CDWT Azure

CDWT with Azure: A Winning Combination for Digital Transformation Projects

CDWT, an Azure Expert MSP, helps banks gain a competitive edge in cloud adoption. Together, we make an enterprise’s cloud journey more easy and safe than ever before. CDWOffers Azure Managed Services with a Single SLA up to the Application layer, using a cloud adoption and service delivery framework designed to handle various architectures and needs.

Learn how CDWT, a real cloud banking pioneer, can bring meaningful value to your bank via digital transformation and application-focused managed services.

CDWT’s Dedicated BFSI Practice

Banking and financial services is a specialised specialty at CDWT, where we assist institutions in developing the optimal transformation plan. Regardless of the sort of bank, financial institution, or payments services provider you are, we have a tailored strategy to modernise your IT and offer the cloud advantages you need.

Chances are, if you manage a cooperative bank, you are contemplating a selected, phased modernization of your key systems. Depending on your bank's cloud adoption level, we provide the freedom to update the workloads and processes of your choosing. For instance, we may begin by migrating non-essential banking apps and then progressively transfer your essential banking applications.

As CIOs seeking to accelerate innovation and improve customer experiences, your cloud focus is likely to be the adoption of frameworks that enable additional mobile, internet banking, and corporate portal capabilities. Similarly, we assist established banks in migrating - product by product or geographical by location in a "Lift & Shift" fashion to new core banking platforms on current infrastructure, or in implementing a "Modernization" strategy for data, infrastructure, and apps.

By developing APIs on Azure for both internal and external usage, institutions may foster a more robust partner ecosystem. Azure encourages standard API reference models, such as the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN), and engages with the industry to provide new solutions that improve the user experience. Based on a service-oriented architecture, BIAN aids banks in increasing their architectural maturity and executing their digital banking efforts, ultimately enhancing the user experience and the quality of transactions.

CDWT in collaboration with Microsoft Azure can assist you in launching a cloud-born challenger bank with a new identity and set of supporting operations. Your bank may employ RPA to improve process speeds and construct real-time data hubs or data lakes in order to produce insights and develop new products. In addition to cloud-hosted apps being quicker, smarter, and more robust, banks have the ability to use the cloud's managed services capabilities.

Provider of Application-Focused, High-End Cloud Managed Services with a Factory Methodology

CDWT has vast expertise building and providing customised, all-encompassing banking solutions in a variety of regions and markets. Our proven cloud adoption approach for banks, based on ground realities, will provide you with an accurate knowledge of where you are and how your business may best accomplish its digital transformation objectives.

Our advanced managed services are intended to assist banks at varying phases of their lifecycles in adopting technology solutions that will greatly enhance their capacity to satisfy consumer expectations while handling increasingly complicated regulatory and compliance obligations.

CDWT Offerings for Cloud Banking

CDWT provides sophisticated evaluation services to guarantee that your financial industry cloud migration is as easy, rapid, and cost-effective as feasible. From your Infrastructure as-is analysis report through security and compliance to business continuity and business process gap analysis and mitigation plan, our team of professionals guarantees that you get the optimal solution at every stage.

  • Dependency-based Evaluation
  • Innovative Migration Methodology
  • Banking Reference Architecture
  • High Performance Setting
  • CDWT's Next-Generation Cloud Adoption Strategy

Workload migration alters the whole IT environment of the bank. To effectively migrate to the new IT infrastructure, cloud migration must be meticulously planned, created, and implemented at each level. Our worldwide expertise will assist you in transitioning to three areas with improved efficiency.

  • Infrastructure
  • Data and Implementation
  • Cybersecurity

Numerous times every year, the data footprints of the world's top corporations double. With sophisticated AI and ML algorithms, they want to simultaneously lower costs, take advantage of novel kinds of big data, and have increased flexibility in data analysis. All of these are achievable via data modernization, or the migration of data from outdated databases to new cloud-based databases.

  • Skill and familiarity with Public Cloud platforms
  • Data migration enabled by CDWT Migration factory
  • Military-grade data security for sensitive information
  • Methodology for migrating with no downtime
  • Complex and Widespread Migration
  • A three-pronged migration strategy to guarantee Data integrity

Banks must adopt a DevOps deployment methodology to achieve agility and a quicker time to market. By automated testing and delivering new versions of application code on the fly, CDWT DevOps solutions assist banks in expediting the release process. On Azure your bank receives a unified data strategy leveraging the open source, languages and framework and enabling interoperability.

  • GitHub DevOps
  • Azure Virtual Studio Code (VS Code)
  • Azure Data Catalog
  • Azure API Management
  • Azure Logic Apps

Traditional on-premise systems are incapable of meeting the rising consumer expectations for real-time hyper-personalization, quick scalability, and the capacity to respond to emerging security threats. Containerization is secure because apps and data are 'contained' inside a task and are not accessible until made so; other containers cannot be affected. Kubernetes' container-based orchestration environment gives a great deal of flexibility in respect to the construction of a bank's cloud environment, whether in the public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud.

