Managed Services Automation

As a prominent supplier of Managed Services, CDWT has integrated automation into their business strategy. It not only simplifies our day-to-day operations but also enhances our customers’ entire company processes, which has resulted in increased customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals that are accelerating our growth.

Managed Services Automation by CDWT

Utilizing automation strategically allows us to shield our consumers from danger. The automation of managed services has an immediate impact on your top and bottom lines. There are never downtimes, data is always safe, and infra saves money. By automating repetitive and mundane processes, you may save resources.

At CDWT, we have automated some of the most important managed services operations.

Remote Monitoing & Management (RMM)

This allows the monitoring of critical IT operations such as diagnostic alerts and performance evaluations so that the team is informed of infra concerns. It decreases the possibility of failure or the need for on-site repairs.

Professional Service Automation (PSA)

Administrative activities, invoicing, and client account administration are now automated, allowing us to focus more on our service offering.

Integration of RMM & PSA

We guarantee that RMM and PSA function cohesively and compliment one another nicely. PSS's workflow may be combined with RMM's visibility to provide a comprehensive managed service solution. This improves the effectiveness of managed services.

Virtual Patching

CDWT’s Automated Patch Deployment allows businesses to concentrate on their objectives while ensuring the mitigation of vulnerabilities-related dangers. It also speeds the repair of vulnerabilities across hybrid corporate settings.

Depending on the type and makeup of an ecosystem, vulnerabilities might occur everywhere.

Underlying System
IT Infrastructure, Architecture, and Devices
Software and tool types used
User Interfaces
Utilization (External & Internal)
Bring your own device (BYOD) Policies
Policies and Information Security Management Systems
Techniques for Access Control and Authentication

Automated Backup & Recovery

We develop solutions that decrease your backup footprint by deduplicating data at every node, task, and location. As a consequence, backups and recoveries are expedited. CDWT is renowned for its worldwide deduplication systems that do bare metal recoveries with efficiency.

We provide agentless, scriptless, multi-tenant software that is connected with our managed services platform, giving you the extra advantage of a fully-customizable orchestration for apps, database recovery via the cloud, and business disaster recovery. You will experience the power of a comprehensive DR architecture with one-click failover, switchover, and switchback.

With automatic switchovers and DR drills, CDWT allows clients to control and monitor application recovery. With a single click, you can monitor MPO, data latency, and recovery time while automating end-to-end application recovery in the event of DR.

Automated Threat Intelligence

You focus on your business objectives while CDWT provides unparalleled multi-cloud managed security services. We provide end-to-end solutions that include continuous monitoring of your apps, incident recording and mitigation to prevent disruptions. Our Threat Intelligence is supported by industry-leading platforms, such as Microsoft, OSINT, STIX&TAXI, and MISP, as well as CDWT Threat specialists.

Automated Malware Protection

CDWT Malware Detection Scanning may include major external and internal web sites as well as web subdomains. The MDS service encompasses the following:

Analysis of a website for insecure and/or incorrect code.
Monitoring harmful activities at the customer's request.
On-demand scans for rapid inspection after the elimination of malware.
A comprehensive report on dangerous material and online sites.
Provision of eradication suggestions for malware

Automated Network Security

Network Security is a crucial issue for all businesses, without which the enterprise’s vital and sensitive data would be at risk. Multiple studies have indicated that businesses have begun investing in network security after realising its importance. CDWT provides best-in-class automatic network security to protect workloads and thwart efforts to compromise servers.

With the aid of seasoned auditors, CDWT performs a network process audit against industry best practises. The network process audit must include incident management, change management, backup, network monitoring, network documentation, and security audits.

CDWT-Owned Automation Resources For Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Management Portal (CMP)

By unifying all essential IT operations, including incident, issue, and knowledge management, CDWT CMP simplifies management and increases value for the company.

  • Incident Management
  • TAT and Operational Reports
  • Incorporation of CSP Reports

Customer Support Portal (CSP)

CDWT CSP includes infrastructure view, operations, monitoring, and support services for customers. The Dashboard comprises customer-assigned devices, a summary of support issues, user management and reports.

Configuration Management Database Portal (CMDB)

CDWT The CMDB serves as a data warehouse for IT installations. This CMDB application contains a list of all the hardware employed for order fulfilment. This application records comprehensive Asset management.

Benefits of Managed Service Automation

As a result of the automation of several IT and administrative processes, resources may devote their time and energy to more strategic projects where they can provide more value.
Excellent service quality: Monitoring that is automated and proactive allows you to enhance the quality of your services. Errors and vulnerabilities are detected early, and the team member responsible is notified to expedite resolution and service enhancement.
Automated monitoring, account management, and billing can simplify the work of an enterprise's accountants in terms of payments and evaluations. They can examine the invoices and payments swiftly.
Reduced Operational Costs: Choosing automated managed services from CDWT enables businesses to decrease the amount of mistakes and successfully manage abrupt employee changes. This reduces operating expenses and manages every aspect of control.
A proactive strategy: Not only does proactive monitoring and resolution aid in preparation, but it also protects the teams from unanticipated situations like as outages.