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RPA Destination

Prepared to adopt Automation? CDWT can make your life easier!

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the answer for automating repetitive, tedious, or labor-intensive processes that are typically handled by skilled personnel. RPA plays a significant part in the digital transformation journeys of a multitude of businesses. CDWT has assisted several businesses in adopting RPA by providing them with the necessary agility for business process changes. By adopting RPA, businesses are not only able to perform the same tasks with more speed and precision, but they have also observed an exponential gain in productivity and a reduction in operating expenditures.

“By 2023, there will be a 30% increase in the use of RPA for front-office functions (sales and customer experience)."

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Why Embrace RPA

Infuse intelligence into processes and experience gains in speed, efficiency, and output.
Automation makes your company operations more compliant, intelligent, and efficient. CDWT assists organisations in attaining their automation objectives and boosting their ROIs.

Brings Accurarcy

RPA robots are very precise and reduce the likelihood of a costly human mistake. In addition, they assure compliance by strictly adhering to your protocols.

Boosts Productivity

RPA robots operate relentlessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the same uniformity and precision every minute. They help firms to perform procedures five to ten times more quickly and effectively.

Promotes Agility

RPA solutions are lean & efficient. They can be installed rapidly, lowering operational costs and freeing up your personnel to concentrate on strategic goals. Consequently, helping corporations to accomplish their greater objectives.

Flexible & Adaptable

RPA systems are adaptable to change and may be swiftly modified to accommodate any modifications to an organization's operations or the emergence of new needs.

Ensures Business Continuity

RPA guarantees that robots are always operational from any location and can adapt to any change, even during COVID-19 pandemics.

Reduces Labor Cost

RPA helps free up staff so they may concentrate on higher-value tasks. Implementing RPA may reduce costs and provide a return on investment in as little as six months.

Improves Service Level

RPA can enable the support staff to do the work effectively and efficiently, hence enhancing the quality of service and client experience.


RPA technology provides the capacity to scale up or down depending on demand, at a minimal cost and with little disruption to current processes.

The CDWT RPA Approach

Typical adoption strategy in 4 key steps

CDWT offers end-to-end services for constructing strong, reusable Robotic Process Automation systems. Whether analysing business feasibility for automation, providing advisory services for selecting the correct processes, or developing, installing, and operating RPA Robots, CDWT services may assist with Robotic Process Automation solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your organisation.

Conduct automation feasibility studies, identify operations to automate, and set targets and return on investment
PoV(Proof of Value)
Construct a PoV to investigate the capabilities of RPA and evaluate the findings.
Implement, evaluate, and deploy specialised robots
Continuously improve the process with auto-learning capacity

Tools & Platforms

Augmenting our RPA-On-Cloud Capability

Benefits of Hyperautomation

Retail & Media

So that they can focus on what matters most - their consumers - the retail business has been continually searching for methods to evaluate vast amounts of sales data, enhance customer service, and cut capital expenditure.

Banking & Finance

These institutions are turning to RPA to streamline their operations, improve operational efficiency, minimise costs and operational risks, and satisfy all regulatory compliance requirements.