Important Elements of Medical Billing Services

CDWT Medical billing and coding services may do a lot to help you operate your medical business effectively while increasing your practice. Our free medical billing software allows you to manage all patient data, grow the number of patients, raise collection rates, and decrease the number of refused claims.

Error-Free Charge Entry

We offer thorough, error-free charge input to guarantee first-time claim approval. You provide us with the demographic and billing information for each patient. Our billers submit charges regularly for the processing of claims.

Real-Time Insurance Verification

We verify each patient's insurance coverage to expedite your process, reduce account receivable days, and prevent rejections.

Submission and Scrubbing of Claims

Our billing specialists and scrubbing procedure ensure that only accurate claims are filed. If there are any rejections, resubmission occurs the following day after adjustments.

Payment Transmission

ERAs and EOBs are validated and uploaded on schedule. The leftover funds are posted to the account of the patient. We check each claim to ensure that the right payment is provided.

Patient Statements

If a patient owes a debt after confirming adequate payment from all payers, a thorough statement displaying the outstanding amount is prepared and sent to the patient.

Follow-up & Persuasion

In the event of a rejection, our A/R professionals address the reason for the refusal and process the overdue payments.

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CDWT streamlines billing, eliminates administrative costs, increases income, and modernizes all aspects of practice administration. Our commitment to effective billing will result in increased revenue and profit margins for your firm.

We understand your practice’s demands and provide the highest potential ROI by concentrating on Key areas of the billing and revenue cycle to permanently eliminate income leakage, allowing you to devote more time to providing great treatment to patients.

Correct Medical Billing to Double Your Profits
We help you manage your billing services so that you may concentrate on patient-centered treatment while keeping and acquiring new clients.

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