The Foundations of Business Intelligence: CDWT enables you to maximise S/4HANA Cloud

Infrastructure, networks, and digital databases are only the first stages. Adoption of innovative solutions, technologies, and business applications that modify everyday business operations end-to-end is required for a complete digital transformation. A company that automates yearly financial computations and audits using a specialised revenue management platform would unquestionably be preferable than one that does these tasks manually using Excel spreadsheets.

SAP business applications suite comprising cloud ERP (S/4HANA cloud) has become the stack of choice for millions of companies across the globe to automate essential processes, effectively govern everyday operations and resource functionality, and incorporate sophisticated analytics for informed decision-making. And partners such as CDWT, the leading worldwide premium provider of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud through a specific SAP Community Cloud solution, guarantee that companies complete this vital SAP transition with agility and without interruption.

Leverage CDWT's extensive experience in delivering more than 550 SAP success stories in more than 20 countries, including completely managed services for SAP Cloud, S/4HANA, SAP HANA, and the SAP business applications suite.

CDWT's SAP-certified worldwide professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide innovative SAP solutions and support.

Community Cloud Platform for SAP: Modernize Business Operations with Intelligent Cloud and SAP’s Business Technology Platform

SAP Community Cloud is a market-leading privately managed cloud infrastructure platform that promises increased productivity, continuous availability, unwavering agility, and complete control. A company may choose SAP Community Cloud hosting on CDWT private datacenters or prominent cloud platforms like as Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, Oracle, etc., based on availability, regulatory limitations, and essential business requirements. Gain uncompromised private cloud security, adaptable and scalable workload operating models, agile DevOps with reduced time-to-market, and advanced add-on solutions and services to address business workflows end-to-end by modernising and deploying IT infrastructure on SAP via the SAP Community Cloud.

Advantages Of SAP Community Cloud


Select from a portfolio of SAP business software and solutions to automate and change core company processes and capabilities. Incorporate sophisticated analytics for judicious decision making.

Adaptability and Scalability

Scale your operational models with unmatched agility. Embrace zero interruptions and no data losses.

Go to market timelines

Significantly reduce time-to-market by coordinating CDWT with SAP's managed services. Utilize pre-built tools and integrated frameworks to reduce the duration of DevOps procedures and development lifecycles.

Service Stability

Gain total workload, application, and IT landscape availability. Obtain complete control over the SAP architecture and take use of supplementary services that would not be available with an on-premises deployment approach.

Database Management

Enhance IT data management using the SAP HANA database. Advanced data intelligence eliminates risks, automates everyday data administration operations, and evolves digital transformation capabilities.

Functional Services

Reduce operational difficulties, dangers, and unpredictability. Accelerate the ROI of IT modernisation with SAP business solution enhancements. Gain on-demand service based on company requirements.

Custom Capabilities

Future-proof SAP investments with custom apps: pick from over 1,000 pre-built SAP partner applications. Integrate SAP products on SAP Cloud to optimise performance and return on investment.

Compliance & Security

With CDWT SAP Community Cloud solutions, you obtain security features like as incident management, preventative maintenance, event management, threat intelligence, vulnerability administration, and malware attack prevention. Change to a compliant SAP Cloud architecture: GRC, PCI-DSS, NESA, SAMA, GDPR, FedRamp, MSA, IRAP, GxP, CSA, OJK, MEITI, RBI.

Automation & AI

With custom-built business apps, real-time data visibility and analysis, integrated automation tools, and embedded artificial intelligence, SAP Community Cloud facilitates an intelligent corporate future. To become an agile firm, accelerate your digital transformation journey and upgrade your business processes.

Industry Specific Offernings

Configure SAP solutions on the SAP Cloud to meet domain-specific needs and functionality. Utilize SAP Cloud as the ultimate, fully flexible, privately managed cloud service for a variety of sectors, including banking, utilities, retail, finance, supply chain, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, etc.

Oracle Cloud migration using the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

By embracing cloud as an integrated component of a complete digital transformation plan, the cloud’s full value may be realised. The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is a well-considered collection of documentation, implementation advice, best practises, and tools simply intended to speed your cloud adoption journey. It is led by Cloud service providers such as Oracle.

