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Migrate to the Cloud. Unlock hyper-performance IT workloads, unparalleled agility, and continuous continuity.


Deciphering Cloud Transformation: The New and Only IT Reality

Cloud has opened the way to a more productive company future characterised by hyper-agile performance and unfailing reliability. Today, practically all of the web’s largest platforms operate on the cloud, proving an essential truth: the virtual is the new enterprise reality. Gartner forecasts that by 2025, more than 80% of global data flow will be on the cloud!

CDWT, the leading end-to-end automation-driven, application-focused supplier of managed cloud services in the world, accepts full responsibility for your cloud experience. Adopt multi-cloud native and hybrid architectures on AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Oracle Cloud, and others. Embark on a customised private cloud if it appears appropriate. Modernize the IT stack, including applications, and use cutting-edge Hyperautomation, RPA, enhanced cybersecurity, and in-depth analytics to inspire business expansion. Obtain cloud consultation and assistance 24/7 from 2,000+ skilled professionals. Adopt the strategy of Smart Cloud. Embrace the Intelligent future.


of organisations perceive a lack of expertise as a barrier to cloud strategy implementation


of worldwide organisations now using cloud services plan to increase expenditure in the coming years.

In 2022

about 362 billion dollars will be spent worldwide on public cloud services.


Cloud Service Models

  • Utilize/virtualize and update the basic IT layer, comprising computer infrastructure and technologies such as processing architectures, networks, storage systems, and databases, through subscription in the cloud.
  • No on-premises IT concerns
  • Transition from CapEx to OpEx
  • Complete infrastructure access and control through APIs
  • Contemporary infra security
  • Cloud-based access to all enterprise platforms, backend architectures, and current development solutions, including microservices-functions-containers, operating systems, middleware, protocols, programming language solutions, and libraries.
  • Adopt contemporary DevOps environments
  • Say goodbye to infrastructure and platform upgrade-maintenance headaches
  • Easily test, create, and execute software and applications
  • Accelerate launch-to-market schedules.
  • Access online sophisticated corporate programmes such as HRM (Human Resource Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), MIS (Management Information System), etc. that are immediately installed from the cloud.
  • No responsibility for administration of underlying infrastructure platforms
  • Superior uptime and accessibility
  • Implement sophisticated role-based access
  • Customize applications and user interfaces as required

Model of Shared Responsibilities for Cloud- Based Service Mapping

Service Parameters

Cloud Deployment Models

As one of the most prevalent cloud deployment types, public cloud adoption provides organisations access to a common pool of cloud resources from a hyperscaler or global cloud provider. Utilize resources on-demand and pay only for what is consumed.

Public Cloud Solutions from CDWT
Proven competence in migrating to top public cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, etc., with no downtime. AIOps-driven, end-to-end managed operations
Choose from hundreds of cloud-native solutions to manage end-to-end business processes.
Data, processes, IT and datacenter assets, platforms, and corporate applications should be migrated and modernised.
Integrate with highly secure, compliant infrastructures, such as AWS Security Hub, AWS Snowball, Azure Sentinel, etc.
Adopt cutting-edge AI automation technologies and CDWT-exclusive solutions such as the Self-Healing Operations Platform (SHOP) for total resource visibility and optimization.

Utilize a private IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS cloud services model; a closed-loop architecture on the cloud platform of choice, such as Azure, AWS, GCP, IBM Cloud, OCI, etc., that is allocated solely to a certain enterprise. Alternatively, choose for CDWT’s own private cloud or community cloud solution, which guarantees 4-way DR and 99.995% availability in addition to unparalleled security, control, and intelligently managed operations.

Private Cloud Solutions from CDWT
End-to-end AIOps-driven managed operations for complex workloads such as SAP with zero interruption migration.
The Virtual Private Cloud or Community Cloud frameworks developed by CDWT cover several sectors, including Banking, Insurance, Government, Healthcare, and more.
Expertise in designing private cloud architectures based by Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Azure Private Cloud, Oracle Private Cloud Infrastructure, Google Virtual Private Cloud
Obtain superior security and availability with CDWT-exclusive solutions such as the Self-Healing Operations Platform.
Manage all workloads with a single interface. Ensure hyper-agility and minimal downtime
Compliant-ready architecture in accordance with local, national, and international standards, with Disaster Recovery
Integrated private datacenter administration with superior data storage and analytic tools for intelligent decision-making.

Gain the best of both worlds with Hybrid cloud. Combine your private IT environments with a public cloud platform, or choose a mixed IT stack that is optimised to work on any private or public cloud. Acquire the locked-down security benefit of private environments and the profitable availability, scalability, and agility of public cloud systems.

