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Microsoft need no explanation in the digital era of today. With Azure cloud, the behemoth has made a titanic leap to market leadership, giving a corporate cloud platform that promises an advanced solutions ecosystem, deep AI integrations, an outstanding partner network, and cost benefits that are competitive. Microsoft Azure is now one of the top two cloud systems in the world, second only to Amazon’s “industry-first” AWS cloud.

CDWT, the premier application-focused, automation-driven Cloud Managed Services Provider in the world, has played a significant role in the adoption of Azure Cloud Services by thousands of businesses.

Microsoft Azure

is one of the leading two Cloud Platforms in terms of corporate adoption worldwide.


of Fortune 500 organisations use Microsoft Azure

Azure Cloud

Adoption has increased by nearly 20% annually.
Blue clouds with security logos and arrows introducing connectivity with on-premise infrastructure. Modern network architecture.
Take the first step toward a more robust cloud ecosystem using CDWT.

Why Sign Up for the Azure-CDWT Experience for Your Enterprise Cloud Journey? End-to-end Transformation with a Single SLA to the Application Login Layer

Global enterprises are using the Azure cloud to store and manage data efficiently, host workloads, and automate ITSM end-to-end. With scalable and secure cloud-based applications, businesses are rethinking their operations and strategy. Azure platform is a key cloud leader, with 90% of Fortune 500 firms utilising it to run their businesses and safeguard their data. Its intelligent outputs are driven by specific use-cases. The Azure cloud services facilitate the deployment, construction, and management of basic to sophisticated applications across IT ecosystems, updating the latter and its workloads for maximum effect. With CDWT, the Azure experience becomes more intelligent and inventive. Abandon fears about multi-vendor lock-in and embrace a single partner for end-to-end results.

Azure offers an ideal blend of IaaS and PaaS services. IaaS enables businesses to outsource their IT infrastructure and data storage to Microsoft Azure Cloud MSPs. Azure's PaaS enables businesses to construct their own online apps and solutions without having to invest in and manage the underlying infrastructure. Taking a page from Microsoft's status as a legendary software company, leading Azure partners such as CDWT can assist organisations in maximising Azure by assisting them in building enterprise apps on the cloud and supporting the underlying infra end-to-end.
Azure is intended to modernise the security development lifecycle. As security is at the foundation of Azure cloud, private data and service applications are the most secure. With solutions such as Azure Sentinel and CDWT's unique Self-healing Security, businesses are assured of superior protection against hidden dangers. Microsoft Azure is the first cloud platform to implement ISO 27018, the new worldwide cloud privacy standard.
The amazing hybrid features make Azure distinctive. The Azure cloud provides simple mobility and a consistent, dependable platform for both on-premises and public cloud applications. Solutions like as Azure Stack, Azure Arc, and Azure Percept expand hybrid capabilities wherever, including on-premises, datacenters, remote offices, IoT or edge settings, endpoints, and so on. These hybrid connections improve Azure's usability and speed, and include virtual private networks (VPNs), content delivery networks (CDNs), caches, and ExpressRoute connections.
The Azure Directory service offers companies with safe and secure IAM capabilities. The Azure Directory Service provides users with access to the appropriate data and resources. With Azure, businesses will be able to use advanced IAM features to reduce identity management expenses and become more nimble.
As the majority of businesses rely only on Microsoft's Office 365, Outlook, and SharePoint, they need invest in a cloud platform that combines all of these applications. With Azure, businesses may streamline operations by using the same virtual machines on-premises, such as Windows and Linux. CDWT assists enterprises in navigating Azure's robust tools ecosystem and adopting a combination of solutions that best suits their goals and operations.
Azure provides SQL and NoSQL data services with built-in support, enabling businesses to delve deeper into data. They facilitate the discovery of crucial insights that improve company operations and decision-making procedures. Azure is a cloud-based platform with features for Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), Machine Learning (ML), Bots, and Cognitive APIs. With Azure and CDWT's broad managed services, businesses are also guaranteed the greatest virtual desktop experience.
With Azure Cloud, businesses can take advantage of 99.99% availability and scalability. Due to Microsoft's extensive worldwide presence, businesses will have access to data centres situated throughout the world. With Azure Cloud Services, businesses may scale up or down based on their current business and data requirements. The cloud experience provided by Azure enables businesses to simply adjust the amount of computing power.
The pay-as-you-go concept is one of the Azure cloud service's most significant benefits for businesses. By migrating to Azure, businesses may take advantage of the pay-as-you-go subscription model, which enables superior budget management since no expenditures are committed beyond need. Utilize CDWT's intelligent cloud cost optimization solutions to further reduce cloud expenditures in return for the greatest possible advantages.
Microsoft has long been recognised for its rigorous compliance measures. With Azure Cloud Services, businesses have access to a variety of compliance offerings tailored to important sectors like government, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, and more. As part of the Azure Cloud Services coupled with CDWT's advanced managed capabilities, businesses have access to compliance tools, configuration management capabilities, and assistance resources. This allows them to maintain track of regulatory criteria like as HIPAA, ISO 27001, and GDPR, among others.
Blue clouds with security logos and arrows introducing connectivity with on-premise infrastructure. Modern network architecture.
Take the first step toward a more robust cloud ecosystem using CDWT.

