Online Admission System

Online Admission Software or Admission Management Software is now one of the most vital components of a successful educational institution’s operations. Since the occurrence of COVID-19, contactless operations have become critical. Globally, schools began embracing new methods for managing digital instructional operations.


Online Admission Software

As schools across the globe prepare to plan for the completion of the current academic year and the following year’s activities, the digitization of the whole admissions process has become imperative. Running the same old physical form-based admittance process may become not only time-consuming and inefficient, but also hazardous to public health.

SmartEducaion‘s paperless admission solution is becoming the most popular and effective approach for hundreds of schools and institutions to introduce a new model of digitising admissions. It not only improves the productivity of the administration department, but also provides parents with an extremely convenient means of registering their children in the school.


Key Advantages of Online Admission Software

Promote admission form link on website and social media channels with relative ease.
Avoid excessive lineups of admission forms.
Increase the number of applicants by simplifying the procedure and providing information on admission standards and deadlines.
Complete data digitization without admissions department intervention.
More accessibility for students and parents seeking admission.
Email/SMS/Automatic Voice Call follow-up with interested/shortlisted prospects.
Cashless form-based fee collection and paperless admissions procedure.
The development of a merit list for offline tests administered to narrow down the applicant pool for admission.
management of inquiry/admission leads using an organised CRM to facilitate an efficient procedure and increase enrollment.
Export application information for future use.
Track the success of leads and counsellors' efforts, along with student/parent replies and follow-up schedules.
Implement end-to-end digitization to enhance the total efficiency of your educational organisation.
Increase the efficiency of your administrative and counselling employees.
Incorporate accepted students into the institution's management system with a welcome message and app login information.

Why you should not go for offline admissions

Administrative and counselling personnel are able to handle physical admission paperwork using an efficient system.
Too inefficient and cumbersome for parents to visit the place and fill out forms manually.
Delay in communicating future stages and admissions procedures to parents.
Efforts to digitise data that require hundreds of hours and introduce errors.
less candidates owing to an antiquated manual procedure.
Questions about your educational institution's non-digital operations in this digital era.
Online Admission System

beauty of Online Admission System

SmartEducation Online Admission Software’s ERP and LMS integration is its greatest feature. Once a student’s acceptance has been verified, you can effortlessly migrate them to your student management system and provide them with app access credentials.

It makes the subsequent process of assigning classroom, curriculum, and price structure very simple. Integration of a payment gateway for digital fee collection makes collecting fees very simple.

If you are interested in digitising the admissions process for your institution, please contact us.

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