CDWT’s hybrid cloud offerings
End-to-end hybrid cloud migration and AIOps-driven managed operations for top hybrid cloud platforms, including Azure Stack, Azure Percept, Azure Arc, AWS Outposts, GCP Anthos, and others.
Design a hybrid architecture with a public cloud of your choosing and CDWT's virtual private cloud that guarantees 99.995% uptime and superior asset management.
Expertise in development, architectural construction, and solution customization for hybrid cloud environments
Gain unrivalled monitoring and protection with cloud-native solutions like Azure Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender, AWS Security Hub, Amazon Guard Duty, and Google Cloud Armor, among others.
Disaster Recovery and Compliance-Ready Architecture Designs and Fault-Tolerant Implementations
Management and security of edge, IoT, and endpoint settings without interruption

Manage numerous private and public cloud environments using universal dashboards and enable seamless communication and cooperation amongst IT systems spanning different environments. By running workloads from several hosting locations, you may combine the finest characteristics of different services and obtain a distinct edge for business continuity.

CDWT Multi-cloud Solutions
End-to-end AIOps-driven managed operations for complex, multi-cloud IT infrastructures with seamless migration.
Integrate public cloud solutions and private cloud designs without interruption or loss of data
Universal interface solutions for managing many clouds from a single point of administration
Track workloads, DevOps cycles, and dataflows and get superior performance insights
Easily extend compliance and intelligent security to all accepted cloud architectures.

CDWT: Intelligent End-to-End Managed Cloud Service Provider

Adopt the industry-leading cloud migration factory methodology to automate cloud migration procedures, suffer minimal data loss, and ensure the continuity of all business activities. Modernize, virtualize company activities in the cloud with a few clicks, and maximise your IT expenditures' return on investment.

Utilize CDWT's cloud readiness and assessment methods, identify business requirements, and create a unique cloud architecture blueprint for optimal cloud platform utilisation. Identify essential business tools and intelligent apps to unleash operational excellence that is future-ready and to embrace an end-to-end intelligent cloud experience.

Avail yourself of a comprehensive cloud migration service that includes distinct cloud strategy, planning, implementation, and governance stages. Under a single, pay-per-use SLA, businesses may adopt Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) with ease. Deploy the cloud platform based on the selected model: Public, Private, Hybrid, Multicloud. Create your own cloud-based IT infrastructure using AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM, S/4 HANA, or Oracle Cloud.

Leverage innovative cloud solutions and internationally compatible managed cloud services driven by AIOps. Utilize automated workflows, intelligent security management, data and business analytics, intelligent multi-cloud management, IT modernization, network administration, automated reporting, and continuous business continuity with CDWT Self-Healing Operations Platform (SHOP) and more.

Streamline the configurations of your cloud infrastructure, including data centres, apps, networks, servers, and administration. Adopt, in a matter of weeks, a cloud infrastructure with automated management and maintenance capabilities that has been specially created. Gain always-on availability, zero disruptive operations, zero data loss, infra modernization, easy interaction with current systems, intelligent infra risk management with round-the-clock monitoring, and hyper-scalable workload performance.

Streamline the configurations of your cloud infrastructure, including data centres, apps, networks, servers, and administration. Adopt, in a matter of weeks, a cloud infrastructure with automated management and maintenance capabilities that has been specially created. Gain always-on availability, zero disruptive operations, zero data loss, infra modernization, easy interaction with current systems, intelligent infra risk management with round-the-clock monitoring, and hyper-scalable workload performance.

Unlock cloud-based intelligent security management for your organisation. Obtain sophisticated risk assessment and management, intelligent threat prediction-detection-mitigation capabilities driven by industry-leading platforms such as Microsoft, OSINT, STIX&TAXI, MISP, etc. with end-to-end cloud managed security services from CDWT. Utilize the assistance of CDWT's world-class Incident Response and Security Operations Center (SOC) teams. Adopt cloud-native solutions of the highest calibre, such as Azure Sentinel, AWS Security Hub, AWS CloudTrail, and AWS Config, among others. Integrate security solutions that seamlessly synchronise with your cloud environment.

Effortlessly migrate your datacenter and IT assets, such as cloud apps, networks, workloads, servers, cloud solutions, and endpoint tools, to the cloud. Lift and shift, re-host, re-build, re-architect, or replace assets in order to maximise cloud advantages. Utilize virtualized infrastructure and applications to deliver enhanced scalability, agility, and continuity regardless of geographic or temporal differences. Obtain comprehensive support services for the uninterrupted modernization of your backend infrastructure.

