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On-premises migration to a bespoke cloud architecture. Adopt intelligent and automated solutions for end-to-end, universal cloud administration. Protect the assets, workloads, and applications of private cloud computing with intelligent security, governance, and compliance. Your internal or corporate cloud service provider with minimal friction.


What and why are private cloud computing services offered?

Private cloud environment or private cloud deployment refers to an enterprise-specific cloud architecture that runs on private, partner datacenters. Private clouds are tailor-made to meet the fundamental IT needs of a company, as opposed to public cloud solutions that enable the seamless sharing of cloud resources and assets across numerous organisations. Both private and public clouds constitute a significant portion of the corporate cloud services industry, with enterprises wanting fully turnkey products opting for private cloud computing over public cloud services.


of Businesses Have a Hybrid-first or Private-first Cloud Strategy.


of business workloads are already or will soon be hosted on hybrid or private cloud.

The CDWT Private Virtual Cloud Computing Algorithm

Private cloud architectures are difficult, period. The majority of businesses outsource the planning, deployment, and administration of their private clouds to managed cloud service providers.

Complete CDWT Solutions and Services for Virtual Private Clouds

Intelligent Service Provider for an Effortless Cloud Journey

Create a private cloud architecture based on regional hosting zones. Optimize processes, applications, assets, and resources in accordance with company needs. Adopt CDWT's industry-leading Migration Factory methodology to connect all legacy systems and workloads to the private cloud with no data loss and no impact to company operations. As a leading-edge service provider, use innovative private cloud technology. Choose distinct benefits from the managed private cloud environments versus hybrid cloud solutions.

Concerns over data protection and sovereignty affect the majority of enterprises' public, hybrid, and on-premises private cloud adoption plans. With locally hosted zones powered by sustainable, eco-friendly data centres, hosting concerns are rendered moot. CDWT offers end-to-end managed private cloud hosting services for business assets, workloads, and data.

On the private cloud platform, CDWT Intelligent managed services provide end-to-end, completely automated management of resources (private cloud servers, private cloud storage and backend computing infrastructure, networks, platforms, middleware, applications, etc.). Streamline CloudOps via infrastructure optimization and cloud platform administration and governance. Utilize Sysops services to effortlessly deploy virtual instances, containers, and Kubernetes-managed solutions. Accept IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS models with simplicity, as well as database management, network administration, and business continuity planning. Easily modernise infrastructure, platforms, apps, and datacenter capabilities. Utilize cutting-edge analytics and AI to derive meaningful business insights from current workloads and processes. Enhance development environments using DevOps intelligence. Manage all supervision duties and requirements for private clouds using a unified, very intuitive interface.

Obtain comprehensive control over backend infrastructure resources, such as private cloud storage, computing, networks, data centres, etc., using CDWT's end-to-end infrastructure management services. Virtualize infra components and deploy VMs to upgrade essential functionality. Adopt a performance-optimized infrastructure as code architecture for agile results and optimum ROI.

Modern business IT ecosystems are usually complex due to the adoption of different platforms, infrastructure, and applications from several suppliers. This significantly complicates the deployment of a private cloud architecture that is compatible with all third-party platforms, legacy systems, distant settings, etc. With CDWT managed PaaS, you can put your worries to rest. Adopt cutting-edge APIs, libraries, middleware, and backend software to effortlessly integrate with diverse environments. The private cloud platform allows for the seamless development, deployment, operation, and management of applications, workloads, resources, assets, and operations across all on-premises ecosystems.

Rehost, rework, and re-architect business applications for optimum availability, flexibility, and security. Deploy microservices models with containers and management tools to maximise the cloud platform's utilisation by applications. Easily manage application workloads and data across different on-premises, third-party vendor environments from the private cloud.

Backend management of datacenter operations supporting the private cloud. Manage all static and dynamic dataflows with ease and guarantee data security and confidentiality. Integrate sophisticated database management systems, such as private cloud storage systems such as Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, Mysql, IMD, Hadoop, and Mongo.

Monitoring, management, and security of a network are essential to the fundamental activities of a company. Ensure that all private cloud servers, processes, workloads, and data are appropriately managed and not leaked to external parties using web application firewalls and network firewalls. Eliminate suspect traffic and defend against external threats. Load balancers and virtual private networks (VPNs) should be deployed as needed for crucial cloud deployment framework operations.