Kubernetes as a Service using Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) enables banks to create, operate, and manage cloud applications across different environments, enabling agility and dependability in an on-premises setting. Enables rapid application deployment and update, as well as maximises resource use.

CDWT can assist your bank in accelerating the security and compliance process by developing a complete compliance roadmap and providing you with the required KPIs for people, process, and technology. CDWT will assist you in adhering to the following significant compliances and standards:

  • RBI Compliance
  • GDPR Conformity
  • IRAP
  • GxP
  • Compliance with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
  • Compliance with Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA)
  • Bank Negara Malaysia Compliance
  • ASV PCI-DSS Scanning

With a platform partner such as CDWT, Azure banks get access to the newest innovative capabilities and next-generation technology, including as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Your cloud plan is now complete, as Azure's capabilities assist your bank in reimagining the client experience with sophisticated cloud technologies.

  • Azure Synapse
  • Azure Blockchain Workbench
  • Cognitive Services in Azure

Open banking application programming interfaces (APIs) offer significant potential for financial organisations worldwide. In record speed, we develop an authorised gateway that enables communication between your banking application and external third-party apps. The APIs that are most appealing to FinTechs are those that are simple to use and customised.

  • Digital-integration
  • Agile Financial Services
  • Options for Financial Technology Transparency

With its Managed DaaS offering, CDWT has successfully on boarded thousands of users across industry verticals on virtual desktop environments such as VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft WVD. CDWT provides setup, installation, integration, and UAT services to assure the back-end cloud infrastructure's readiness.

  • Automated problem, change & incident management policies deployment
  • Resilience Design
  • Infrastructure Security
  • User experience management
  • Security & Compliance control monitoring and management

Bank-in-a-Box was developed by CDWT in collaboration with top core banking and digital banking application providers in order to offer a single point of responsibility with SLA upon application login. The cloud framework is built to align with the demanding needs of security, compliance, availability, and flexibility, enabling banks to launch their products into the market faster, besides accelerating their digital transformation journey.

  • Locally hosted in 26 countries
  • Highly protected private cloud platform
  • Comprehensive security with 40+ controls with over 26+ security tools
  • Single SLA supplied upon login to the application
  • Flexible price model per branch, per transaction etc.
  • 24*7 proactive support & monitoring
  • Integrated scalability to accommodate traffic surges
  • Regulatory approved security stack, tailored industry-wise

AI, ML, and analytics are used by CDWT AIOps managed services to enhance live operations for improved performance, billing, security, and availability. We guarantee smooth Auto Remediation, Auto KMDB, Data Sovereignty, and Fraud Detection solutions. Azure native tool services provide consistent performance and scalability across edge, hybrid, and cloud environments.

  • Azure Stack
  • VMware Azure Solution (AVS)
  • Azure ARC
  • Azure Active Directory

The CDWT Threat Detection and Vulnerability Management system features continuous vulnerability and misconfiguration identification. Based on the business context and the ever-changing threat environment, threats are prioritised. During incident investigations, the solution helps identify machine-level vulnerabilities.

Azure claims industry-wide security and compliance coverage with powerful security technologies.

  • Azure Sentinel
  • Azure Vaults
  • Azure App Security Group
  • Azure Protection Center

Cloud Banking – FAQ’s

Cloud banking offers a variety of cloud solutions to the banking sector in order to increase agility, resiliency, and efficiency by harnessing the advantages of cloud applications that traditional systems cannot give and minimising infrastructure costs.

Globally, cloud service providers such as CDWT provide preconfigured cloud environments to fulfil the unique requirements of the BFSI industry.
Cloud banking helps banks to accomplish their aims, such as providing highly relevant client experiences, attracting consumers, and fostering customer loyalty while enhancing operational efficiency.

Lower TCO and operational efficiency are important advantages of cloud banking. A cloud infrastructure provides quick vertical and horizontal scaling.
There is no limit to the number of banks that are using cloud computing, including banking giants with a strong local and worldwide presence, game-changing banks, neo and challenger banks, microfinance institutions, and credit unions.

In an effort to reduce time to market and fulfil customer experience standards, bank executives are reaching out to cloud service providers for public cloud, private cloud, and multi cloud settings.
The cloud has shown to be a cheaper, quicker, and more scalable alternative to on-premise data storage. Cloud solutions such as DevOps, Automation, Security, Compliance Backup, and Replication have resulted in enhanced company efficacy by delivering real value.

With a robust cloud strategy, consumer insights may be leveraged to enhance service delivery and generate income for the banking industry.