Manual Testing

Software is all about aesthetically pleasing and functionally strong features. Therefore, we emphasise UI-based functional testing methodologies to guarantee that our clients ship bug-free products to the market with little effort and expense.

The human eye is unparalleled when it comes to user-centric test cases, inventive test scenarios, and exploratory testing. Our manual testers are well-trained to construct thorough, domain-specific use cases based on actual user behaviours. Using a large collection of valid and incorrect inputs, they determine whether or not the application can handle a broad range of data. Utilizing the Requirement Traceability Matrix guarantees that all functions are covered by the test cases they provide, hence assuring complete test coverage. Our manual testers find tools and services useful for expanding their testing zone.

Manual to Automation, a natural progression

Testing Techniques

Where does Manual testing fit?
Our manual testing services are well suited for short-term test cycles, ad hoc testing requirements, and long-term product development or maintenance cycles in which clients seek to eventually incorporate automation.
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