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Retailers have long explored creative approaches to better understand their clients. They accomplished this by adopting new methods and technologies that increased customer behavior visibility. Now, retail firms may reach their desired degree of consumer involvement and imagine an unparalleled level of operational efficiency thanks to a potent solution called SAP Retail.

The SAP Retail solution can facilitate the digital transformation of retail operations by streamlining the transfer of goods and products from sourcing to the consumer. The SAP Retail business function set comprises the modules necessary to operate a retail chain, including Logistics and Warehousing and Sales & Marketing. SAP S/4HANA Retail for merchandise management was natively designed on the SAP HANA platform, and it is SAP’s major product for the retail industry. It integrates a number of technologies to assist crunch data and extract insights; this will facilitate the development of innovative and successful business practices.

In-memory real-time, high-performance platforms

The extent of data that may be supplied to these databases is not restricted to structured data source systems like as ERPs or CRMs, but also includes human-readable information such as email and SMS texts. Using complex algorithms, segmentation and data analysis are then carried out with lightning speed. The technology used is SAP HANA.

Analytics for social media platforms

Terabytes of online social debates and activity may provide retailers with real-time access to public perspectives, enabling them to comprehend customer views and preferences, developing trends, and more. SAP Customer Activity Repository and SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence are used.

E-commerce software, integrated customer relationship management and loyalty applications

Incorporating both transactional data and customer interactions (desktop, mobile device, in-store, social media) to capture all consumer touchpoints. Involved Technologies: SAP CRM and Hybris.

Mobile technologies

Using mobile devices and geospatial technology, retailers can connect with consumers in a customized and contextual manner. The involved technologies are the SAP mobile platform and Fiori.

Retail IT solutions should take into consideration the different software needs of retail and industrial businesses. This is particularly evident in retail's approach to planning and distribution, which differs from industrial enterprises' production-oriented aims. SAP Retail is intended to deal with several parts of retail operations, including Purchasing, Sales, Logistics, and Inventory. It provides competitive assortment strategies, variable sales technologies, and matching site categories, in addition to customer-centric delivery logistics for consumer goods in retail.

Increasingly, consumers expect personalized services and offerings. Individual customers anticipate that their favorite shops will be aware of their earlier purchases and interactions in order to provide them with improved offers and service quality. Therefore, merchants want systems that enable them to acquire digital information on their consumers' purchasing patterns, goods, processes, and teams. These digital footprints may help businesses provide more value to their loyal consumers and stay competitive in the digital market.

The new SAP Retail solution grants access depending on an employee's job, such as "store manager." Improved user experience and adaptable design for mobile devices are essential for maintaining a stable workforce and facilitating the onboarding of new workers. This mobile-responsive user interface will enhance stock checking and monitoring procedures that are performed on mobile devices. The SAP Retail solution has been seen to reduce stock-outs by 10%, increase staff productivity by 30%, and generate 5% more revenue per employee on average.

Real-time visibility is enabled with a universal journal table that also permits analytical views. Data is maintained current and accurate to the second, allowing financial teams and controllers access to the same data repository in real time. Personnel may initiate course corrections for specific situations, such as commercial lulls or when the organization is in danger of not achieving its desired profitability. With access to real-time data, inventory turnover rates have increased by as much as 20%.

The response to consumer behavior and expectations has necessitated a reevaluation of retail operations and prompted innovation. Thanks to the availability of real-time data and analytics capabilities, merchants may now revise their business models by leveraging data availability and using data analytics with rigor. Automation and Artificial Intelligence may augment efficient performance skills.

Reimagine Retail with CDWT and SAP and Observable Results

CDWT is in a unique position to develop industry-specific solutions due to its extensive domain expertise, historical experience with SAP S/4HANA installations, creative use of side-by-side extensions, and relationship with SAP. We work with clients in the retail and fashion industries to develop a business case based on their unique business model, the nature of their offerings, consumer demographics, competition, and internal factors, and then we enable them to achieve their desired business outcomes by leveraging SAP S4/HANA solutions.

As shown below, we meet needs from a variety of areas, such as fashion production and in-store merchandising.

The SAP S/4HANA® Cloud-based retail merchandise management solution will accelerate company transformation. SAP S/4HANA® Cloud has the potential to enhance end-to-end operations such as procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, supply chain, and core finance for retail. Key aspects would include omnichannel pricing and promotions, omnichannel product and assortment planning, demand and supply planning, and retail commerce.

Advanced fashion manufacturing capabilities as part of the SAP S/4HANA solution for fashion and vertical business will boost end-to-end production planning and execution while also enabling the industry-standard ability to adapt last-minute modifications.

