We Assist You in Becoming Digital-First and Strengthening Your Market Leadership

Maximizing client satisfaction for connected travellers necessitates skill in using data, intelligence at the core, software-powered platforms, AI & ML, Cloud scalability, and Omnichannel integrations to evaluate the wants & sentiment of travellers and deliver them with Cognitive experiences.
The travel and hotel industries rely heavily on customer sentiment analysis to improve their service delivery.

Defective software and unpleasant experiences – whether they are connected to problematic accessibility, operations, lodging, amenities, or anything else – can have a detrimental effect on a T&H business, including loss of brand name and reputation.
To become a ‘Brand for Everyone,’ businesses must provide a high-quality experience and develop apps that are strong, safe, device-agnostic, and developed with the most recent technology by employing a shift-left testing methodology and utilising proven accelerators and test automation frameworks.
Using our numerous test accelerators for ERP, test automation, performance testing, and web services testing, which comprise of a modular framework and pre-built, reusable test assets, use cases, and business scenarios, enterprises may save money, time, and effort on testing.

Benefits Delivered to Our Travel & Hospitality Clients


Increase in traffic with improved mobile UX


Travel & Hospitality DCG Testers with experience in End-to-End testing


Improvement in Operational Efficiency & in the overall reliability of the e2e internal system


Increase in conversion of Bookings due to effective testing of e-commerce platform

Conduct a Comprehensive Analysis and End-to-End Testing of Your Travel and Hospitality-Related Digital Applications

Our Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) for Travel & Hospitality conducts comprehensive testing for restaurant service areas, including point-of-sale (POS) testing.

Using CDWT’s TCoE, you can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your software testing and test automation requirements across the entire Travel & Hospitality IT landscape, including Point of Sale (PoS) terminals, mid-office, and portal/supplier connectivity utilising CRM tools and applications, E-commerce, extranets/external databases, and integration services.

CDWT’s Domain Competency Group (DCG) has over 450 testers and Digital assurance specialists with extensive experience who provide end-to-end assurance for travel and hospitality-based digital apps (such as e-commerce, digital platforms, departure control, passenger management, operations, fleet management, etc.) that improve the customer experience.

Our Test Architects, Subject Matter Experts, and Product Specialists are equipped with our Next-Generation Software Testing Platform – BlueswanTM, an Automation Center of Excellence, decision-enabling Dashboards with predictive capabilities, and several acceleration kits.