CDWT is proud to be one of the few
worldwide partners to have nine Azure Advanced Specializations.

SAP on Azure

SAP on Azure

SAP on Azure

Azure WVD

Azure WVD

Azure WVD

Analytics on Azure

Analytics on Azure

Analytics on Azure

Azure Threat Protection

Azure Threat Protection

Azure Threat Protection

Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure

Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure

Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure

Networking Services on Azure

Networking Services on Azure

Networking Services on Azure

Linux and Open-Source Database Migration

Linux and Open-Source Database Migration

Linux and Open-Source Database Migration

Microsoft Azure Modernization for Web Applications

Microsoft Azure Modernization for Web Applications

Microsoft Azure Modernization for Web Applications

Windows Server and SQL Server Migration

Windows Server and SQL Server Migration

Windows Server and SQL Server Migration

Core Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Capabilities Your Enterprise Should Leverage

Azure Compute

Utilize Azure Compute's cutting-edge technology, which enables rapid scaling of Linux and Windows Virtual machines (VMs). With a serverless architecture, you may achieve high availability via autoscaling and application creation. With Microsoft Cloud Services, businesses can easily create microservices, APIs, and scalable cloud applications on top of a modernised infrastructure.

Azure Networking

Obtain access to monitoring, setup, administration, and telemetry services for intelligent networks. Easily facilitate collaboration and operations across various locations by designing and deploying hybrid networking environments. Utilize real-time monitoring of their network resources and data to enhance their hybrid cloud workloads' security and compliance.

Azure Storage

Storage administration is essential for cloud adoption. Obtain a flexible storage and communication infrastructure. Organizations may remove on-premises hardware by using Azure Cloud Services' massively scalable cloud storage. The Microsoft Cloud Services guarantee that all data is accessible and secured. Manage both static and dynamic dataflows with ease, and deploy cutting-edge analytics for making educated decisions.

Azure Applications Management

Enterprise apps are crucial to day-to-day operations. Adopt, build, and develop bespoke third-party business apps and solutions on the Azure platform. Integrate SAP ERP, HANA, and associated on-premise or cloud applications. Utilize Azure Resource Manager and Azure Arc to manage all apps across all ecosystems from a single interface, as if they were hosted in the Azure cloud.

Azure Analytics

Utilize advanced Azure Analytics features, such as cutting-edge data visualisation, insight creation, and data-driven decision making. The Microsoft Cloud Services will make it simpler for businesses to employ a fully managed Hadoop or Spark environment on the cloud that offers real-time data processing.

Azure Backup

Gain access to automatic, failsafe Data Backup & Recovery solutions for all cloud-based applications and data. The Microsoft Cloud Services will facilitate the backing up of virtual machines, SQL workloads, and VMware on-premises. The Azure Cloud Services facilitate data restoration for businesses.

Azure Disaster Recovery

Maintain mission-critical workloads even during unexpected and unforeseen disruptions. When organisations use Azure Cloud Services, they have access to disaster recovery technologies that play a crucial role in disaster recovery. The Microsoft Cloud Services enable businesses to duplicate failover and recovery processes based on their specific needs, while minimising downtime.

Azure Security

Utilize the powerful Azure Sentinel solution to incorporate end-to-end threat control capabilities. Discover, identify, evaluate, and react to threats end-to-end throughout the Azure ecosystem and business assets and workloads that are associated with it. Integrate sophisticated MDR, managed SOC, and threat intelligence capabilities with Azure-native security technologies such as Windows Defender, etc.

Why Should You Adopt the Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform?

With CDWT's sophisticated capabilities, you may create a unique Azure architecture for your business. Participate in specialised cloud readiness and discovery workshops to identify the advantages, determine the tools and solutions necessary on the cloud, and ascertain the actual costs and timetables. Establish a solid basis for a future on the cloud and acquire world-class computing, storage, and corporate intelligence capabilities.