Organizations with numerous private clouds and public cloud platforms may choose for a hybrid cloud architecture that handles all mission-critical business processes. Integrate the private cloud with a public cloud architecture. Alternately, upgrade apps for smooth integration and operation across many platforms, third-party settings, and additional ecosystems. Manage the complete hybrid cloud and all of its backend components, resources, underlying infrastructure and processing power needs, security features, extra resources, assets, workloads, data, networks, and solutions from a unified cloud platform. Private and hybrid cloud solutions might be implemented as part of a multi-cloud architecture.

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions and managed services should be used to bolster remote workspace administration. Deploy Citrix VDI and Microsoft WVD with ease and expand up to numerous users. Ensure smooth functionality and nimble performance while maintaining the highest level of security and continuity. Using the chosen private cloud service, collaborate across regions with users.

Utilize innovative DevOps tools and automation technologies from the private cloud ecosystem to implement a modernised development environment across the whole IT stack. Utilize innovative CI/CD tools, security solutions, and data intelligence technologies to assist organisations in modernising their application/software architecture and accelerating time-to-market.

CDWT, a leader in cybersecurity, placed risk management at the top of its list of controlled priorities. CDWT coordinates the adoption and deployment of native cloud security, monitoring tools, and protocols across servers, storage, data centres, VMs, computing infrastructure, platforms, libraries, APIs, applications, and workloads for end-to-end security with a deployed private cloud architecture. Utilize CDWT's innovative Managed Detection and Response, SOC, SIEM-SOAR, threat hunting-discovery-mediation, and threat intelligence solutions for world-class private cloud security. Enhance the security of private clouds with the innovative Self Healing Operations Platform for predictive warning and preventative maintenance.

Duplicate all assets in several places to ensure business continuity. During calamities, resources may be backed up automatically and recovered with simplicity. Utilize severe RTO/RPO mechanisms and comprehensive disaster recovery procedures to guarantee 24x7x365 availability at any location.

Streamline administration and compliance issues for all cloud platforms, edge environments, on-premises systems, and third-party adoptions. To comply with data privacy and residency requirements, host assets in nearby data centres. Adopt a private cloud architecture that complies smoothly to national and international norms and standards, and frequently assess compliance.

Leverage CDWT's sophisticated Universal Cloud Platform to manage, administrate, and deploy hybrid cloud resources with efficiency. Integrate intelligent automation and RPA technologies of the highest calibre to enhance process automation, eliminate redundancies, and optimise resources and mission-critical applications for optimal ROI.

Utilize CDWT's one-of-a-kind Customer Support Portal, which has specific problem-solving, ticketing, and incident management capabilities. Gain access to 24/7 consultancy and end-to-end support.

Why Choose Virtual Private Cloud Services & Solutions from CDW?

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40+ Security Controls, Dedicated MDR-EDR, SOC, SIEM-SOAR, UEBA, ATP, IAM, PIM, and Threat Intelligence

CDWT's automation solutions, including Self-healing Operations, Automation Delivery platforms, and RPA solutions, include Self-healing Operations.

Cost-effective Pay-per-use model under single SLA

The effective deployment of Private Cloud Managed frameworks that comply to international standards and include industry best practises.

1 Billion+ Hours of Managed Fail-safe Application Hosting managing 40,000+ VMs

Common Virtual Private Cloud Tools and Procedures

Private Cloud Services – FAQ’s

Private clouds are cloud systems tailored to a single, private company user.

Private cloud architecture is often coupled to on-premises legacy systems and third-party apps with client-specific functionality.

A private cloud solution may be developed using infra systems and software applications from top providers such as IBM, AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud, all of which are managed by a completely managed services provider such as CDWT.
Hosted Private clouds function similarly to standard cloud solutions, with the exception that their resources are shared with a single organisation rather than a group of consumers.

Private cloud solutions may be created using on-premises infrastructure or data centres, or they can be hosted in a third-party zone.

The platforms are replete with enterprise-specific apps and fundamental goals. The company may use the hosted private cloud as it would any other cloud service.
Private cloud refers to an on-premises or local data centre deployment intended to meet the IT requirements of a single organisation.

Public cloud is a platform housed on enormous data centres whose resources are simultaneously accessible worldwide by various corporate customers.

Public and private clouds are distinct from the hybrid cloud environment, a sort of cloud computing paradigm that allows the seamless combination of the former two; update both current applications and those of the selected third-party service provider.
Private cloud is often more costly than public cloud since the organisation is responsible for hosting, infrastructure management, software maintenance, etc.

The infrastructure of a public cloud is maintained by the provider, and customers merely pay for the resources they use without administrative hassles on the underlying assets.

However, enterprises with strong data protection, residency, and bespoke needs may choose for private cloud platforms since it would be impossible to get such readymade features with a public solution.