Oracle and Azure Powerful Together

Deploying multi-cloud, i.e., two or more cloud environments, is without a doubt the most important development in cloud technology at now; multi-cloud provides businesses with the power of two rather than one. It effectively amplifies the power of the Cloud by providing greater dependability, better availability, reduced latency, and access to additional knowledge, so leading to a significant boost in a company’s total competitive advantage.

Advantages of Multi Cloud Enviroment


A multi-cloud approach allows enterprises to pick services from many cloud providers in order to maximise the advantages of each.


A multiload architecture enables organizations to maintain alignment with their governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance objectives.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Outages may occur owing to uncontrollable circumstances, such as natural catastrophes or human mistake. Despite this, several cloud environments guarantee that computational resources and data storage are accessible without interruption.


It gives flexibility and eliminates reliance on certain cloud service providers.

Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Collaboration

With the Oracle and Azure Cloud synergy, security is no longer an issue in the transition to multi-cloud. The Oracle-Azure partnership is a compelling illustration of the security-safe multi-cloud potential.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides a complete set of multi-cloud solutions in the form of tailored installations, database services, extensive monitoring capabilities, and strategic partnerships to maximise the Cloud’s value for unique organisational requirements.

With the integration of Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure, customers not only have access to all of the Oracle services, but also gain access to Azure services at no additional cost and may utilise them in tandem. Oracle Azure Interconnect and the Oracle Database service for Azure are two byproducts of this potent synergy.

Oracle Azure Interconnect

Since the introduction of the Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure in 2019, a number of enterprises in eleven geographic regions have used its safe and private connectivity. This enables customers to move or create new applications on Azure and then connect to high-performance and high-availability managed Oracle Database services, such as Autonomous Database on OCI. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides Microsoft Azure clients with an intuitive user interface for provisioning, accessing, and monitoring enterprise-grade Oracle Database services. Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Interconnect provide businesses with a straightforward migration route to a multi-cloud environment. This Interconnect supports Oracle Database features like Exadata Cloud Service, MySQL, etc. Oracle Cloud infrastructure and Microsoft Azure provide customers with the flexibility to innovate.

Oracle Database service for Azure

Oracle Database Service for Azure builds on the foundational features of Interconnect and lets any client to combine workloads on Microsoft Azure with Oracle Database services on OCI more simply. With the Oracle Database service for Azure, you may migrate an existing Oracle application to the Cloud. For instance, the database may be transferred to the Oracle cloud, while the application and analytics can be moved to Azure. The outcome is uninterrupted performance, increased bandwidth, and decreased latency! It is an Oracle-managed service that enables Azure users to construct, access, and run enterprise-grade Oracle Database services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in a manner similar to Azure. On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), users may construct Azure applications with high speed, high availability, and automated administration of Oracle Database services, such as Autonomous Database. Consequently, it is up to the user to determine what to employ for analytics, database, the middle layer, and permanent data storage. Customers have far more options, which is exactly how it was intended to be.

How Azure Architecture is integrated with
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Benefits of Oracle Azure Connect

Accelerate Multi-Cloud Adoption with CDWT’s Certified Expertise

CDWT, the world’s largest supplier of application-focused cloud managed services, has partnered with Oracle and Microsoft Azure to simplify business migrations, modernization, and administration journeys, from infrastructure to application login layer. The objective is to provide a superior, more intelligent cloud experience and optimise ROI via enhanced cloud optimization.

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