Software Testing for Logistics & Transportation

Implementing a robust logistics and transportation management software across land, air, and sea, including cargo, air transport, water/railroad transportation, motor freight, couriers, pipelines, and vehicle dispatch, necessitates overcoming a number of obstacles. Performance, tracking, planning, management, weak automation frameworks, inadequate test infrastructure & test data management, improper functional & automation test coverage, unoptimized QA processes, poor development of automated test suites, and integration of testing are just a few of the many obstacles.

The QA and Test Automation specialists at CDWT have extensive expertise testing logistics and transportation management software from beginning to end. To be successful, retail firms also require dependable Logistics & Transportation services. Our services assist in evaluating Logistics & Transportation software for:

Readiness of the Application: Reliability, Compliance, and Internationalization
Readiness for Operational Failure, Disaster Recovery, and Performance Benchmarking
Tracking: Shipment Monitoring, RFID, and Order Status
A/B or Multivariate Analytics, Social Data Analytics

In addition, we test your applications end-to-end for process optimization, scalability, and seamless integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP), vessel scheduling & tracking systems, freight reservation systems, vehicle tracking & route generation systems, warehouse management system (WMS), supply chain management (SCM), transport management services, billing & cost management, and more.