RISE with SAP is now offered on CDWT Hyperscale Cloud

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Commence Your Business Transformation with CDWT

As SAP brings a suite of products and services under a single-subscription contract to create a unified experience and a seamless business transformation, enterprises require trusted strategic partners who can help them accelerate and unlock the business value of RISE with SAP and become more resilient, successful, and intelligent.

CDWT advances its strategic alliance with SAP by introducing a business transformation solution supporting SAP’s most recent product, RISE with SAP, which is now accessible on CDWT’s hyperscale cloud. With this announcement, we are expanding our solutions to include a 99.7% standard production system level uptime (SLA) and a 99.9% on demand. At the basis of this concierge service offering is SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition, a subscription model intended to support the rapid, robust, and flexible conversion of existing SAP systems.

The CDWT Center of Excellence ensures that both the cloud infrastructure and cloud managed services are offered in a unified manner, lowering the total cost of ownership to a new low in comparison to other partners.

The solution is now accessible in the following countries on CDWT’s Hyperscale cloud:

The exclusive provider of End-to-End RISE with SAP Services.

CDWT is adept at managing SAP workloads and S4HANA Transformations. We function as a one-stop-shop for all SAP services with a single SLA at the application login layer. CDWT is the biggest leading provider of SAP RISE and has shown competence in managing mission-critical, complex, and expansive SAP systems for more than 700 clients globally.

Our range of Services includes:

SAP Infrastructure Services
Technical Services from SAP
Services for SAP Migration and Conversion
Functional SAP services
Implementation services for SAP and
The automation of Managed Services

All of this is linked with Advanced Monitoring using Predictive Analysis.

Service Excellence

2990+ TB

Managed HANA


SAP Success Stories


SAP Production Workloads


SAP Systems Supported

99.994% uptime

Delivered at App layer

52 Cloud PODs

Aiding Data Residency in 26 countries


Extended portfolio including Blaze-On, Open Text, BRAVA, GK POS, Hybris

The SAP. Your Cloud and Geography Options.

Protect Your SAP from Unknown and Uncontrollable Events

Industry's highest SLA for SAP RISE delivered

Guaranteed Continuity of Operations and Disaster Recovery Solutions for SAP RISE

Managed Services of Enterprise-Class Quality for Core Business Applications

Unparalleled Cloud Professional Services - Cloud Implementations and Digital Transformations


The SAP. Your Cloud and Geography Options.

If you are a global firm with geographically distributed business operations and transactions, your hunt for the ideal RISE strategic partner stops here. As an internationally known Managed Services provider with a growing presence across multi-availability zones and enterprise-level support services for the main hyperscalers, we provide you the freedom to relocate your SAP to the hyperscale cloud and geographic location of your choosing.


Dedicated SAP RISE Excellence Center

AIOps-Empowered Intelligent Managed Services

Compliance services for certain industries, such as GxP, PCI-DSS, GDPR, MESA, FedRAMP, etc.

Optimized designs include, among others, MCOS, MCOD, and MDC

Our own private cloud service is available in 26 countries.

Supporting 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies' SAP transformations


Protect Your SAP from Unknown and Uncontrollable Events

As you plan your migration to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Private Edition, which is effectively a privately managed cloud environment, its influence on regulatory compliance and regulations becomes a top priority to guarantee the security of every component of your new environment. With CDWT, all of your compliance needs are satisfied, since cybersecurity is our first focus while delivering services to clients.

The operation of mission-critical SAP systems necessitates a focus on compliance, particularly for industries such as the public sector, utilities, and healthcare. We anticipated these unique client requirements and have invested in several regulatory and compliance-related global certifications. Several of these certifications are listed below:

Global Compliances

Worldwide Standards

Industry Specific

Country Specific


Industry's highest SLA for SAP RISE delivered

SAP’s contractual SLA promises to its clients for Production systems are 99.5% (standard) and 99.7% (on-demand) availability. CDWT continues to excel at this essential certification criterion by providing cloud services with a single SLA of 99.994% at the application level. With investments in proprietary and market-leading cloud automation solutions, we govern day-to-day operations in a fully automated manner, therefore decreasing the need for human interaction in the delivery of SAP managed services and thereby lowering unanticipated mistakes.

Here is the award-winning Self healing operations platform (SHOP) from CDWT.


Guaranteed Continuity of Operations and Disaster Recovery Solutions for SAP RISE

Our business continuity solutions give extra depth and adaptability to SAP RISE solutions for clients. CDWT provides both Long-Distance DR and Short-Distance DR, adhering to all of the standards set by SAP for Disaster Recovery Solutions. In addition, CDWT’s Disaster Recovery Center of Excellence (DR CoE) provides Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) that satisfies any customer-specific business continuity needs. For more information, visit here.


Managed Services of Enterprise-Class Quality for Core Business Applications

SAP RISE encompasses a vast array of services tailored to the specific requirements of SAP solutions. CDWT, a native cloud managed services provider, extends the SAP principles to additional corporate applications, therefore assuring the highest level of SLA obligations for the customer’s complete IT environment, which may include applications other than SAP. OpenText, Vistex, MSG, Microfocus, HCL, Utopia, Greenlight, Digital Route, KNOA, and a large number of more corporate apps are among the others. For more information, visit here.


Unparalleled Cloud Professional Services – Cloud Implementations and Digital Transformations

Customers that implement SAP RISE need a system integrator for needs beyond cloud deployment. CDWT is aware of this and continues to expand its capabilities across all sectors and SAP business lines, including S/4HANA, SAP Business Technology Platform, Supply Chain, Finance, procurement, and Human Resources, among others.

SAP Switch2Cloud, an unique service from CDWT, provides SAP clients with a comprehensive transformation package that includes Cloud Infrastructure and Managed Services, SAP Implementation Services, and SAP Application Management Services. This method helps clients to decrease the number of vendor interactions while ensuring the lowest possible TCO and highest quality standards in the ecosystem. For more information, visit here.

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