Mitigating Zero Day Attacks

Utilize cutting-edge Zero Day Protection solutions, services, and analytics devoted to zero-day assaults and comparable threats.


Enhance Infrastructure Security for Comprehensive Protection Against External Threats: Establish Trust Across All Security Touchpoints

Utilize CDWT’s cutting-edge zero-day attack mitigation services to establish a security architecture free of vulnerabilities.
Essentially, a zero-day assault targets a software flaw that is unknown to software and antivirus manufacturers. The sheer unpredictability of these assaults creates extensive long-term harm to the security infrastructure and the image of the business.

A zero-day assault entails an attacker targeting software vulnerabilities in order to generate an exploit that is utilised as a platform for penetrating the network infrastructure of an organisation. These sorts of assaults are very effective since the defence is unprepared to deal with unanticipated threats and attacks. Consequently, zero-day attacks pose a significant security risk to any firm.

Web browsers and email attachments are the primary targets of a typical zero-day assault since they are susceptible.

Why Your Organization Requires CDWT's Comprehensive Zero-Day Attack Prevention Services?

Protection against phishing assaults on the organization's network, devices, and distributed resources from all angles.
Optimization and comprehensive security of data as it moves across various data centres, networks, and endpoints.
A comprehensive analysis of malware and phishing dangers. Filtration of DNS data from end to end to limit malware concerns.
In a zero security infrastructure, legacy organisational systems are replaced with cutting-edge solutions, saving time and eliminating architectural complications.
A detailed evaluation and study of the network and IT infrastructure to evaluate the current security posture.
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Cybersecurity Services from CDWT for Detecting and Mitigating Zero-Day Attacks

CDWT provides a variety of services driven by the most recent innovations and cutting-edge technology to protect your business against zero-day attacks by identifying undiscovered software vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Scanning

Conduct a comprehensive study of the current security architecture in order to detect any holes that might allow thieves access to the firm network. It does a rigorous code review to avoid vulnerabilities.

Input Authentication

It helps the security team to quickly adapt and react to new threats. To safeguard endpoints, it also entails the sanitization of codes and the implementation of an advanced application firewall on the network.

Security Arrangements

A solid security strategy supported by an intelligent blend of behavioral and market analysis assists in preparing the company's security system for external attacks.

Patch Management

This entails the correct application of software fixes whenever new software vulnerabilities are identified. It enables timely software patching, application updates, and software upgrades that considerably improve security against unidentified attacks.

Business Infrastructure Security

Connections that are completely secure for all microservices, containers, and APIs connected with various business applications hosted on distinct cloud platforms or data centers. Advanced technologies and cyber knowledge are used to create total control over connections from devices located in multiple locations and hosted in a variety of multi-cloud scenarios. Additionally, it provides little lateral movement for both premises and cloud platforms. Experts rely on threat intelligence enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to uncover the underlying causes of invisible dangers in real-time.

Spam and Malware Defense

Regularly process and monitor millions of email messages. 24x7 threat analysis based on intelligence. Comprehensive IP reputation filtering that prevents 90 percent of spam at entrance points. Antivirus and anti-spam engines of the latest generation are utilized to capture spams that breach the entrance point.

Automated Intelligent Operations, Predictive and Preventive Healing in the Cloud (SHOP)

CDWT SHOP is a low-code AI-powered platform that unifies the many tools and solutions required to offer enterprise-level managed cloud services. The intelligent platform integrates hundreds of operational platforms and applications, such as auto-remediation and self-healing, into a single system. This allows the whole infrastructure and application landscape to be automatically controlled through a single pane of glass, while giving clients with a comprehensive picture of their IT infrastructures. Guaranteeing idea to delivery within six months, the platform increases the productivity of engineers and enables less experienced engineers to tackle more complicated jobs.

SHOP Benefits

Remedial & Independent

Our in-house ML engine assures the optimal corrective action for the issue and the system.

Anticipatory & Preventive

By using clustering and regression models, SHOP is able to identify any abnormalities that might lead to system failures, ensuring that they are promptly addressed even before they occur (Self Healing).

Collective Understanding

SHOP is also a full-stack infrastructure and Business Activity Monitoring solution that provides a 360-degree view of all pertinent data for identifying potential faults and early warnings.

Situational Consciousness

SHOP captures all contextual data at the moment of the anomaly in order to give appropriate root cause possibilities that enable comprehensive and coherent replies. Avail crucial service interruption report analysis and eradication of reoccurring problems across OS, database, apps, platforms, etc. Proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance, as well as service enhancement across all infrastructure and application layers.

Intelligent, Automated Management of Operations

Integrate your cloud architecture with all of your current apps, tools, and systems, as well as third-party systems, on a single intelligent platform. Gain unprecedented control and security over business processes, automate IT operations to save infrastructure expenses, and increase organisational output.

The Differentiator : Why Depend on CDWT to Prevent Zero-Day Attacks

Control Entire Environment

Obtain a comprehensive perspective of the various IT environment components that are dispersed across several sites.

Receive notifications in real-time and insight-driven reports, pow.

Automatic Containment of Danger

Real-time threat response and improved threat containment based on fluctuating degrees of trust.

Vulnerability Evaluation

Completely protected access and 360-degree security are required to identify weaknesses.

Comprehensive Security Infrastructure Perspective

Zero-trust security architecture provides a complete picture of all hazards even when networks, devices, and environments are in continual flux.

The Advantages of CDWT

The world's biggest Application-focused Managed Cloud Services Provider and a leader in managed cybersecurity. Dedicated security evaluation services.

12+ years of service to 4000+ corporations, including 60+ Fortune 500 companies, in 25+ countries spanning the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and APAC.

More than 40 Security Controls, twenty Centres of Excellence, and two thousand worldwide cloud specialists

Pre-met compliance demands for local, national, and international compliance regulations, such as IRAP, GDPR, HIPAA, SAMA, CSA, GXP, and ISO Certifications.

3200 UTMs, 13000 HBSS, 800000 EPS

Seven Security frameworks using the MITRE ATT&CK, CIS Critical Security Controls, and more

Comprehensive 24x7 monitoring of cyber security

Advanced Managed Detection and Response Solutions Automated Security Solutions for threat prediction, detection, and response (MDR)

Expertise in managed SOC (Security Operations Center) services and solutions on a global scale.

DevSecOps-specific portfolio

Cybersecurity Consulting, Cybersecurity Assessment, and Audit Reporting Services for the Entire IT Stack and Cloud Infrastructure.

Advanced Cybersecurity Incident and Response Team (CSIRT) for CDWT

Threat Intelligence powered by Industry-leading platforms such as Microsoft, OSINT, STIX&TAXI, MISP, etc. and CDWT Threat experts

Considerable threat management knowledge in protecting big and complex settings and using the sophisticated features of industry-leading technologies and Cloud-Native Security products.

Expertise in building and administering comprehensive SIEM - assisting organisations in proactively assessing vulnerabilities and automating and accelerating incident response.

Mitigating Zero Day Attacks – FAQ’s

Zero-day attacks may have severe repercussions due to the fact that the majority of the time, the security infrastructure is not designed to handle new threats. By the time the danger is identified, it has already infiltrated the defensive system.
Zero-day attacks may have severe repercussions due to the fact that the majority of the time, the security infrastructure is not designed to handle new threats. By the time the danger is identified, it has already infiltrated the defensive system.
According to a Ponemon Institute research, over 80% of successful breaches are zero-day attacks.
As workers operate from their private networks, it is crucial for enterprises to guarantee a safe experience and preserve sensitive corporate information. The zero-trust concept enables enterprises to regulate the security of all access points.