S/4HANA on SAP Community Cloud: A Victorious Combination

SAP offers a variety of enterprise modules, including SAP GCM, SCM, EP, BW, BOBI, FIORI, Hybris, SAP HANA on-premise and SAP HANA cloud, CRM, GRC, IDM, SAP HANA, SAP TM, SAP SSO, SAP CR, and others. However, the organization’s intelligent ERP technology, S/4HANA, has achieved legendary reputation.

SAP describes S/4HANA as a future-ready Enterprise Resource Planning Platform with built-in artificial intelligence, automation technology, and powerful analytics that runs on the renowned SAP HANA database. Over the years, the platform has had substantial adoption for domain-specific results, including banking, utilities, retail, finance, supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution. Move to S/4HANA with CDWT to experience unrivalled workflow, operational innovation capabilities, a significant reduction in data footprints, 100 times faster reporting, embedded machine learning, real-time analytics, streamlined data display, modernised application development lifecycles, consumer-grade UX across devices, and flexible deployment for faster implementation.

SAP Community Cloud Services from CDWT: Complete SAP Migration, Hosting, and Operations Management

CDWT offers a comprehensive SAP AMS, beginning with consultation services and ending with application optimization and innovation. Our 25 industrial, technical, and functional centres of competence in SAP enable us to create distinctive AMS outcomes for our customers.

On a worldwide scale, our trained Functional and Technical consultants offer Implementation, Development, Upgrade, Production support, and Maintenance services for SAP ECC, S4H versions, SCM, Business Warehouse, CRM, GRC, Solution Manager, NetWeaver Applications, BI/BO, BPC, HANA, etc.

We provide strong Estimation, Implementation, Upgrade, Migration, and Support templates. Our SAP System Deployments and Migrations Accelerators (AMS) enable us to service businesses of any size.

Our offering of Application Outsourcing services includes:

  • L1, L2 support
  • L3 and L4 support - Incident Support
  • Minor and Significant Enhancements
  • Managing Releases and Configurations
  • Testing Assistance Services

Adopt CDWT's industry-leading SAP Community Cloud Migration Factory methodology, combined with bespoke SAP frameworks, to exploit the SAP cloud and adopted applications such as S/4HANA and S/4HANA cloud most effectively. On the SAP Cloud platform, migrate old infrastructure, apps, networks, workloads, and databases without interruption. Host the SAP landscape in a CDWT datacenter based on regional availability, proximity, and compliance requirements. Integrate and synchronise SAP Cloud architecture with top public cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, GCP, Oracle, and the native solutions of the latter. Acquire 24/7 help from trained SAP professionals.

Every successful SAP adoption begins with a comprehensive evaluation and strategic consulting effort. CDWT does a comprehensive landscape readiness assessment using powerful implementation-upgrade templates, SAP deployment accelerators, and other tools. Experts in HANA Operations Services, SAP Cloud Services, SAP Hosting Services, Application Management Services, and Governance services may provide crucial strategic advice. Learn about the to-be-modernized assets, price information, potential risks, and the native SAP business applications suite. Develop a foolproof transformation plan.

CDWT offers AIOps-powered end-to-end SAP Cloud managed operations and managed SAP IaaS. Obtain exceptional corporate agility, scalability and availability of workloads, process automation, and analytical information. Modernize computing, networks, storage, databases, cloud applications, cloud solutions, the application development lifecycle, on-premise software, and further corporate applications. Resolve IT risks, implement world-class security patches, and maintain business continuity. Integrate typical SAP solutions including SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, SAP HCM, SAP SCM, SAP EP, SAP BW, SAP BOBI, SAP CRM, SAP FIORI, SAP GRC, SAP PO, SAP ASE, SAP CAR, SAP SSO, SAP IDM, SAP MII, etc. Integrate third-party business solutions and their respective business data for unified management control. Enhance the experience with SAP Cloud-powered enhanced DRaaS, IaaS, maintenance & support, and DevOps capabilities. Utilize a cost-effective pay-per-use approach with all services covered by a single SLA.

