the Telecom sector

Communication DCG Expertise & Benefits of CDWT

Internal DCG subject matter experts at CDWT have extensive expertise in the communications sector. Our domain expertise encompasses a variety of communication channels, including Wireless (Internet, mobility) & Wireline (Land Phone, TV), IoT (Apple watch, connected home, connected cars, etc.), SMB/Enterprises as portals for non-communications products, Media & Entertainment, Retail (POS), Cloud & Social, and more. Additionally, our DCG SMEs are professionals in the realm of mature Agile & DevOps processes, and can adequately accompany you in your path of transition to DevOps along with CI.

We provide end-to-end support for a phased consolidation of systems and a seamless integrated customer experience to enterprises migrating old legacy systems, transforming to Cloud, engaged in purchases & acquisitions, quadruple play (combining TV, Telephone, & Broadband Internet access with wireless service provisions), or Super Play (IoT, entertainment), and seeking to recoup revenue lost to Over-the-Top (OTT) service providers.