Next-Generation Firewall By CDWT

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Next Generation Firewall The secret to granular, powerful security controls

The increasing number and sophistication of hackers and con artists drives corporations to spend millions securing their networks. The sector is also seeing substantial upheavals, such as hybrid IT, expanding network edges, segmented networks, and hyperscale, which are accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge security solutions to prevent dangers before it’s too late.

In the face of unmanaged endpoints, complicated cloud architecture, and ever-evolving attack vectors, the necessity for a Zero Trust strategy is more clear than ever. Nonetheless, the absence of convergence remains a significant obstacle to reaching Zero Trust.

Firewalls have long been a vital component of organisational cybersecurity measures, but classic firewalls were not built to handle the current security needs or provide cloud-first enterprises with minute visibility and threat prevention.

The Next-Generation Firewall combines the essential elements of a conventional firewall with a variety of cutting-edge technologies to assist contemporary companies maintain network resilience and management. NGFWs provide essential security against internal and external threats, including precise control, deep-packet inspection, and application awareness, as well as antivirus and spam filtering.

CDWT Next-generation Firewall: Convergence Across All Edges.

To protect the hybrid network and applications, CDWT has established a networking and security convergence strategy in which security-driven networking provides consistent convergence across all ZTNA edges.

Network FIrewall

Swith & Wi-Fi


Secure Web Gateway

Security at Every Network Edge

As the attack surface develops, new and enlarged Network Edges are created that must be safeguarded. By establishing an integrated network fabric, CDWT NGFW secures each network edge, whether WAN, endpoint, or cloud.

Consistent Convergence

CDWT NGFW combines convergent networking and security in a single solution with a flexible deployment approach through appliance, virtual machine, container, and software as a service. Our security-driven, highly scalable networks provide smooth convergence without performance interruptions.

Better User Experience

The ultra-scalable performance and AI-powered security are intended to cover every edge of an organization for improved user experience and consistent protection against threats.

What Can the CDWT Next-generation Firewall Do for Your Company?

Comprehensive vulnerability visibility and avoidance using IPS

Secure segmentation to threat lateral attacks

Secure service regardless of size

Find the Appropriate Competencies to Manage Your Next-Gen Firewall

Robust network security requires more than just the correct NGFW. To handle the newest technology and maximise your security performance, you need the appropriate expertise. As a leading supplier of Managed Security Services, CDWT offers extensive skill support for corporate NGFW management. Here are the advantages of our Managed Security Services for your organisation:

Reduced Administrative Costs

Current Policies and Revised NGFW

Optimized Policies for Productive Operation

Executive perspectives derived from actionable reports

CDWT Next-Gen Firewall: Key Differentiators

AI-powered Protection

Protect any person, application, or network edge with CDWT's industry-leading Integrated Intrusion Prevention System, which is used by the world's top financial institutions.


Manage risks and provide trustworthy access with the only firewall vendor equipped with an integrated ZTNA proxy for explicit application access.


Meet growing business requirements with the industry's first purpose-built security hardware.

Deep visibility

TLS1.3 facilitates the management of external hazards. We also provide the best SSL performance assessed IPS remediation in the market.

Streamlined Operations

For improved economics, efficient and centralized operations are accomplished by a unified, single pane that automates activities across large (100k+) networks.

Why Choose CDWT?

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