CDWT's comprehensive SAP cloud-managed offerings and SAP cloud platform services are available in 26 countries, ensuring in-country/local hosting, maximum availability and scalability of SAP workloads, a highly secure and compliant-ready private cloud environment, flexible pricing models, and 24/7 monitoring. Obtain interruption-free mitigation at scale and for any terrain complexity with a free landscape preparedness evaluation. Energy and Utilities, Industry Solutions offers customised industry solutions for the manufacturing, retail, financial services, high technology, life sciences, and healthcare industries. As the world's leading premium provider of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, CDWT ensures end-to-end managed operations and 24/7 support with certified SAP Cloud specialists.

To update database administration processes, migrate to the sophisticated SAP HANA Database. The in-memory, columnar database structure of SAP HANA reduces data footprints by fifty percent and enables one hundred times quicker reporting, real-time advanced analytics, intelligent dataflow and management automation, simplified data presentation, and consumer-grade UX. Integrate state-of-the-art data security, data lake, and continuity solutions to remove data loss and theft concerns.

Ensure continuous business continuity and fail-safe operations for cloud-based SAP workloads. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) from CDWT includes secure colocation services, data lake and database backup and recovery, application development continuity, planned runbook creation with DR drills, RTO/RPO and fail-over assistance, uninterrupted network-server infrastructure and architecture support, automated risk management tools, global compliance, and 24/7 consultancy support.

On the compliant-ready SAP Cloud architecture, you can easily meet all your local, national, and international compliance, data residency, and data sovereignty needs. Select one of CDWT's several hosting sites based on proximity, availability, and regulatory requirements. Our SAP Community Cloud is PCI-DSS, NESA, SAMA, GDPR, FedRamp, MSA, IRAP, GxP, CSA, OJK, MEITI, RBI and ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, SOC1, SOC2 compliant. Cloud4C's certified SAP Governance team offers a SAP HEC solution that is entirely compliant and adapted to your company needs.

Activate intelligent security management for SAP workloads. Easily secure your networks, data, and processes. Gain advanced risk assessment and management, intelligent threat prediction-detection-mitigation capabilities powered by industry-leading platforms such as Microsoft, OSINT, STIX&TAXI, MISP, etc. with our comprehensive Managed Security services, Managed Detection and Response(MDR) services governed by 40+ security controls, and world-class Cyber Security Incident and Response team.

With CDWT's turnkey hyperautomation solution, you can uncover the appropriate business processes for automation, collect data from even unstructured sources, automate difficult operations, and strategically expand automation throughout your organisation, among other capabilities. With their experience in process analytics and automation, our certified automation specialists have assisted a variety of firms in automating essential operations and transforming their businesses. In addition to the SAP suite's enhanced intelligent automation capabilities, adopt advanced automation solutions, supplementary services, and sophisticated RPA technologies to improve your SAP experience. Modernize your top and bottom line operations and automate administrative chores that are repetitive.

The antiquated idea of security as the overarching border of the software development lifecycle is becoming more hazy. It is prudent to include continuous security policies, methods, and technology into the DevOps culture and workflows as development processes become more complex and cyberthreats increase dramatically. CDWT assures "Security by Design" on the Oracle Cloud platform and aids in integrating security as a key discipline in the creation and administration of IT systems, tools, microservices, containers, automation, APIs, and testing tools through the Amazon Cloud. Below is a summary of CDWT DevSecOps.

  • Consider Security Objectives and Threat Modeling
  • Security IDE Plug-ins
  • Integration Evaluation
  • Software Signatures Utilize AWS Single Sign-On to access a streamlined SSO service.
  • Signature Verification and Measurement of Defense Depth
  • Pen Test for RASP UEBA/Network Monitoring
  • Obfuscation of Security Orchestration, RASP/WAF Shielding
  • Analysis of Dev Consumable Correlated Vulnerability: IoC/STIX/TAXII
  • Modified Incident Response Management

The danger posed by the dark web cannot be overstated. Typically, hackers and cybercriminals attack organisational databases and platforms to obtain sensitive data such as user information, business records and IDs, log-in information to various platforms, financial data, and social security numbers, which they then sell on the dark web for the highest prices. Using CDWT's Dark Web Monitoring and Protection Solutions, which are driven by the OCI architecture, you may monitor corporate data and get quick notifications if such data is discovered on such dangerous websites. Take quick action and strengthen your company's security and avoid future efforts along these lines:

  • Dark Web Scan: Search the dark web for for-sale stolen usernames, passwords, Social Security numbers, and credit card data. Enterprise will be contacted if company data is discovered on the dark web.
  • Dark Web Monitoring Dark web monitoring is an ongoing scan of the dark web.
  • This allows you to constantly monitor dark web activity on a broader scale.
  • Receive quick warnings from the monitoring service of the dark web if your information is discovered.
    Dark Web Protection: Identity theft, Preventing data loss, Malware activation and transmission over the Dark Web.

