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Strategic Human Capital Management Approach

Daily challenges for HR professionals include managing different systems and boosting organizational success. A transformation of HR systems that allows the team to make informed choices and unlocks human potential will contribute to the growth of a business’s capabilities. This is enabled by SAP ERP HCM technologies, which enable firms to transition to more strategic Human Capital Management (HCM) procedures and systems. This new technology that supports integrated operations promotes efficiency and effectiveness by enhancing production, boosting income, and decreasing expenses.

Why Join Forces with CDWT and SAP Success Factors?

Accelerated Deployments Including All Services

With the assistance of SAP SuccessFactors, CDWT provides industry-specific SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) solutions and accelerators for speedy implementation alongside our extensive service offerings to organizations of all sizes and industries.

Success Formula For Businesses

People Advisory & HR Strategy

SAP Quality Audits

SAP Re-engineering & Recovery Services

Cloud Transformation Strategy

Partner Advisory & Enablement

Cloud Transformation Strategy

Implementation Services

Global implementation

Rapid implementation of Success Factors

Migration of data from old systems to the cloud

Transformation and modernization of databases

Transformation and modernization of databases

Go-live stabilization

HR Renewal FIORI

Moving HCM On-Premise to the Cloud

Support for application administration and Training


Quality Control Services

Product Deployment Expertise

Instances of Rapid Deployment for Success Factors (Launch, Streamline, Enterprise)

HR Integration Templates for Hybrid Systems

Localizations in Pan-Africa - PEEPAL

Statutory Payroll on SAP for 18 nations in the United Kingdom, Africa, and the Middle East

HR Case Management

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Top HR Issues and a Strategy to Address Them

Intelligently Adapting HR Functions Improvement Instruments

HR Data

Utilizing HR Information for Perfection

Automation has revolutionised the corporate landscape. Employee HR-data is essential for keeping current and adapting to rising company needs, such as identifying areas of the organisation that may be optimised. CDWT aids in the identification and deployment of data centralization solutions.

HR Analytics

The benefit of real-time data

Real-time access to actual/current employee data is essential for leaders to make well-informed choices in unpredictable circumstances. Effective personnel planning, talent pool development, and business assistance are only feasible with the correct data at the right time.

Training & Development

Improve HR-Tech to provide beneficial training and personal development

In the contemporary digital world, you must be able to teach and develop your staff to accommodate new concepts, methods, and procedures. CDWT can provide guidance and assistance for modernizing HR software to integrate sophisticated and user-friendly Learning Management systems, hence ensuring high employee productivity and satisfaction.

Engagement & Retention

Improve employee commitment assuring retention

Employee involvement cannot be increased without implementing progressive goals, tactics, and evaluations, as well as researching the pay of competitors. CDWT equips you with the required data and competitive information to build a successful framework.

Talent Management

Employing and retaining the most qualified applicants

Managing an extensive list of available talent is essential for ensuring that the proper applicant from internal/external resources is selected to fill a post. CDWT provides enterprises with a talent management system that facilitates this process.

Payroll Management

Dependable service delivery

CDWT assists you in establishing adequate payroll administration by adhering to legal requirements, administering incentive programs, and incentivizing performance to increase employee satisfaction and retention.