Our Mission

“Creating a workforce that is future-ready now, while meeting the career goals of employees”

CDWT’s Learning and Development strategies turn TechMighties into the next generation of business-ready colleagues, making them “Fit for the Future.” Leadership, technical, functional, domain, and role-based skilling programs are included in upskilling.


As a skill marketplace, our #UaaS (Upskilling-as-a-Service) platform enables the learning ecosystem. It is an AI-based self-service platform that gives associates with interactive, on-demand, contextual, and tailored upskilling. The platform offers a practise environment, assignments, and the chance to acquire expertise by working on actual projects utilising the #NewAgeDelivery Platform, going beyond the traditional classroom setting. This ecosystem aids firms in the proactive development of employees in the modern day. #UaaS is proven to be the differentiating element in our quest of FIT4Future and inclusive development.

Let’s remain FIT4Future.