Utilize CDWT's strategic advice to better monitor and manage your organization's security on-premises or in the Oracle cloud. Gain continuous monitoring of OCI assets, resources, and systems, readiness interviews and assessments workshops on the overall security postures, access control review and key management, incident response management policy reviews, compliance audits and reporting, technical implementation inputs for greater data protection, advisory services for misconfigured networking-server-assets, and more. CDWT's comprehensive Oracle cloud security services consultancy, managed cybersecurity services, and cybersecurity as a service products facilitate the simplification and transformation of your enterprise's security.

  • Services for Public Discovery Scanning
  • Services for Vulnerability Assessment
  • Audits of compliance and reporting
  • Data categorization and segmentation
  • Assets (Databases, Networks, Host-based Security Systems, Virtualization)
    Auditing, monitoring, and misconfiguration control for security
  • Services for web application security testing
  • ASV PCI-DSS Scanning
  • Superior Services for Black Box Penetration Testing
  • Detection of Malware-Ransomware and Scanning

Compliance-related problems can result in significant IT process gaps inside a business. This might be an enticing offer for hackers. CDWT's compliant-ready services on the Oracle cloud, as well as its specialised Quality Management and Security teams, guarantee that client facilities comply with data localization-residency legislation, national regulations, local compliances, and international certifications. CDWT enhances your IT security to world-class levels. Adopt best AWS native solutions for complete compliance monitoring and management. Compliance adherences, including but not limited to:

  • IRAP
  • Bank Negara
  • Bank central de Oman
  • SAMA
  • UAE Conformities
  • RBI
  • MAS
  • OJK
  • GDPR
  • CSA
  • GXP
  • FedRamp
  • ISO-27001, ISO-27017, ISO-27018, ISO-22301, and ISO-
    20000, AICPA SOC, AICPA SOC2

Transition effortlessly from conventional cybersecurity services and solutions to AI-driven cybersecurity for end-to-end asset management and monitoring on AWS cloud, including last-mile connection and end device protection. Powered by the Oracle cloud, CDWT's sophisticated security intelligence solutions enable effortless deep threat hunting, powerful data forensics, anomaly detection, and automated response management. IP/Domain Reputation, File Reputation, CWPP, CSPM, CASB, Phishing-malware-ransomware feeds, and IT assets management should be consolidated. Utilize the Self Healing or Preventive Maintenance Platform (SHOP) to not only decrease Meantime to Detect and Meantime to Repair, but also eliminate hazards via enhanced risk prediction and automated risk healing procedures.

  • Powered by market-leading platforms like Microsoft, OSINT, STIX&TAXI, and MIS.
  • Current danger information compiled from several sources
  • Customer industry and vertical segmentation for targeted analysis
  • Boosts threat-hunting and forensics skills via contextual, actionable threat indicators
  • Enhance your security capabilities with CDWT's exhaustive analysis
    security Specialists.
  • Integration with leading TIP, SIEM, and SOAR platforms
  • Automated Threat Analysis and Research
  • Data extraction and protection at the last mile
  • Automated Prediction, Detection, Mitigation, and Prevention of Threats
    Maintenance (Self-Healing Operations)

Self Healing Operations Platform (SHOP) for GCP: Automated Intelligent Operations, Predictive and Preventive Healing

CDWT SHOP is a low-code AI-powered platform that unifies the many tools and solutions required to offer enterprise-level managed cloud services. The intelligent platform integrates hundreds of operational platforms and applications, such as auto-remediation and self-healing, into a single system. This allows the whole infrastructure and application landscape to be automatically controlled through a single pane of glass, while giving clients with a comprehensive picture of their IT infrastructures. The platform increases the productivity of engineers and enables less-experienced engineers to undertake more complicated jobs, while guaranteeing a six-month concept-to-delivery window.

