Inventory Management Software

Managing inventory has always been challenging, and for the same reason, administration has longed for a solution where everything can be handled in an one location. We feel that our School Administration Software may assist your institution in working more efficiently with inventory management.


Smart Inventory Management Software

Organizations from small to large businesses can make use of inventory management to track their flow of items. There are numerous inventory management techniques, and using the right one can lead to providing the correct items at the correct amount, place and time.

Inventory control is a separate area of inventory management that is concerned with minimizing the total cost of inventory, while maximizing the ability to provide customers with products in a timely manner. In some countries, the two terms are used synonymously.

Smart Inventory Management Software

Managing made easier

Items (such as Stationery, Uniforms, and Books) that an institution must provide to students and/or faculty may be created and managed by the Admin. Add and manage the suppliers from whom institutions acquire goods. The administrator may also see vendor history.

Inventory Management Dashboard

Stock and Sections

Using our Institute Management System, you may access the whole stock list in one glance. Administrators may also examine all item-specific information. For stock distribution, distinct groups might be established. Administrators may also build sub-sections. Items may be assigned to newly generated sections or subsections.

Vendor List

Items List

Purchase Orders

There is no need to continuously manage the books to maintain purchase orders. Admin may record Purchase orders directly in our Institute Management System. Once added, administrators have the option to Print and view PDFs. Additionally, one may mark the order as received to immediately put the items to stock.

Item management

Our School Administration Software has a function that allows administrators to accept requests for specified products. The proper authority has the discretion to approve or reject the request. If the request is approved, the quantity is deducted automatically from stock.

Inventory Management System – FAQ’s

This module may be used by any institution wishing to keep an inventory.
Any instructor or student that needs a certain item may request it. The administrator may enter the request into the system, and the appropriate party can approve or reject it.
If the item request is granted, the required quantity will be immediately subtracted from stock.
From the Inventory management section of our School ERP, it is possible to print or just examine the purchase order.
Admin may get reports in both PDF and Excel formats.