Dynamic Result Generation

Dynamic Result Generation helps manage Exams, Publish Results and conduct Online Test from one platform. It also offers an intelligent and automated result analysis system. Easily notify students and parents through SMS or App notification for each exam created. Also notify users, when you declare the result for an exam.


Online Dynamic Result Generation

SmartEducation – All in one ERP helps manage Exams,Publish Results and conduct Online Test from one platform. Get real-time analysis of your exams and results. Know which subjects or topics need more attention. Also know the average marks scored by your students and toppers in each subject.

Awesome features

Benefits of Dynamic Result Generation

SmartEducation – All-in-one ERP notify your students and parents by SMS or mobile app for each test you set. Notify your users as well when declaring the outcome. It allows Exams, Results, and Online Tests to be managed from a single platform.

Exam Administrator

Manage the institution’s weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual examinations. Notify your students and parents by SMS or mobile app for each test you set. Notify your users as well when declaring the outcome.

Our school ERP system allows you to set a single test for numerous subjects/classes on different days.

Our school ERP software can create anything from ordinary descriptive examinations and lecture series to JEE, NEET, SAT, and numerous State and Central Board exams.

Exam calendar can assist you in keeping track of all tests generated and scheduled during the academic year.

Exam Results

Keeping in mind the extensive education system of India and the world at large, SmartEducation enables you to produce outcomes with diligence. Our programme facilitates the creation of exam results by term/semester. The faculties have the ability to input the grades of all students with little effort.

We provide multiple grading, grade display, a Marks to grade converter, and a Percentage/Grade display in order to create results and meet the needs of all of our customers.

We offer a flexible marking or grading system that focuses on ICSE, IB/Cambridge, CBSE, Gujarat Board(GSEB), and all other Indian state boards. Even the four-point GPA or international grading system for schools and universities may be configured using our school ERP, which would be advantageous for foreign customers.

Using the grading method, a Pass-Fail result may be produced.

Student's Reports

Generate a student’s progress report depending on their test results. This will be useful at the quarterly, semiannual, or annual parent-teacher conference.

This will lead faculty and parents in the appropriate path and inform them of the pupils’ primary area of interest.

Create an individual or combined exam report. The app’s user interface for presenting class-wide results is very engaging and encourages healthy rivalry among pupils.

You may also add a summary of attendance and pass-fail ratio in the report. For greater user comprehension, the exam analysis and student progress report now offers graphical analysis of Total and individual topics. A student’s progress may be determined using both a cumulative report of all topics attempted and a subject-by-subject report.

Online Test & Paper Generator

On the mobile app, students may plan online quizzes and tests. Comparable to a competitive examination, the format may consist of an MCQ-based online test of a particular length and time restriction.

Using the question bank provided to the system and an Excel spreadsheet, MCQ-based exam papers may be generated. The paper may be created in sets of four based on a customised, random, or manual selection of questions from the question bank.

The results will be produced immediately upon the conclusion of the online examination and will fluctuate until the end of the permitted period for that examination. This will also have a negative marking component for assessing pupils, and the ranking may be dependent on time.

Example: You construct a 100-question MCQ-based online test for students. You choose these 100 questions from a Question bank containing 500 questions that you have previously contributed to the web page. You may manually choose these 100 questions or create them in a custom sequence.

You may produce and print four sets of 100 questions that have been randomly shuffled.

Customized Result Template

Fully dynamic result creation. You may construct and personalise a result depending on your requirements. It offers a variety of functions, including Title, Indicators, Extra activity specification, Grade system, bulk fill marks, and so on.

Our school ERP allows you to import numerous result template formats from the CBSE, Gujarat, and other state boards, and you may modify the templates to meet your needs. Additionally, if necessary, you may develop your own template according to the institute’s specifications.

A function for calculating the Class Rank and Standard Rank of pupils.

There are a variety of options on the result template where you may provide institute-specific criteria. Include topics for which marks are to be included in the final tally, calculate the percentage for each subject separately, and add the results to the Total. For schools or institutions that use a grading system for results, compute results based on the marks awarded and provide them to students in the form of grades. This might be performed for a single topic or numerous subjects.

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Dynamic Result Generation
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