Leverage the market-leading Azure Cloud Adoption Framework from CDWT for multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, community cloud, and private cloud installations on Azure. Gain access to the one-of-a-kind Factory strategy for cloud deployment in order to optimise advantages while minimising costs and eliminating disruptions. Move your online service, apps, databases, networks, systems, and servers to Microsoft Azure without interruption to operations without data loss.

Manage your Cloud IT backend with intelligent solutions and visibility based on insights. Acquire unrivalled cloud expertise with the use of intelligent Azure cloud services and unique native tools and solutions designed for infrastructure migration, such as Azure Migrate, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Database Migration Service, Azure Site Recovery, Databox, etc. Optimize cloud expenses using intelligent optimization solutions.

Modernize IT assets, servers, networks, software development and applications, operating systems, relational database management systems, developer tools, and Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaaC) on the Azure Cloud. Use cloud-based solutions such as Azure Resource Manager, Azure DevOps, Azure Active Directory, Azure Database Administration, Logic Apps, Event Grid, and API Management to improve virtual infrastructure management. Ensure ongoing business continuity, zero disruptions during moments of high traffic, and intelligent resource-workflow management.

Adopt virtualized datacenter solutions and services on Amazon Cloud to decrease the costs, hazards, and complexity of datacenter and database services. Modernize and migrate corporate applications, platforms, networking, servers, storage, databases, and processes, among other things. Create streamlined data transmission paths, collect insightful data, and ensure there is no data loss. Ensure hyper-agility from beginning to conclusion.

Adopt microservices architecture and containerization for a completely updated application administration experience. Leverage intelligent Kubernetes on Azure cloud with Azure Kubernetes Service. Integrate sophisticated technologies such as Azure Container Apps, Azure Functions, Web App for Containers, Container Instances, etc. atop the platform. Adopt comprehensive hybrid cloud application management with simplicity, and onboard technologies such as Azure Red Hat OpenShift for smooth cloud interaction.

Modernize your development environments and adopt a smart DevOps culture on the Azure cloud. Integrate code security and compliance with automated code lifecycle management. Enhance the experience using native Azure DevOps tools, such as Azure Pipelines, Azure Boards, Azure Repos, Azure Artifacts, Azure DevTest Plans, and Azure Monitor, among others.

Migrate your SAP environment to Microsoft Azure. CDWT facilitates the cloud transfer of SAP applications, platforms, systems, and automation suite with minimal downtime and record agility. Utilize the full potential of your SAP ERP with simultaneous cloud-native solutions and intelligent managed services provided by CDWT SAP specialists.

Adopt CDWT's comprehensive managed security services for Azure to protect your networks, database storage, and processes. Automate risk detection and response, as well as incident management, to minimise the total cost of security management. Leverage Windows Defender, Azure Sentinel, Azure Defender, Security Center, Azure DDoS Protection, etc. Manage, store, and simplify IAM using Azure Active Directory and Azure Vault. Adopt a cloud architecture that is completely compliant - PCI-DSS, NESA, SAMA, GDPR, FedRamp, MSA, IRAP, GxP, CSA, OJK, MeitY, RBI. The worldwide standards include ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, SOC1, and SOC2 certifications.

Enhance your Business Continuity Planning, backup, and recovery of company data on the secure Azure Cloud platform. Utilize a powerful, industry-compliant architecture that incorporates automatic failover-failback, complete ownership of cloud applications, round-the-clock monitoring, and automated data storage management. A specialised staff provides Azure disaster recovery services around-the-clock as well as quarterly exercises. Host your assets in safe, adjacent availability zones for optimal performance and continuous operation.

Leverage the advantages of Azure Hybrid cloud and expand Azure's extraordinary features to on-premises sites, datacenters, remote offices, endpoints, and Edge/IoT networks with Azure Stack, Azure Arc, Azure Percept, and other technologies. Utilize CDWT services to construct a hybrid Azure Cloud services architecture, including infrastructure, platforms, and apps. Obtain workloads with ultra-low latency, smooth data transmission and administration, and compliance, fail-safe operations.

Accept the norm of working from anywhere and at any time, as well as the modernization of workplaces. Integration of virtual desktop infrastructure or Azure DaaS with Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). Leverage CDWT's managed DaaS capabilities to extend the Azure WVD to additional users, regardless of location. Eliminate your distant operating concerns and provide total workflow continuity, cooperation at any time, and universal task management.

Learn More About CDWT's Award-Winning Self-Healing Operations Platform

Automated, Application-Focused, End-to-End Cloud Migration, Modernization, and Managed Services.

