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Unlock Information Security at the A-Level with IRAP Assessment. Protect Confidential Data Using Cloud Services and Advanced Cybersecurity Assessment Services.


Information security is required, hence IRAP Assessment is Required.

Due to digitalization, the current threat environment is constantly changing. Every hour, organizations process millions of client data. As they deal with a great volume of personal information, it is crucial for businesses to maintain optimal data security. In recent years, data theft has become one of the most prevalent cybercrimes. In order to protect the sensitive personal information of millions of clients, corporations must collaborate with strong technology.

The idea of compliance is not limited to IT alone. It must be integrated into the overall corporate concept. Compliance should be implemented at all operational levels. Whether via the deployment of a dedicated security team or the investment in cutting-edge technology, cybersecurity should be an intrinsic component of corporate operations. CDWT provides a complete array of compliance-as-a-service products supported by creative automation and cutting-edge technology to help you construct a secure and impregnable security environment.

What is IRAP Compliance?

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) and the Australian Signals Directorate created the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP). IRAP offers a comprehensive methodology for assessing the efficacy of an enterprise’s security controls and handling of sensitive data (including data from Australian government agencies and local government agencies) according to the Australian Government’s security policy framework.

This enables the government to determine if an enterprise’s data scapes adhere to the strictest security, risk management, ICT Security, and control criteria. Compliance monitoring of an organization’s ITOps and databases is of highest significance to CDWT, one of the world’s major Managed Cloud Service Providers and a leading cybersecurity firm. CDWT’s compliance expertise can assist businesses, including public sector clients, operating on any cloud platform or hyperscaler to comply with IRAP standards, establishing a robust security policy framework.

Why Should Your Organization Become IRAP-Compliant? Now, what exactly does the IRAP assessment cover?

The Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) analyses the compliance of corporate and public sector internal teams and cybersecurity specialists with the highest security standards and norms.
How businesses seek for, uncover, analyse, react to, and recover from threats or events, particularly those that are very sophisticated. Obtain exhaustive security evaluations.
How businesses study, evaluate, and deploy third-party products and services
How does the organisation record or document its end-to-end cybersecurity processes, rules, and protocols?
The measures taken by the firm to secure its datacenters, office infrastructure, etc., against cyber attacks and other security concerns of a more serious kind.
How can a company efficiently recruit and manage workers while complying to the most stringent security protocols?
Analyzing how firms protect their communication equipment and technological solutions, such as Wi-Fi, networks, and private connections. Assess the enterprise's ICT security plan as a whole.
Analyzing the security standards of a company's mobile devices, computers, and other digital devices
Assessing how a company securely manages its online systems, interfaces, and platforms, as well as how users interact with ecosystems.
Analyzing how databases are handled, migrated, upgraded, and updated while taking into account enhanced security policies
For optimal security and protection, analysing emails, email attachments, and related networks or devices associated with emails.

A Glance: IRAP Evaluation and Compliance

Stage 1: Planning and Overall Assessment
  • The IRAP Assessor consults with the organisation in order to establish the objectives and comprehend the current architectures, systems, processes, and applications. The evaluations may include the following:
  • Plan for Information Security and Risk Management
  • Plan for System Security
  • Plan for Security Risk Management
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Normalized Operating Procedures
  • Stage 1 IRAP Evaluation Report
Stage 2: Blueprinting and In-depth Analysis
  • The IRAP Assessor performs a more in-depth analysis of the organization's IT assets, systems, and landscapes and provides specific recommendations or remediations to make the organisation IRAP-compliant. Activities consist of:
  • Possible site visits and interview with employees
  • Reviews of system implementation
  • Physical Security Inspections
  • Comparing phase 1 Security plan reviews to actual implementations
  • Stage 2 IRAP Evaluation Report
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Benefits of CDWT Managed Compliance Services for Regulatory GxP Workloads in the Cloud

CDWT provides an innovative GxP compliance solution to expedite the migration and administration of your regulated workloads to any cloud environment (public, private, hybrid and multi). SaaS (business apps), PaaS (cloud services), and IaaS are covered by CDWT (global infrastructure). You may swiftly develop a GxP-compliant framework by using CDWT’s life sciences experience, factory-based approach to cloud adoption, and managed services.

Persistent Cloud Compliance

Reduce your compliance risk and achieve continuous cloud compliance with CDWT's framework and accelerators, which are designed for Azure, AWS, GCP, OCI, and CDWT's public and private clouds.

Cloud Journey Evaluation

Using CDWT's Cloud assessment workshops, accelerate your cloud journey by identifying critical business ideas made feasible by the cloud.

Cloud Acceptance

Accelerated deployment and acceptance of cloud and commercial apps using pre-packaged solutions built using best practices from the medical sciences.

Cloud Adoption Architecture

A Cloud Adoption Framework-based production line for the migration of regulated workloads.


Cost-effective solution bundle supplied as a service to reduce compliance and innovation hurdles

Profit Generation

Prioritize value-creating activities above value-consuming ones.

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Why Partner with CDWT to Achieve Compliance in Your Industry?

The world's biggest Application-focused Managed Cloud Services Provider and a leader in managed cybersecurity. Dedicated security evaluation services.

12+ years of service to 4000+ corporations, including 60+ Fortune 500 companies, in 25+ countries spanning the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and APAC.

More than 40 Security Controls, twenty Centres of Excellence, and two thousand worldwide cloud specialists

Pre-met compliance demands for local, national, and international compliance regulations, such as IRAP, GDPR, HIPAA, SAMA, CSA, GXP, and ISO Certifications.

3200 UTMs, 13000 HBSS, 800000 EPS

Seven Security frameworks using the MITRE ATT&CK, CIS Critical Security Controls, and more

Comprehensive 24x7 monitoring of cyber security

Advanced Managed Detection and Response Solutions Automated Security Solutions for threat prediction, detection, and response (MDR)

Expertise in managed SOC (Security Operations Center) services and solutions on a global scale.

DevSecOps-specific portfolio

Cybersecurity Consulting, Cybersecurity Assessment, and Audit Reporting Services for the Entire IT Stack and Cloud Infrastructure.

Advanced Cybersecurity Incident and Response Team (CSIRT) for CDWT

Threat Intelligence powered by Industry-leading platforms such as Microsoft, OSINT, STIX&TAXI, MISP, etc. and CDWT Threat experts

Considerable threat management knowledge in protecting big and complex settings and using the sophisticated features of industry-leading technologies and Cloud-Native Security products.

Expertise in building and administering comprehensive SIEM - assisting organisations in proactively assessing vulnerabilities and automating and accelerating incident response.