Student Information System

With a Student Information System, schools, academies and educational institutions of all sizes are able to perform a nearly exhaustive list of tasks much more efficiently than they would do without it. Registering students to classes, forming timetables, tracking attendance and storing performance records — such as grades and assessments — are only a subset of the tasks and processes that can be facilitated with such a system.

Awesome features

SmartEducation – Student Information System for academic institutions

SmartEducation is an innovative cloud-based Student Information System platform with an integrated Mobile App designed for schools, universities, and private educational institutions. It is a platform intended to provide a simple, user-friendly, and effective platform for the administration, instructors, students, parents, and other stakeholders of an educational institution. It may be utilised for a single branch to many branches using a single set of account credentials, making it suited for institutions with several branches operating in various places.

It features over 40 advanced, dynamic modules that meet all of the needs for an institution to go fully digital and paperless. Right-based system access provides even more value to the highly organised and efficient management of the whole institution.

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Experience the modern Student Information System

When searching for an All-in-one Student Information System, consider not only the number of modules, but also the depth of each module, the look and feel, and the user experience. This video provides an overview of SmartEducation. We have taken care of every detail and attempted to make it as straightforward as possible for you.

For Colleges

Since COVID, every institution of higher education in the globe has sought an advanced cloud-based Student Information System. It has become a fundamental, non-negotiable condition for effective operations. The SmartEducation team has always tried to build a system that could accommodate the ever-changing needs of various educational institutions. Through our advanced SIS, we have assisted several universities in being completely paperless in admissions and cashless in operations.

For Coaching Institutes

Coaching institutions handle many batches and courses from a single location, with the assistance of numerous subject matter experts. Hundreds of students are affiliated with an institution. Without a high-quality Mobile App-based Coaching Management Software, it is very challenging to keep students and parents informed of crucial data and information. SmartEducation is pleased to provide the most sophisticated and effective coaching management software with important features in a Mobile App for on-the-go monitoring and updates.

For Schools

Each school is an organization with tens of thousands of stakeholders. Keeping them connected and current on a single platform has become a requirement for effective operation. SmartEducation offers state-of-the-art SIS software with mobility-driven features that enable all stakeholders to utilize it in the most efficient manner having built-in on-line system and regulated by the Institute of Studies for the purpose of keeping student data and records efficiently.

Important functionalities and Benefits of Student Information System (SIS)

Some of the most essential features a College must have are

  • Effortless online admission with customer relationship management
  • Electronic fee payment with accounting management
  • App-based communication with students and parents
  • Material exchange
  • Inventory administration
  • Complaints and grievance handling
  • Documentation for NAAC accreditation
  • Certificates and identification cards
  • Library Administration
  • Human Resource management including biometric/face recognition

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Some of the most essential features a oaching institute must have are

  • Managing Inquiries using CRM
  • Student attendance
  • Communication module
  • Management of Fees with Online Payments
  • Bio-metric/Face recognition integration
  • Exam Management
  • Inventory Administration
  • Expense Management
  • Curriculum Planning and Homework
  • App directory of users

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We offer a fantastic solution to assist coaching institute franchisees and multi-locations with centralised financial administration and data analysis.

Some of the most essential features a School must have are

  • Document-free online admission with CRM inquiry management
  • Fee Administration through Online Payment Gateway
  • App-based communication with students and parents
  • Lesson Planning
  • Examination Administration
  • Certificates and identification card maker
  • Result card generator
  • Human Resource management including biometric/face recognition

If you’re dissatisfied with your current School Management Software or want to move from offline on-premise to cloud-based advanced School ERP, please contact us. We would gladly provide you with a full demonstration and free trial access.

If you are affiliated with a school or know a school that may benefit from our services, please feel free to recommend us.

SmartEducation is the result of a young team’s desire to provide a wide number of educational institutions with the most advanced and user-friendly cloud-based solution, which serves as the major platform for efficient operations.