Library Management System

By creating a School Library Management System tool, SmartEducation School Management Software intends to offer clients with a means to enhance their students’ literary skills. This system completely automates all the library’s activities. The best way to maintain, organize, and handle countless books systematically is to implement a library management system software.


Online Library Management System

Students’ collective creativity is increased by the library, emphasising the library’s viewpoint to make sense of changing times, which can be better handled utilising the most advanced technology.

The School Library Management System is a component of the Institute Management System, which focuses on specialised library and librarian concerns. It tracks the records of the number of books in the library, how many books are issued, or how many books have been returned or renewed or late fine charges, etc.

You can find books in an instant, issue/reissue books quickly, and manage all the data efficiently and orderly using this system. The purpose of a library management system is to provide instant and accurate data regarding any type of book, thereby saving a lot of time and effort.

Awesome features

“SmartEducation” Library Management System for
Educational Institutes

Manage Books, Racks, Sections

Using the SmartEducation School Management Software and School Mobile App, users and students may access the Book Profile while doing a search. This will provide the reader with an overview of the types of books accessible in the library, allowing them to choose which volumes to consult or borrow for personal use. When building a database for each and every book in the library, librarians will have easy access. Instead of repeatedly creating a single book entry, Librarian may create numerous book entries at once.
The Library uses a contemporary categorization approach to organise its collection of books. The SmartEducation School Management Software displays a list of all available Books in the Library. It permits searches based on keywords or many access points, including author, title, topic, racks, and category.
The School Library Management System enables the addition of multiple copies for a single book, allowing the same book to be provided to numerous students simultaneously based on the available stock in the library.
Going Digital!! - We also provide the opportunity to upload an e-Paper Book in place of the real hard copy in the library. This will allow students to access the books whenever necessary.

Barcode Scanner Integration

According to the ISBN Book marking requirements, each book in the library will have a unique barcode, therefore even numerous copies of the same book will each have a unique barcode. This facilitates the Librarian’s management of books by preventing potential misunderstanding.

Using the SmartEducation Institute Management System, a barcode will be produced for each book, which may be printed collectively for numerous volumes. This will be a sustainable use of resources by not only reducing paper use for printing purposes, but also becoming digital and storing library book record entries.

For Issuing or Returning a book, barcode scanning may be utilised, saving time on looking for books and preventing lengthy lines inside the Library.

Manage Requests for Books

In addition to identifying a book’s availability, the SmartEducation Institute Management System also displays whether the book is now available or has been issued, as well as the anticipated date of return.

SmartSchool School Administration Software for Library administration is accessible from any place using a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
Easily manage Book Issue or Return requests using the mobile number as a reference.
Manage late returned books and apply per-day late fees to users who have returned books late.
Create invoices for students for charges paid against the category of late fee charges.
Manage Lost/Damaged/Missing books individually and charge the same from the users as a % of the Total amount of the Book.
The costs paid for a lost book might be adjusted from the pupils as a token amount. The sum paid for a lost book may be refunded if it is recovered.
Set a book issue limit for all users and the number of days they may retain the book.
Send Due SMS to students using your own template and the MyClassCampus Institute Management System, together with the desired number of regular intervals.

Printing Book Reports

The Book Request report may be used to monitor the issue and return dates of all books by searching for specific book requests.
Report on fines paid by students for late fees, lost or missing books, and damage.
The data in the Books report may be categorised by Student name, Book Title, Author, Subject, and Classroom.
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Library Management System
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