Digtail Education

CDWT Managed AWS Services for the Education Sector. Enable and globalise Next-generation Learning

Modernize and migrate IT infrastructure to AWS. Manage and Protect Dataflows, Remote Workspaces, and Workloads. Adopt cutting-edge digital learning applications.

Education: A Resounding Call for Change

Everything has been altered by the epidemic. Traditional learning has been disrupted, and current educational business models are obsolete. Gen-Z Through online courses, interactive videos, gamified applications, smart gadgets, and more, students, parents, and educators of all grade levels seek novel methods to communicate anywhere and at any time. Rapidly increasing numbers of educational institutions are adopting digital management systems, smart classrooms, cyber libraries, digital sessions, online examinations, and immersive virtual experiences.

The market for cloud-based education will surpass USD 25 billion by 2021, while the market for e-learning will reach USD 325 billion by 2025.

Pandemic drove 1,2 billion children in 186 nations out of traditional schools, emphasising the necessity for online education.

90% of countries now use digital learning.

Online education increases learning rates by 40-60% and information retention by 25-60%.

72% of K-12 students utilise cloud-based learning technologies to enhance their educational experience.

87% of students utilise mobile devices for course research and validation.

Visions End-to-End Cost Optimization Cloud Impact Impact With Difference

Cloud-based Smart Education Outcomes with the highest level of availability, scalability, and support.

The cloud is at the centre of this new education revolution. Hyperscalar public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a sophisticated ecosystem of solutions suited to the education sector, which are easily customised, deployed, enhanced, and maintained for institutions across the globe by savvy cloud managed services providers. Recognized MSPs such as CDWT guarantee that the digital revolution is introduced to educational institutions throughout the world without fail, therefore revolutionising the sector cloud by cloud.

One-stop Administration of IT Resources:

Full stack management optimising IT expenses by 40-60% with high-performance, internationally scalable IT applications at close to zero latency.

Digital First Business Model:

Using cloud-native technologies, design and implementation of digital learning and commercial models from scratch. Cloud-based delivery, communication, and operations.

Education Anywhere, Anytime:

Adopt new learning solutions include Digital Classrooms, Blended Learning, Communication and Collaboration Apps, Online Libraries and Courses, Online Tutoring, etc.

Innovative Business-Facing Technologies::

Student Management Systems, Admission Portals, Exam Portals, HRMS, CMS, CRM, Financial Management, and remote workplace solutions for intelligent productivity

Effective Productivity

Advanced VDI, DaaS, and other remote workspace technologies simplify the modernization of work environments across different stakeholders and countries.

Intelligent Analytics-Based Business Decisions:

Business Intelligence, Tracking of Learner-Teacher Performance, Personalized instructional modules, intelligent branding efforts, and course/service enhancements

Intelligent Risk Management:

Discover, identify, analyse, react, and anticipate IT-wide cyberthreats with ease. Maintain the fort against planned and unanticipated threats.

Uninterrupted Resilience:

Develop BCP plans on the cloud using automated backup and recovery technologies, automated governance, and tight compliance management

aws-managed services

Any Ecosystem . Every Complexity Single SLA from Infrastructure to Application login.

Landscape Evaluation and Planning

The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for Hosting, Migration, and Well-Architected Review (WAR) of workloads.

AWS Managed Services that are end-to-end AIOps-powered and fully-automated

Compute, Storage, and Infrastructure Modernization and Management


CDWT Exculsive: Start and Strengthen Your Cloud Journey with Efficiency and Intelligent Cost Management

Cloud-based full-stack IT transformation is gaining popularity among contemporary businesses, from infrastructure to application layer. Herein lies CDWT’s distinction from typical Cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs). CDWT’s capacity to solve large-scale, complex IT ecosystem modernization initiatives for specific industry use-cases, such as those in BFSI, governance, manufacturing, and retail, has propelled it to the forefront of the market.

Custom Cloud Assessment to Commence Your AWS Experience

  • Discovery sessions and objectivity analysis
  • Mapping of enterprise workloads, databases, and assets
  • Identifying resources to be migrated and modernized for maximum cloud impact
  • Recognize risk factors and probable continuity lapses
  • Design a fail-proof migration strategy with outcome parameters
  • Identify AWS native tools to be integrated and managed
  • Architect a zero-loss implementation blueprint

Already using Amazon Web Services? Profit maximisation via Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Discovery sessions and objectivity analysis. Map according to best practices
  • In-depth assessment of existing workloads, infra, databases via Well Architected Review (WAR) approach
  • Identify existing operational, integration risks with security, compliance implications
  • Recognize key drivers to increased expenses and map overprovisioned resources, redundancies
  • Calculate macro ROI and IT financials
  • Deliver a fail-safe cloud transformation plan with workload, resource modernization requirements

The Cloud Imact Key Result to Expect


Industry-best uptime upto application level

Near To Zero

Latency in application performance

Near 100%

Fully automated ITSM operations


Faster development and roll out of innovative learning apps


Faster analytics report processing


Reduction in IT costs


Agility and scalability across business operations, workloads


Enhanced productivity across organization

Near To Zero

Cyberthreats due to predictive risk management

Upto 10X

Scalability of enterprise applications and business enhancement

An Impact With Differnece

  • Twelve plus years as one of the most trusted AWS Cloud Service Providers in APAC and MEA
  • AWS Advanced Consulting partner providing AIOps-driven, application-centric AWS managed operations.
  • 24/7 Support provided by over 2,000 cloud-certified specialists and 25 Centers of Excellence
    Certified human resources for ITIL, COBIT, CDCP, CISA, CISSP, CISM, Six Sigma, PMP, CCIE, MCP, and CEH, among others.
  • Zero adhesion AWS Cloud Migration using Factory-based strategy, 25000+ Apps, and Databases moved for 4000+ corporate clients, including 60 Fortune 500 firms.
  • The successful implementation of AWS Public, Private, Hybrid, Multi, and Community Cloud platforms in 26 countries globally.
  • Cost-effective Pay-per-use approach with a single SLA from infrastructure to the application login layer 1 billion+ users Faultless Hosting Hours administering 40000+ VMs until date
    Proven competence administering over 10,000 SAP instances and over 2,300 TB of HANA Database using AWS cloud services.
  • Specialized VDI and DaaS on AWS with end-to-end deployment and administration of remote workspaces.
  • Dedicated Disaster Recovery (DR) on Amazon Cloud Services for diverse, complex settings with automated recovery-backup, failback-failover techniques.
  • Expertise in AWS Managed Security Services, 40+ Security Controls, and Devoted SOCs
    CDWT’s automation solutions, including Self-healing Operations, Automation Delivery platforms, and RPA solutions, include Self-healing Operations.
  • Strict compliance with regulatory and country-specific data residency requirements