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CDWT is devoted to providing thorough and trustworthy quality assurance and software testing services to ensure error-free software solutions.

Our professionals in quality assurance rigorously evaluate inefficiencies and loopholes. They design the most efficient test cases and adhere to the most recent quality assurance requirements for software.


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CDWT is the world’s top AI & IP-driven Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering services provider, assisting global enterprises across sectors to constantly accelerate their Digital Transformation and become Digital-First.


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Our QA task force of over 4100+ members has successfully supplied E2E test solutions to significant companies in the following industries:


We are testing partners for some of the most well-known Healthcare IT firms in the world. Numerous clinical and non-clinical solutions, including HIS systems, EMR/EHR, TeleHealth apps, Care management, Billing and Insurances, etc., have been evaluated by our team. Our knowledge of US Healthcare compliance laws makes us the ideal option for testing Healthcare apps.


We provide the optimal technique for testing the seamless experience of your e-Comm applications on web and mobile browsers. Functionality, site speed, and user experience to provide an unparalleled shopping experience for your consumers.


Our clientele consists of technology firms with digital publishing apps, educational online publishers, independent printing houses, and digital asset management systems. With intricate processes in each of these sub-verticals, our considerable domain understanding has enabled our testers to provide decisive testing solutions for every publishing client.


We have supplied testing services for e-Learning applications in a variety of industries, including healthcare, school education, aviation, and technical education, among others. A thorough comprehension of e-Learning modules, assessment/training modules, and the user-centric testing strategy enables us to develop exhaustive test cases.

Game Testing

We have done it everything, from providing crowd testing (actual user + real time) of game servers to comprehensive automation in game simulation. We have expertise testing mobile and browser-based video games. For our long-term customers that demand high-end display setups, particular devices, consoles, and other technology, we have successfully created game testing facilities.

Mobile Apps

Worried about app crashes, sluggish response, screen freezes, device compatibility, or overall app functionality? Collaborate with our skilled mobile testing team to construct a test framework that solves all of your testing issues. Test your mobile application on a variety of simulators, actual devices, and even cloud device centers.

Create Your Test Team Using CDWT

Interaction with your engineering staff on-site.
Consultation on constructing or enhancing your current testing procedures
Context-driven testing approach that aligns with your immediate release objectives
Compatible with your development process - Traditional, Agile, CI/CD Release, BDD/TDD
Knowledge transfer and full handoff at the conclusion of the engagement so that you may independently continue testing on your end.
Individual contributors on a devoted testing group
Our testers are hand-selected, industry-certified engineers who have received extensive in-house training on actual customer projects.
Efficient usage of resources with multi-talented testers — one tester wears several hats
Effective use of third-party tools and cloud resources for rapid and methodical testing
Increased ROI, accelerated time to market, and economical test solutions

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