CDWT Cloud Cost Optimization

Guaranteed savings on cloud expenditures while meeting the performance requirements of your most variable IT applications.


Cloud's cost optimization benefits are outlined.

Adoption of the cloud has become mandatory. In 2021, organisations are expected to allocate the majority of their IT budgets to the cloud due to the many advantages of cloud computing. However, there are growing worries regarding cloud computing expenditures.

Due to the prevalence of cloud wastage, a thoroughly cost-optimized cloud deployment, backed by a reliable and seasoned partner, is urgently required. CDWT’s proven cloud cost optimization solutions can help you succeed in an era of unpredictability, novelty, and ambiguity. We can assist you with planning, monitoring, optimising, and sizing your cloud resources to obtain the best results at the lowest feasible cost without sacrificing functional needs and security.

Cloud Cost Optimization Vs Cost Reduction

The challenging question

Is your cloud transition designed to withstand an uncertain future?

Cost optimization is now more important than cost reduction.

The cloud must be sufficiently protected to withstand future unpredictability with assurance.

What advantages does cloud optimization have over cost reduction?

In addition to pay-per-use advantages, unlock ongoing value with end-to-end visibility, IT automation, and other features.

Ensures relevance for infrastructure, application landscape, and architectural changes in the near and far futures.

Key Questions Answered for Cloud Cost Optimizaion

Prior to beginning on a cloud transformation journey, you must ask the following essential questions.

Can you evaluate expenditures by business unit, account, etc.?

Determine what has changed in your IT landscape and why.

Are instance usage measures in place for workload utilisation analysis?

Ensure that your IT is appropriately scaled and never overutilized while reacting to incidents.

Can peak and off-peak expenses and use be measured?

Gain insight into the allocation of IT resources so that they may be deactivated when not required.

Are RIs and Spot used efficiently by IT?

Observe infrastructure coverage, use, and spot usage.

Constant cost optimization on your cloud journey

Never should evaluating cloud resource utilisation and minimising cloud expenses be an afterthought. Cloud ROI should be an intrinsic element of the company plan from the beginning. However, optimising cloud costs is not a one-time endeavour. Additionally, it demands regular monitoring and administration.

At CDWT, we understand what it takes to match a cost-optimized solution with your business ambitions, application architecture, time, and available talents, and we’ll be with you for the duration of your cloud journey.

Enable next
generation application management.

Ensure optimum utilization of IT infrastructure.

Empower IT teams with informed decision-making.

Support distant workloads without effort and enhance performance.

Transform Spending on Cloud Services into Strategic Value

Our thorough whitepaper covers cloud cost optimization ideas and implementation processes for important cloud optimization pillars, ensuring that your cloud environment’s IT resource usage is always optimal.

What Should You Anticipate from CDWT?

Continual cost minimization during your cloud migration.

CDWT provides the strategy and road map necessary to identify, plan, and execute logical cloud journey phases. We do this by analysing the present and future condition of your IT infrastructure and business requirements.

Assess the ground realities to apply long-lasting value using a tried-and-true methodology to map out your cost-optimized route.

Deliver transformation with a failsafe approach for evaluating cloud infrastructure, even as business requirements and workloads change.

Utilize a complete set of best practices to construct your next-generation cloud-based systems and capabilities.

A failure to plan is a failure to plan

To provide cloud optimization that spans from the cloud’s core to its periphery, you must have a well-defined plan of action. With CDWT, you will never operate in the dark, as we provide you with a detailed road map using the most effective cloud cost optimization technologies and methodologies.

Evaluates every operational and integration risk.

Identifies security and compliance with regulations, as well as policy consequences.

Examines the advantages, dangers, and costs of different cloud computing models.

Calculates macro ROI and IT financials.

Proven Capability to Drive End-to-End Cloud Cost Optimization

With a fully automated “migration factory” strategy, the relevant people, and tried-and-true cloud cost optimisation techniques, you can avoid delays and consistently deliver high-quality products on time.

Effortlessly manage dynamic workloads
  • Our specialists begin with workload identification for individualised planning to guarantee that transition will not disturb operations.
Pre-built, tried, and tested models
  • CDWT has previously tested cost-effective, industrialised, and packaged cloud solutions that accelerate transition.
Optimize complex and large migrations
  • Streamlined migrations across multiple database systems, both homogenous and diverse.

Optimize returns on any cloud or platform, regardless of their complexity.

We are committed to expediting time-to-market, improving operational economies, and streamlining IT administration. We can assist with the planning and construction of cost-effective solutions or with the reduction of existing cloud expenditures on any cloud platform.

Why CDWT for Cost Optimized Cloud?

Since over a decade ago, one of the most trusted Virtual Private Cloud Solutions and Managed Services in APAC, MEA, and the Americas.

4000+ cloud transformation stories

Largest Application-centric, high-end managed cloud services provider on the planet, offering AIOps-driven Managed Private Cloud Operations, including CloudOps and SysOps.

Zero Friction AWS Application Modernization Model with industry-leading Application Migration Factory methodology, 25000+ migrated Apps, and Databases.

24/7 Support supported by more than 2,000 certified cloud specialists and 23 Centres of Excellence

Obtain customised Private cloud capabilities with a specialised solutions package including RPA, SHOP, UCP, and other cutting-edge technologies.

99.95% application availability, hyper-scalability, industry-leading uptime, and 50,000+ transactions per hour without failure.

Private Cloud services for sophisticated infrastructural upgrading, application administration, and remote workflow management.

Premium worldwide S/4 HANA provider: Dedicated SAP on Cloud know-how handling 10,000+ SAP instances and 2300+ TB of HANA Database

Dedicated Disaster Recovery on Private Cloud and Business Continuity Planning products for diverse, complex settings with automated recovery-backup, failback-failover processes.

40+ Security Controls, Dedicated MDR-EDR, SOC, SIEM-SOAR, UEBA, ATP, IAM, PIM, and Threat Intelligence

CDWT's automation solutions, including Self-healing Operations, Automation Delivery platforms, and RPA solutions, include Self-healing Operations.

Cost-effective Pay-per-use model under single SLA

The effective deployment of Private Cloud Managed frameworks that comply to international standards and include industry best practises.

1 Billion+ Hours of Managed Fail-safe Application Hosting managing 40,000+ VMs

Cloud Cost Optimization – FAQ’s

It entails minimising or optimising your cloud cost by monitoring cloud resource utilisation, rightsizing resources to match rising demand, and deleting underutilised or over-provisioned resources so that you only pay for what you employ.

It also involves developing techniques for selecting the optimal purchasing alternatives, reserving instances at reduced prices, and obtaining the greatest available vendor discounts depending on use.
Tools for Cloud Cost Optimization give total insight into your cloud architecture and enable you to monitor your cloud resources, consumption patterns, and compute needs, as well as manage your cloud expenditures. They analyse patterns, discover abnormalities, and assist in resource allocation. Some even allow you to assign budgets to various teams and set up alerts to prevent billing surprises and notify you when you are overpaying or over/underutilizing the resources.
If you use or prefer AWS Cloud, AWS offers pricing models, tools, and best practises to help you continually monitor and control costs while meeting business requirements.
Azure cost management gives a unified perspective of all Azure accounts, measures resource use, and controls expenses. It provides the appropriate tools and tactics to plan, assess, and optimise an Azure cloud investment.
You may use Google Cloud's cost management tools to get insight into your cloud expenditures and optimise cloud expenses with the help of Google's intelligent suggestions and robust financial governance regulations and permissions.