CDWT SHOP is a low-code platform that integrates different ecosystems (platforms, clouds, infra, tools, applications, workloads) with auto-remediation and self-healing required to deliver end-to-end cloud migration, modernization, and managed services to enterprises automatically with minimal human intervention, up to the application login layer. SHOP automates complicated operations involving different technology stacks and cloud and on-premise settings, including actions on network and compute components controlled by several business divisions or teams, in a seamless manner. Utilize our sophisticated Self-Healing Operations Platform (SHOP) to manage all Azure cloud assets from a single, intelligent interface and enhance security management – predictive alerts, risk assessment, and preventative maintenance.

Reduce or eliminate repair mean time
Healing that is Predictive and Preventive
50% Outage reduction with 30% performance enhancements
Delivery Consistency and Service Level Optimization
Automated, factory-like approach to Cloud Migration, Modernization, and Containerization.
Outsourced Services
Proactive identification of concerns, preventing problems before they develop
Automate reaction to real-time

4 Functions that make SHOP Weave Magic

Predictive & Preventive

By using clustering and regression models, SHOP is able to identify any abnormalities that might lead to system failures, ensuring that they are dealt with swiftly even before they occur.

Collective Knowledge

SHOP is also a full-stack infrastructure and Business Activity Monitoring solution that provides a 360-degree view of all pertinent data for identifying potential faults and early warnings.

Situational Awareness

SHOP captures all contextual data at the moment of the anomaly in order to give appropriate root cause possibilities that enable comprehensive and coherent replies.

Remedial Autonomous

Our in-house ML engine assures the optimal corrective action for the issue and the system.

Why Trust CDWT: An Impact with Difference

Twelve or more years as one of the most trusted Managed AWS cloud services and Application Modernization providers in APAC, MEA, and the Americas.

As a committed AWS Partner, the world's leading Application-focused, high-end managed services provider with AIOps-driven AWS Managed Operations.

24/7 Support supported by more than 2,000 cloud-certified professionals (including Kubernetes and DevOps specialists) who are proficient with ITIL, ITSM, and CoBIT delivery processes, and 26 Centers of Excellence.

Zero Friction AWS Application Modernization Model with industry-leading Application Migration Factory methodology, 25000+ migrated Apps, and Databases.

4000+ business clients, including 60 of the Fortune 500 and 5 of the top 20 global banks

The successful implementation of Public, Private, Hybrid, Multi, and Community AWS Cloud systems in 26 countries globally.

99.95% application availability, hyper-scalability, industry-leading uptime, and 50,000+ transactions per hour without failure.

Proven knowledge administering over 10,000 SAP instances and over 2,300 TB of HANA Database on AWS Cloud.

Proven knowledge with IBM, Oracle, OpenText, and Infosys, as well as cloud-native enterprise application management, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS transition on AWS Cloud.

Host and deploy apps in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) region of your choosing to ensure high availability and minimal downtime.

Proven knowledge in end-to-end Application Modernization with a focus on development, engineering, maintenance, administration, and security monitoring.

Dedicated DR options on AWS for diverse, complex application environments, including automated recovery-backup, failback-failover techniques.

Expertise in Dedicated Application Managed Security Services on AWS, 40+ Security Controls, and Dedicated SOCs.

CDWT's automation solutions, including Self-healing Operations, Automation Delivery platforms, and RPA solutions, include Self-healing Operations.

Expertise with hundreds of AWS cloud-native apps and technologies, best handled in accordance with customised business processes

Cost-effective Pay-per-use model under single SLA

1 Billion+ Hours of Managed Fail-safe Application Hosting managing 40,000+ VMs

Strict compliance with regulatory and country-specific data residency requirements

Azure Cloud Services – FAQ’s

Azure is an open cloud platform that facilitates the management and deployment of corporate applications in data centres. The Azure Cloud is compatible with all platforms and development tools.

Integrating the present IT infrastructure with public cloud apps facilitates work. Azure offers excellent Service Level Agreements that make it easy for businesses to operate highly available apps with little effort.

Azure provides the capabilities necessary for organisations to autonomously fix operating systems and services. Azure has hardware failure recovery and network load balancing features as well.
Microsoft Azure's basic services consist of a virtual network, DNS, and gateways, while its application protection services consist of a firewall and network security groups. In addition, there are application delivery services like as CDN, load balancer, and traffic management, as well as network monitoring services such as Azure monitor.
Microsoft Azure is a prime example of a public cloud. As Azure is a public cloud platform, the cloud provider takes care of the essential hardware, supporting infrastructure, and software. Using a web browser, enterprises may access the services and manage their accounts. Microsoft Azure provides software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS) (IaaS).
The Azure cloud service is a serverless solution that allows businesses to write less code, maintain less infrastructure, and cut expenses. With Azure cloud services, businesses do not have to worry about the maintenance and deployment of servers; the cloud infrastructure provides all the current resources required to keep apps operating.