With our SAP Hosting Services, you can relocate your enterprise-critical applications to the cloud, get enhanced availability, security, and performance, and become more adaptable to changing business needs.

Currently, a vast majority of businesses use SAP landscape, and they are continually searching for more efficient and safe methods to administer their systems. In addition, it has become vital to have the ability to scale up or down depending on fluctuating company demands. Today’s enterprises have compelling reasons to migrate to the Cloud, which provides security, flexibility, enhanced performance, and all of this at predictable prices. As the majority of SAP applications are mission-critical for enterprises, Cloud migrations must be meticulously planned and implemented to ensure there is little downtime and no unintended consequences.

If you want to move SAP systems to the Cloud with minimal business interruptions, all you need is a reputable and knowledgeable SAP hosting services provider.

Certified SAP Hosting partner at CDWT

CDWT is SAP-certified in SAP Hosting Services and provides the necessary technology, personnel, and services to host your SAP applications. With our established techniques and methodology for SAP Hosting Services, we can get your SAP applications up and operating in no time. As one of the most prominent SAP Hosting Providers, CDWT SAP professionals comprehend your company needs and collaborate with you to develop a SAP hosting strategy. Whether you want a Rated-4 Datacenter environment without spending a fortune on IT infrastructure and SAP licences or you require failsafe disaster recovery capabilities, we have you covered!

As a SAP Hosting provider, we can assist you with hosting your SAP infrastructure, move your SAP apps to the Cloud effortlessly, and maintain them, enabling your team to concentrate on your most important business requirements.

Ideal partner for hosting your SAP HANA environment

CDWT assists you in developing, deploying, and supporting a SAP HANA environment that meets your business objectives. As a partner in SAP hosting, we provide numerous SAP-compliant hosting types, SAP setup, and SAP Basis support.

Our range of services

  • On-demand SAP HANA servers
  • Immediate implementation
  • E5-26xx CPUs with external SAN connectivity
  • SAP-accredited hardware and storage
  • SAP-defined KPIs
  • Integrating hybrid clouds
  • accelerated internal storage
  • Reduce total cost of ownership for HANA T-shirt sizes up to 1.5 TB

  • Customer private cloud model
  • On-demand SAP HANA servers
  • Immediate implementation
  • Dedicated computational and storage assets
  • E5-26xx CPUs with external SAN connectivity
  • SAP-accredited hardware and storage SAP specified KPIs
  • Integrating hybrid clouds
  • Reduce total cost of ownership for HANA T-Shirt sizes up to 1.5 TB

  • A variety of appliance sizes
  • Preconfigured hardware configuration from top OEMs
  • SAP-certified preinstalled software setups
  • Integrating hybrid clouds
  • Ideal for HANA sizes greater than 1.5 TB
SAP Hosting Services
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Our Expertise in managing SAP HANA workloads

Serving 180+

Enterprises managing their SAP HANA instances on cloud

SAP Certified

in multiple areas

Over 6000+

SAP systems managed

Delivering 99.95%

SAP systems managed

100s of successful SAP migrations

to the Cloud

Over 2000+ TB

managed HANA

Benefits for businesses — CDWT SAP Hosting Services

We have twenty years of expertise with colocation infrastructure, data centre relocation, and data centre security. Our scalable and dynamic SAP hosting services provide the optimal solutions with the option to grow or reduce capacity as required, and are intended to ensure the high availability and security of SAP systems. As part of our SAP Hosting Services, we assume full responsibility for transferring and managing your SAP applications, allowing your IT staff to focus on strategic business demands.

No initial infrastructure expenditure

By using our shared and SAP-certified cloud infrastructure, our clients will be able to transition from a CAPEX to an OPEX model.

Enhanced Efficiency

Utilization of the most recent storage technologies/SAP HANA results in faster response to queries, analysis of data, and reporting.

Reliable Storage

Data stored in primary and secondary sites that are geographically dispersed to provide high data availability and disaster recovery management.

Scale up/down based on demand

Automated provisioning with security, monitoring, and four copies, high availability, disaster recovery, backup, continuity across multiple geographies, elasticity/auto scaling (scale/de-scale on demand), and a self-provisioning portal with fail-safe 4-copy architecture.


Moving to the cloud with CDWT allows you to save 40% to 75% on IT infrastructure expenditures. CDWT provides the biggest network of secure, private connections, allowing for simple integration with your existing infrastructure.

Increased Security

With six zone security and security frameworks that adhere to around fifteen industry compliance and trust certifications, CDWT guarantees that your mission-critical corporate applications function on a secure and dependable platform that safeguards your customers' data.

Effective & Pay as you go

CDWT delivers the processing capacity necessary to operate SAP applications, including SAP HANA and S/4HANA workloads, with flexible payment options.

Back-up environment

SAP databases, file systems, etc. are backed up and stored in several data centres depending on the agreed-upon frequency and retention duration with the client.

Recuperation Services

The backup data is utilised for speedy recovery in the event of a breakdown, and the restoration is completed within minutes to prevent business interruptions.

Superior Availability

Dual data centres design is used for storage mirroring, backups, system cloning, etc., to assure high resource and data availability.

Deployments in minutes

Within hours, we evaluate your SAP landscape and design and execute installations of new SAP environments.

Predictable Maintenance expenses

In addition to allowing you to forecast your monthly use and expenditures, our shared infrastructure approach improves your return on investment.

24/7 assistance and a single SLA

We take care of your Cloud infrastructure and SAP applications and are accessible round-the-clock (24*7 ITSM NOC and SOC services) to provide you with help anytime you want it. We provide the best SLA in the market for the Application layer.

Business Continuity

CDWT's 4-copy design offers continuity (business continuity), compliance, control, and customisation, giving it the ability to provide a mature environment capable of handling mission-critical scenarios.