Automation Testing

With speedy release cycles and shorter sprints, product teams have significant difficulties in keeping up with testing requirements. Products cannot attain high-speed digitization if test efforts fail to provide early and timely feedback on releases.

Manual testing struggles to provide in an environment with continuous release, when the development-test-release cycle must be substantially expedited for transformation. In addition, regression testing and browser and device compatibility tests are time-consuming and repetitious. Once automated, they consume less time, enabling test teams to concentrate on new tests.

CDWT's Automation Testing Services

CDWT’s experience in test automation enables you to establish a sustainable testing plan for automation with increased ROI and time efficiency, while ensuring maximum browser, device, and operating system coverage. Our specialists will assist you in selecting the proper technology, framework, and automation best practises to build a scalable and maintainable automation framework.

Our Service Comprises:
  • Developing a plan for test automation
  • Optional equipment options
  • Developing and sustaining infrastructure
  • Integration with the CI/CD process
  • Execution of tests and reporting

What can we automate?

Tools & Framework

Best Practises in Automaton

Our automation specialists can assist you in implementing best practises for test automation, with a particular emphasis on

  • Developing reusable test objects
  • CI/CD integration
  • Test execution on Docker environment, cloud device businesses, virtualization
  • Maintenance after shipment by your in-house staff
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