Achieving an intelligent store solution through a cloud-based service would improve the customer experience by increasing the efficiency of store employees via retail process automation and sophisticated store procedures.

Fewer Markdowns

Retailers of apparel and consumer electronics are acquainted with seasonality in demand. Therefore, these items must be offered at the appropriate shops at the appropriate time. With SAP Retail, CDWT delivers such season-responsive efficiency and optimal ordering over a product's whole lifespan.


Fewer Markdowns

Fewer Stock-Outs

The intricacy of supply systems increases as one travels farther east. Given the brevity of product life cycles, adaptability is a need. The SAP Retail solution enables the tracking of procurement journeys and the configuration of automations for ad hoc interventions as needed.


decrease overall planning expenses for the supply chain

Lower Inventory Costs

No longer are data stored in silos, but in a centralized repository. In addition to eliminating disparate sources, this enables the data to be kept current. Therefore, when low stock levels are detected, the shop may arrange the purchase in advance. This further eliminates significant bottlenecks.


greater inventory accuracy

Excellence Center for SAP Retail Solutions at CDWT

CDWT provides a comprehensive variety of services, from migration through implementation of SAP Retail solutions. Working with CDWT ensures a solid partnership that will assist your efforts to streamline retail operations and integrate them with your current teams and systems. This significant change will have a significant effect on your company.

Utilize our knowledge and expertise in SAP for Retail with cutting-edge technology. Our team of specialists can assist you in any market and aid you in establishing correct solutions, identifying and implementing the best market practices, and configuring new business models that enable you to utilize the Internet of things.

Professional Consultancy

Our team of devoted business consulting experts guarantees that our retail customers get the expected business outcomes from their technology investments and digital transformation efforts. We alter business operations with SAP Retail solutions by conducting an investigation to optimize processes, reorganizing design services, adhering to industry norms and benchmarks, and using industry best practices. Consequently, we give a strategic direction for building the most effective procurement procedures, assisting with organizational change management, training, and proof of concept.

Seamless implementation

CDWT can assist you with the implementation of a comprehensive suite of SAP Retail solutions (Strategic Sales, Purchasing, Merchandise Logistics, etc.) covering functional, technical, and ERP integration projects, including all major ERPs, such as SAP, utilizing SAP Business Suite Add-On and SAP PI Adapter. The worldwide delivery team at CDWT can assist with nation deployments and rollouts, instance consolidations, and integration with products like Salesforce, Taxware, Maximo, Adobe/EchoSign, DocuSign, and SAP Fieldglass®.

Modernization of duties

Through ongoing modernization, you may experience the exceptional potential of SAP Retail solutions. CDWT will install SAP Retail solutions as a series of smaller, iterative initiatives that yield outputs and benefits over the course of the specified stages. Continuous modernization will aid in delivering speed, scalability, and compliance to maximize SAP investments.

Application Management Services (AMS)

We may provide need-based assistance or end-to-end specialized support for the whole SAP ecosystem, including non-SAP workloads, depending on the customer's scenario. Our SAP Application Management Services vary from basic application assistance to a comprehensive managed solution. Regardless of the kind of help you want for your company, we provide you the freedom to choose the optimal support model. CDWT is a certified SAP AMS Partner, allowed to offer specified SAP application support procedures backed by a specialized SAP Centre of Excellence comprised of various types of technical and industry specialists.

Why the CDWT?

Complete Solutions for Core Modernization

SAP and Industry Knowledge

As a recognized and certified SAP partner, CDWT's SAP consultants and industry specialists have been assisting organizations with strategy, migration to SAP S/4HANA, and the management of challenging workloads.

Customers' counsellor of choice

Our initiatives are delivered on schedule and in accordance with the original road plan, hence enhancing client satisfaction. Our customers rank us highly in terms of overall satisfaction, thought leadership, testing techniques, agile/DevOps skills, functional skills, and innovation.

A factory-based strategy

SAP-qualified and proven best-in-class procedures (24x7 ITSM), tools, accelerators, and frameworks integrated into the system.

System for Ticketing Based on SLA

Using our own systems, we successfully manage all project factors. Numerous day-to-day tasks are automated, allowing us to eliminate human mistakes and meet SLAs.


SAP's worldwide partner is CDWT. Our strategic collaborations and dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoE) linked with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), among other important partners, enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions for upgrading your core applications.

Full Management Services

We provide a completely managed solution from the infrastructure layer to the application layer, inclusive of end-user support, training, and business process improvement, allowing you to concentrate only on your core business.

Industry acceptance

Globally recognized leader in the migration and management of complicated SAP workloads, according to the foremost worldwide analysts.

Cost Optimized

As we have automated the majority of our internal operations, we are able to pass on significant cost savings to you.

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