Drive exceptional performance and profitable development in the digital economy with SAP and CDWT.

Achieve victory through strengthening relationships with business partners and providing great customer service.

To gain a competitive edge and flourish in your industry, you must simplify every area of your wholesale and distribution operations. CDWT can help you maximize client opportunities, maintain lean inventory levels, and optimize operations from demand forecasting to delivery using SAP Wholesale Distribution.

Perspective on the New Business Model in Wholesale Distribution

Disruptive Technologies
In-Memory computing
Block Chain
Big Data
Machine Learning
Sales & Engagement Channels
Product & Services Portfolio
Profitability Model
Delivery Organization & processes

What you can Accomplish

SAP Solutions with CDWT allow you to enhance all facets of your organization.


SAP Wholesale Distribution enables enterprises to obtain insight and control over each stage of the supply chain.


With SAP Wholesale Distribution, businesses can integrate processes and information, simplify production, and optimize asset use and efficiency.


SAP Wholesale Distribution allows you to decrease operating expenditures, boost employee efficiency, manage inventory, and produce both scalability and profitability.

SAP Wholesale Distribution Value Map

CDWT can implement SAP systems and manage them end-to-end to improve the value of your supply chain at every stage.
Supply Chain Planning
  • Demand Administration and Insights
  • Planning for Sales, Inventory, and Operations
  • Supply and Demand Planning
  • Sourcing and Contract Administration
  • Operational Procurement
  • Supplier Management
  • External Workforce Administration
  • Services Purchasing
  • Invoice and Payables Management
  • Supplier Partnership
  • Purchasing Analytics
  • Cost Recoupment and Refunds
Supply Chain Execution
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Network for Track & Trace and Logistics
  • Order Promising
  • Yard Operations
Marketing and Sales
  • Rebates and incentive programs for customers
  • Omnichannel Commerce Management
  • Commerce Personalization
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Performance Management in Sales
  • Offer to Cash
  • One Customer Perspective
  • Optimized Marketing
  • Omnichannel Client Support
  • Field Service Administration
  • External Workforce Administration
  • Subscription Management
  • Added-Value Product and Service
Human Resources
  • Human Resources Fundamentals and Service Delivery
  • Talent Administration & Learning
  • Payroll, Time & Attendance management
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Individual Analytics
  • Financial Analysis and Planning
  • Financial Accounting and Fiscal Close
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • Finance Administration
  • Treasury Administration
  • Real Estate Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance
  • Cybersecurity and Information Privacy
Platform & Technology
  • Analytics
  • Application Infrastructure and Platform
  • Database Management Systems
  • IT Management
  • IoT Technology and Business Services
  • Security Applications

CDWT's Digital Transformation as a Service with SAP

Roadmap matched with your business's objectives and interests

Modular method to meeting requirements

Flexible Delivery models

Initiatives for Digital Transformation based on subscriptions

Roadmap that is optimized and future-proof

Our team of SAP consultants, who are well-versed (technically and functionally) in SAP solutions as well as key industries, will work with you to examine your company, identify your potential and difficulties in many areas, and implement SAP solutions accordingly. This will aid in the creation of a road plan that prioritizes your most pressing demands. The road map is regularly revised to reflect what is most vital at any given time.

Modular, factory-driven methodology and adaptable delivery methods

We have developed industry-specific frameworks to bring value in the following areas based on our considerable knowledge with SAP technologies and experience gleaned from hundreds of SAP migrations, installs, and transformations over the last decade:

Enhance enterprise value with innovative technology (RPA, Machine learning, AI, Advanced analytics and more).

Develop and enhance income streams and customer engagement

Automate company planning, decrease corporate waste, and optimize operational expenditures.

Personalized user experiences on any device for both consumers and staff.

Contribute to the attraction and retention of talent via really dynamic and engaging employee-centered events

We have developed industry-specific frameworks to bring value in the following areas based on our considerable knowledge with SAP technologies and experience gleaned from hundreds of SAP migrations, installs, and transformations over the last decade:

Initiatives for Digital Transformation based on subscriptions

CDWT is a one-stop-shop for all of your Digital Transformation requirements. We provide flexible engagement models based on outcomes (flexible personnel, pay-per-use facilities, etc.) that simplify the procurement process.

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