1 +
CDWT SHOP is a low-code AI-powered platform that unifies the many tools and solutions required to offer enterprise-level managed cloud services. The intelligent platform integrates hundreds of operational platforms and applications, such as auto-remediation and self-healing, into a single system. This allows the whole infrastructure and application landscape to be automatically controlled through a single pane of glass, while giving clients with a comprehensive picture of their IT infrastructures.
1 +
With SHOP for Azure by CDWT, you can prevent outages, identify risks and avert threats before they occur, automate risk responses (Self Healing), modernise cloud operations and asset management, and increase engineering productivity by up to 50 percent. Utilize a unified perspective and level of control over your Azure cloud platform and linked IT infrastructure. The platform increases the productivity of engineers and enables less-experienced engineers to undertake more complicated jobs, while guaranteeing a six-month concept-to-delivery window.

Why You Should Have Faith in CDWT: The Difference

Twelve or more years as one of the most trusted Managed AWS cloud services and Application Modernization providers in APAC, MEA, and the Americas.

As a committed AWS Partner, the world's leading Application-focused, high-end managed services provider with AIOps-driven AWS Managed Operations.

24/7 Support supported by more than 2,000 cloud-certified professionals (including Kubernetes and DevOps specialists) who are proficient with ITIL, ITSM, and CoBIT delivery processes, and 26 Centers of Excellence.

Zero Friction AWS Application Modernization Model with industry-leading Application Migration Factory methodology, 25000+ migrated Apps, and Databases.

4000+ business clients, including 60 of the Fortune 500 and 5 of the top 20 global banks

The successful implementation of Public, Private, Hybrid, Multi, and Community AWS Cloud systems in 26 countries globally.

99.95% application availability, hyper-scalability, industry-leading uptime, and 50,000+ transactions per hour without failure.

Proven knowledge administering over 10,000 SAP instances and over 2,300 TB of HANA Database on AWS Cloud.

Proven knowledge with IBM, Oracle, OpenText, and Infosys, as well as cloud-native enterprise application management, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS transition on AWS Cloud.

Host and deploy apps in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) region of your choosing to ensure high availability and minimal downtime.

Proven knowledge in end-to-end Application Modernization with a focus on development, engineering, maintenance, administration, and security monitoring.

Dedicated DR options on AWS for diverse, complex application environments, including automated recovery-backup, failback-failover techniques.

Expertise in Dedicated Application Managed Security Services on AWS, 40+ Security Controls, and Dedicated SOCs.

CDWT's automation solutions, including Self-healing Operations, Automation Delivery platforms, and RPA solutions, include Self-healing Operations.

Expertise with hundreds of AWS cloud-native apps and technologies, best handled in accordance with customised business processes

Cost-effective Pay-per-use model under single SLA

1 Billion+ Hours of Managed Fail-safe Application Hosting managing 40,000+ VMs

Strict compliance with regulatory and country-specific data residency requirements

SAP Community Cloud Services – FAQ’s

Simple seven-step migration of mission-critical SAP workloads to the cloud. CDWT is a professional Managed Service Provider (MSP) that can assist you with the following.

Examine the current state and sketch the future landscape. Examine the SAP application's compatibility and choose a method.
Selecting the Site. Cloud servers may exist anywhere in the globe (Europe, North America, Asia, etc.).

1.Optimized migration roadmap

2.Planning and Budgeting.



5.Migrate and segregate
SAP S/4 HANA Cloud is the cloud-based version of S/4 HANA ERP, an integrated suite of business applications for worldwide organisations. SAP S/4 HANA Cloud has all of the advantages of SAP S/4 HANA, such as HANA's in-memory processing and real-time data accessibility, while the cloud provides a cheaper total cost of ownership and improves time-to-market with flexibility and rapid update cycles. In a few of years, SAP will discontinue support for S/4 HANA ERP, making it imperative for businesses to transition their HANA workloads to the cloud as soon as possible.
With SAP S/4 HANA on the Cloud, enterprises can achieve a better and more rapid return on investment, a lower total cost of ownership, greater business agility, enhanced security, governance, and compliance, including data residency standards, and enhanced business efficacy due to streamlined processes. Consult with Our SAP specialists to increase the ROI of your investments in SAP S/4 HANA on the Cloud.