Create a customised, cost-effective, and hyper-agile data storage solution on your preferred cloud platform. Use the cloud as your main storage architecture or easily upgrade your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning. Choose the option to construct a hybrid data management platform comprised of your preferred public cloud and on-premises environment for high-speed data transfer capabilities. Cloud-based data storage enables the use of sophisticated analytics to gather data intelligence and improve the quality of well-informed decisions.

Ensure continuous business continuity and failsafe cloud operations. Utilize CDWT's world-class Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings, which include secure colocation services, automated database backups and recovery, planned runbook creation with DR drills, RTO/RPO and fail-over assistance, uninterrupted network-server infrastructure and architecture support, intelligent risk management tools, global compliance, and 24/7 consultancy support.

Adopt hyper-automation technologies and RPA tools in order to boost your cloud journey and impact. With CDWT's turnkey hyperautomation solution, you can uncover the appropriate business processes for automation, collect data from even unstructured sources, automate difficult operations, and strategically expand automation throughout your organisation, among other capabilities. With their experience in process analytics and automation, our certified automation specialists have assisted a variety of firms in automating essential operations and transforming their businesses.

Why Should You Adopt Managed Cloud Services from CDWT?

Twelve or more years as one of the most trusted Managed AWS cloud services and Application Modernization providers in APAC, MEA, and the Americas.

As a committed AWS Partner, the world's leading Application-focused, high-end managed services provider with AIOps-driven AWS Managed Operations.

24/7 Support supported by more than 2,000 cloud-certified professionals (including Kubernetes and DevOps specialists) who are proficient with ITIL, ITSM, and CoBIT delivery processes, and 26 Centers of Excellence.

Zero Friction AWS Application Modernization Model with industry-leading Application Migration Factory methodology, 25000+ migrated Apps, and Databases.

4000+ business clients, including 60 of the Fortune 500 and 5 of the top 20 global banks

The successful implementation of Public, Private, Hybrid, Multi, and Community AWS Cloud systems in 26 countries globally.

99.95% application availability, hyper-scalability, industry-leading uptime, and 50,000+ transactions per hour without failure.

Proven knowledge administering over 10,000 SAP instances and over 2,300 TB of HANA Database on AWS Cloud.

Proven knowledge with IBM, Oracle, OpenText, and Infosys, as well as cloud-native enterprise application management, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS transition on AWS Cloud.

Host and deploy apps in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) region of your choosing to ensure high availability and minimal downtime.

Proven knowledge in end-to-end Application Modernization with a focus on development, engineering, maintenance, administration, and security monitoring.

Dedicated DR options on AWS for diverse, complex application environments, including automated recovery-backup, failback-failover techniques.

Expertise in Dedicated Application Managed Security Services on AWS, 40+ Security Controls, and Dedicated SOCs.

CDWT's automation solutions, including Self-healing Operations, Automation Delivery platforms, and RPA solutions, include Self-healing Operations.

Expertise with hundreds of AWS cloud-native apps and technologies, best handled in accordance with customised business processes

Cost-effective Pay-per-use model under single SLA

1 Billion+ Hours of Managed Fail-safe Application Hosting managing 40,000+ VMs

Strict compliance with regulatory and country-specific data residency requirements

Cloud Services – FAQ’s

Public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud architectures may be used to provide cloud services. Adoption of a public cloud provides access to centrally controlled and provided shared virtual resources. Private cloud architecture guarantees a unique, closed-looped cloud environment for a specific organisation. Hybrid cloud combines the best of both worlds by integrating and collaborating across private and public cloud systems. The final model represents the IT landscape as being fragmented over numerous adopted clouds, ideally administered via a single pane of glass.
As Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud services may be obtained (SaaS). IaaS products consist of cloud-delivered infrastructure for compute, storage, databases, and networks. PaaS provides development environments, platforms, architectures, and libraries on top of IaaS solutions, allowing customers to build, test, and deploy applications without interruption. The SaaS approach relieves businesses of all backend concerns, such as architecture, platforms, and infrastructure, and the customer merely uses the chosen SaaS application (HRM, ERP, CRM) without visibility or concern for the backend core architectures, servers, or databases.
Cloud services are primarily to remote, interconnected, vast computer infrastructure that is shared and accessible by various customers worldwide over the Internet. Consequently, enterprises just need an access device such as a computer and a steady internet connection to rent the provider's computing hardware, servers, and datacenters according on their operational requirements, removing the former's burden of maintaining a fully-fledged IT infrastructure on-premises. Periodically, clients who utilise the cloud are only invoiced based on their consumption.