Digital Testing Services for the Retail Industry

CDWT’s experience in Retail Testing has assisted multi-channel retailers change their operations through a quality-optimized, results-driven strategy, employing an unbiased quality engineering approach, tailored retail testing frameworks & solutions, and a strong domain understanding. Our end-to-end testing methodologies for the retail business support the initiatives of enterprise re-platforming/upgrade/migration/setup of difficult integration between the most recent CRM, OMS, WMS, Cloud, Mobile, and Web applications.

BlueSwan (private IP), Mobile Device Lab, Ecommerce Test Suite, DevOps Sandbox, Point of Sale (POS) laboratories and accelerators, and Business Process Testing (BPT) frameworks cover the following Lines of Business (LoB’s):

Multi-channel Commerce:
Point-of-Sale, Mobile Point-of-Sale, Kiosk, CRM and Ecommerce
Enterprise Management:
Workforce & Master Data Management, Analytics, Reporting, & Account Integration
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Warehouse & Inventory Management, Order Fulfillment, Logistics, & Field Force Automation

Real-World Solutions for Global Retailers

CDWT’s appealing retail solutions allow organisations to better match with end-user requirements. From food to fashion to e-commerce, we have collaborated with industry leaders on Digital Quality Engineering for the Retail Industry. Our extensive services cover the whole retail and digital commerce ecosystem, enabling our clients to get access to:

Flexible & Scalable Engagement Models
Strong Expertise (Domain Competency Group (DCG) & Retail TCoE)
Cloud-enabled labs for testing Compatibility, Performance, Mobile, & Security
Next-generation proprietary software testing platform – BlueSwan that helps in Time & Cost reduction
Enterprise Test Accelerators & a Reusable object repository

Retail Domain Expertise & Benefits


Retail testers


Standardized Test Cases


Pre-built test accelerators for POS


E2E Business Process Charts

Real-World Solutions for Global Retailers

Highlights of CDWT’s Retail Test Solutions:
Assist you in shifting your focus from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering: Shift-Left, begin testing and QA of applications early
Decades of experience and thought leadership in QA tackling retail business obstacles.
Domain experts specialising in automation, performance, security, and mobile testing provide comprehensive testing services for the full retail IT landscape.
Advantage in time-to-market using prefabricated retail test accelerators
Custom-built strategy services for shops moving digital for the first time
Instrumental in enabling Agile and DevOps for retailers, reducing test cycle time

CDWT’s Testing CoE for Retail

CDWT’s automated end-to-end testing services in retail lead to increased sales and profitability by enhancing the in-store user experience.

Using a Retail and Digital Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) and Domain Competency Group (DCG), CDWT has developed Enterprise Test Accelerators and solutions for multiple retail platform types. These enablers cut testing efforts by more than 70 percent. The Retail TCoE at CDWT focuses on turning end-user needs into new business prospects.

Logistics and Supply Chain CoE

To be successful, retail firms also require dependable Logistics & Transportation services. Our services check your applications for the following:

Application Readiness

Reliability, Compliance and Internationalization

Operational Readiness

Failure, Disaster Recovery, and Performance Benchmarking


Shipment Monitoring, RFID, and Order Status


A/B or Multivariate, Social Data Analytics

Logistics & Supply Chain Product Expertise

POS Testing Expertise

CDWT POS Testing Services employ in-house reusable test assets in order to provide domain-specific, tailored, and cost-effective solutions and to achieve shorter validation cycles. Our professionals do end-to-end functional, regression, and test automation, boost test coverage, and minimise human intervention when completing testing for your POS systems.

Web-based Terminal, Micro Kiosk, Drawer, PCI, Receipt, and Scanner are POS components.
Legacy POS, Touch Screen, Mobile POS, and Self-Service Kiosk.
Hospitality, retail, travel, and healthcare
Implementation, Upgrade, Migration, and Patches/Enhancements are the types of releases.

Our Experience in POS Platforms, Tools, & Providers