Zero Trust Security Solutions

Utilizing cutting-edge zero-trust security services, bolster security infrastructure and entirely close all network perimeter vulnerabilities.


Establish Trust at Every Access Point

Explore the infinite potential of CDWT’s cutting-edge Zero Trust platform and services for the protection of company data and remote employees.

The corporate environment is rapidly changing. As a result of the advent of remote work, the contemporary workforce has also undergone fast transition. Important company data and business applications are thus accessible through private networks and devices located outside the business boundary. This increases the exposure of sensitive corporate data, user passwords, and other sensitive information, leaving firms vulnerable to data breaches and sophisticated cyber assaults. Protection has become an urgent need. Organizations are increasingly seeking to maximise the potential of a zero-trust access service in order to protect their current security infrastructure from any prospective data breach or unforeseen cybersecurity-related dangers.

Zero trust handles every communication with correct identification based on a collection of criteria that includes many types of identities. Identity-based policies aid in strengthening the security architecture and guaranteeing total data protection across all platforms, including the public cloud, a hybrid environment, a container, and any on-premise network infrastructure. Complete application and service security is provided by environment-independent protection.

The fundamental components of a zero-trust network have changed throughout time. The next-generation zero-trust security concept of CDWT is based largely on a stringent identity verification mechanism. The rigorous architecture restricts access to authorised people, devices, and networks, while safeguarding applications and data from sophisticated security threats.

Why Your Enterprise Requires CDWT's Comprehensive Zero Trust Security Solution: A Comparison of Common Enterprise Challenges and Benefits

The zero trust paradigm is designed to enable full visibility over all people, devices, networks, endpoints, containers, and business applications. With a sophisticated zero-trust architecture, companies can effortlessly check and evaluate the security state of any asset for each access request. By segmenting the business network’s resources and providing just the bare minimal level of access, organisations may become resistant to data theft and virus assaults.

The zero-trust architecture of CDWT provides the optimal balance between usefulness and security. The security team may seek to improve the current security posture. Consequently, this makes it harder for cybercriminals to breach a company’s network security architecture in order to steal passwords and sensitive data. On the other hand, even from faraway areas, users may have a smooth and secure work experience.

Employees, devices, and networks are fully protected against phishing and identity-based threats.
Optimization and comprehensive security of data as it moves across various data centres, networks, and endpoints.
Identification of malware threats, ransomware, and phishing in a proactive manner. Using zero-trust security and DNS data filtering to reduce malware threats.
Transformation of the IT paradigm using cutting-edge technology and facilitating easy and safe access for all users.
In a zero-security infrastructure, conventional organisational technologies are replaced by cutting-edge technologies, saving time and eliminating architectural complications.
Conduct a comprehensive study of the network and IT infrastructure to identify the current security posture.
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Advanced Zero Trust Model provides a Seamless Access Management and Secured Infrastructure

The most successful zero-trust architecture should permit seamless integration with organisational infrastructure and business processes without requiring a total replacement of current investments and security procedures. The comprehensive zero trust security services offered by CDWT surpass standard network security. It protects sensitive corporate data by protecting access to all organisational networks, endpoints, environments, and devices, among other things.

Helps in implementing zero trust access to users and devices through multi-factor authentication and real-time monitoring of every access attempt.

Gain complete visibility and control over all access activity across all networks, devices, locations, and users.

  • Complete control of cloud application access to prevent malicious attempts.
  • Completely control access activities by verifying user identity with multi-level authentication.
  • Complete protection against credential loss.
  • Complete protection against email threats.
  • Thorough analysis of network security through real-time identification of risky devices and fraudulent activities.
  • Instantly block access from any compromised device or network.

It protects connections for all containers, APIs, and microservices connected with enterprise applications in cloud environments and other data centres.

Control over connections from devices in multiple places across different multi-cloud settings.

Minimize lateral mobility for all multi-cloud settings and premises.

Utilize threat information to determine the origins of external threats.

Identify vulnerabilities using behavioural analysis.

Flow maps designed to contain hazards in any cloud environment.

Enhance company security with security technologies that make phishing difficult. Do not allow hackers to breach your defences using a cyber solution that serves several clients.

Why Should You Depend on CDWT’s Zero Trust Security?

Control Entire Environment

Obtain a comprehensive perspective of the various IT environment components that are dispersed across several sites.

Exhaustive Analysis

Receive warnings in real-time and insightful reports to improve your threat response.

Vulnerability Evaluation

Completely secure access by analyzing vulnerabilities using an end-to-end zero-trust technique.

Comprehensive Security Infrastructure Perspective

Even when networks, devices, and environments undergo continual change, a zero-trust security architecture provides a complete picture of all network-wide threats.

Automatic Containment of Danger

Real-time threat response and improved threat containment based on fluctuating degrees of trust.

Why Should You Depend on CDWT’s Dark Web Monitoring Services?

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Expertise in managed SOC (Security Operations Center) services and solutions on a global scale.

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Cybersecurity Consulting, Cybersecurity Assessment, and Audit Reporting Services for the Entire IT Stack and Cloud Infrastructure.

Advanced Cybersecurity Incident and Response Team (CSIRT) for CDWT

Threat Intelligence powered by Industry-leading platforms such as Microsoft, OSINT, STIX&TAXI, MISP, etc. and CDWT Threat experts

Considerable threat management knowledge in protecting big and complex settings and using the sophisticated features of industry-leading technologies and Cloud-Native Security products.

Expertise in building and administering comprehensive SIEM - assisting organisations in proactively assessing vulnerabilities and automating and accelerating incident response.

Zero Trust Security – FAQ’s

The zero-trust security concept is built on a thorough access verification procedure. John Kindervag, an analyst at Forrester Research, initially presented this paradigm.
A zero-trust security method allows for a completely protected network in which providing access needs verification at each level for all devices, resources, and networks.
The zero trust paradigm acknowledges access as one of the most prevalent security flaws across all organizational security layers. The zero trust pillars are a crucial component of the zero trust network architecture. It focuses mostly on improving access control via multi-factor authentication.
Zero trust workload
Zero trust workforce
Zero Trust workspace
As workers operate from their private networks, it is crucial for enterprises to guarantee a safe experience and preserve sensitive corporate information. The zero-trust concept enables enterprises to regulate security at every point of entry.